Here, we’re interested in septic-safe shampoo and soap products as they’re the most used in homes.

Septic systems are quite delicate to maintain in the sense that the right conditions for bacterial action need to be maintained. In other words, you’re expected to ensure the maintenance of balance within the system.

This you can do by using specific products such as septic-safe toilet cleaners and laundry detergents.

Septic-Friendly Shampoo And Soap Brands

Septic-safe products are of varying types. To help protect your septic system, we’ll be providing you a list of septic-safe shampoo and soaps to consider.

Unlike a lot of unsafe products, these are designed not to harm digestive bacteria. The balance within your tank isn’t affected at all. Plus, it’s kept at optimal levels.

Are you ready? We are! Let’s get into the juicy details, shall we?

Septic-Safe Soap And Shampoo Brands to Consider

When it comes to choosing what body care products to use, you’ll need to consider the condition of your septic system. These products end up in your drain and either benefit or negatively impact your septic system.

We’ll split the topic in two to enable us to focus on each. That is septic-safe shampoos and septic-safe soaps.

This should be comprehensive enough to allow for better assimilation.

i. Septic-Safe Shampoo List

Certain shampoos are formulated with consideration for septic systems. These will cause no misbalance when it finally gets into the system. There are varieties to choose from.

A few of these include Washpool All-in-One Shampoo, Shower & Shave Bar, as well as Viva La Body Tiny Traveler Shampoo & Conditioner.

Others include Simply Clean Pet Shampoo Lemon Myrtle, Raw Nature Shampoo for All, and Shampoo with a Purpose Shampoo & Conditioner Bar.

  • Washpool All-in-One Shampoo Shower & Shave Bar

This handcrafted shampoo product comes in the form of a bar with a starting price of $6.50.

Based on our discussion, its most important feature is the fact that it’s a septic-safe product. Ingredients include Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and Virgin Coconut Oil among others.

  • Viva La Body Tiny Traveler Shampoo & Conditioner

Also a septic-safe shampoo product, Viva La Body Tiny Traveler is a solid shampoo product. As the name suggests, it’s a perfect traveling companion you can get for around $12.00.

Ingredients include castor oil, lemon myrtle essential oil, rosehip oil, grapefruit & Mandarin oils as well as mango butter.

  • Simply Clean Pet Shampoo Lemon Myrtle

This septic-safe shampoo product is specially formulated for pets.

Starting from $26.00, Simply Clean is a pleasant-smelling product that is toxin & sensitizer-free, pet friendly with natural fragrances. It can be purchased for pet care without any negative impact on septic systems.

  • Raw Nature Dry Shampoo for All

This shampoo-type is suitable for all hair types and is also septic-safe.

Some of its main ingredients include kaolin clay, tapioca starch, pure rose geranium essential oil, pure sweet orange essential oil, and pure manuka essential oil among others.

  • Shampoo with a Purpose Shampoo & Conditioner Bar

This septic-safe product has a starting price of $14.95 and doubles as a shampoo as well as a conditioner product. It’s suitable for colored damaged hair.

Like the others, this shampoo product is accompanied by specific use instructions for better results.

ii. Septic Safe Body Soap List

Under this section, we’ve provided a wide range of septic-safe soap products to consider. This is for those who intend to adopt the preventive approach to septic system maintenance.

Not only are these soap products septic-safe, but they’re also highly beneficial to your skin.

We won’t be able to exhaust all available products; rather we’ll be focusing on a few. These include Mrs.

Meyer’s Clean Day Body Wash, and Vermont Soap Organic Unscented Body Wash. Others include The Right to Shower Body Wash in Joy, Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash with Coconut Scent & Soothing Oat.

Other septic-safe soaps include Sensitive Skin body Wash by Tree to Tub, Renpure Plant-Based Beauty Detoxifying Charcoal Clarifying + Body Wash and Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Body Wash.

We’ll be stopping here to provide details on each of these septic-safe products.

  • Meyer’s Clean Day Body Wash

This is one of many septic soap products to use for persons seeking greater control over what goes into their septic systems. This moisturizing body wash is dermatologically tested.

Basic ingredients include essential oils, aloe vera gel, and flaxseed oil among others.

  • Vermont Soap Organic Unscented Body Wash

With Vermont Soap, you get organic moisturizing as well as the confidence of using a USDA-certified organic soap. This can also serve as bathroom hand soap and comes with a 100% guarantee

  • The Right to Shower Body Wash in Joy

The Right to Shower is yet another septic-safe soap you can trust for all grooming needs. This wholesome product has a refreshing scent as well as body moisturizers. It’s 100% vegan and made with naturally sourced cleansers.

  • Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash with Coconut Scent & Soothing Oat

This is a gentle cleanser that helps nourish without distortion to skin moisture barriers. It’s dermatologist tested and most important of all; it’s a septic-safe product you should try out.

  • Sensitive Skin Body Wash by Tree to Tub

If you’re looking for a body wash for sensitive skin that’s also septic-safe, consider Sensitive Skin Body Wash by Tree to Tub. This product offers all sorts of benefits that include an irritation-free clean feeling.

It’s made from organic healing botanicals known to heal, nourish and hydrate the skin. There are no toxins of any sort which makes it ideal for use in septic systems.

  • Renpure Plant-Based Beauty Detoxifying Charcoal Clarifying + Body Wash

Renpure is a plant-based soap and body wash product that detoxifies skin and totally free of chemicals. It removes all sorts of skin impurities due to the cleansing power of charcoal.

Ingredients include tea tree oil, mint, coconut, argan, lemon sage, manuka honey, and several others.

  • Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Body Wash

This is a quality septic-safe soap product made from natural ingredients. It not only cleanses but also moisturizes the skin. It contains coconut milk as well as organic apricot extract including vitamins E & B.

This is the list of septic-safe shampoo and soaps you should try out. They’ve been proven to be beneficial to septic systems. The bacterial balance is never affected when using these products.

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  1. Is there some kind of external certification that shampoos or soaps can get to prove they are septic safe?

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