How Much Does Camera Sewer Line Inspection Cost?

In this article, the focus is on sewer line inspection costs.

Here, we seek to determine the cost implications of this procedure. Sewer lines are critical components of your plumbing system as they help channel out waste from home.

These lines need to be kept at optimal working conditions, and one way to do that is by carrying out periodic inspections. With advancements in technology, video camera inspections have become common.

How much does a sewer line inspection cost? Let’s look into the breakdown.

Camera Sewer Line Inspection Cost

Let’s discuss the plumbing scope cost.

Here, a high-tech camera attached to a cable is fed into the drain lines and the sewer system to check its overall condition. There are several benefits to this activity.

These include easy and early detection of sewer line issues and providing a non-invasive and affordable inspection technique.

Other benefits derived include being able to track the health of your pipes, detection of root intrusions, and also prevention of property damage.

Cost of Sewer Line Inspection

When it comes to sewer line inspection costs, many contributory factors are involved. All of these add up to determining your total cost.

Typically, you’ll incur a cost ranging from $227 to $797, with some jobs costing significantly higher with average prices of about $1,200.

Sewer scope cost around $250 to $1,500.

Having stated the numbers involved, there’s a need to explain why there’s a significant variance in price. Now it’s not enough to express the cost involved.

A lot more needs to be explained. You’ll need to know why there’s a wide variance in inspection costs to understand the process better.

This is where we focus on the cost-influencing factors.

Several of these range from the use of professional plumbing services, the length of your sewer line, the time it takes to complete the job, your location, the plumbing service hired, and the inspection technique used.

Before we explain each of these cost-influencing factors, it’s necessary to clearly state what isn’t included or covered during sewer line inspection.

This is important as it helps you know the extent of the service being offered. Having found the problem, you’ll need to have it fixed as soon as possible.

  • Sewer Line Inspection is Restricted to Specific Tasks

As the name implies, sewer line inspection is only restricted to thorough assessments of the line. That is the only thing you’re paying for.

The results obtained from an inspection only point to what needs to be done. So, when problems like blockages or foreign bodies are found in the pipe, they need to be removed.

Fixing the problem will attract another fee charged separately.

The obstruction is carefully traced, and fixes are carried out to address the problem. For many plumbing services, routine sewer line inspection is a part of their service offers.

Additional services include repairs and maintenance.

When hiring a sewer line contractor for such a job, it’s essential to have a clear idea of the range of services offered to figure out how to proceed when an inspection is concluded.

Factors Affecting Sewer Line Inspection Costs

We’ve earlier mentioned several factors that impact sewer line inspection.

These include using professional plumbing services, the length of your sewer line, the time it takes to complete the job, your location, the plumbing service hired, and the inspection technique used.

To gain an in-depth understanding of what these factors are about, we’ll need to take a brief look at each as follows;

  • Use of Professional Plumbing Services

Homeowners can do sewer line inspections via a DIY approach or by hiring a professional plumber.

The former may be considered if you want to cut down on cost as labor is borne by the property owner getting the job done.

While that is true, it’s not a route you should take, as handling sewer line issues is best left to the pros. On the other hand, using professional plumbing services requires you to pay for the expertise and time of the technician.

Here, the service may charge a flat rate averaging around $200 to $400.

  • The Length of Sewer Line

Another critical factor that influences sewer line inspection costs is the line length.

The actual length of the sewer line is usually known when performing the first inspection. Sewer line contractors will charge differently for varying pipe lengths.

You’ll need to call for an inspection to know what applies to your situation. The longer the sewer line, the more time it takes to complete the job.

There may also be accessibility issues that could impact pricing.

  • Time Taken to Complete the Job

Time is a vital resource more likely than not to play a role in determining sewer line inspection costs.

A contractor’s pricing structure may follow an hourly rate pricing pattern or may involve a flat rate. Different plumbing contractors have their preferred pricing strategies.

In a nutshell, sewer line inspections that take longer to complete are more likely to cost more than those completed within a short period.

  • Your Location

Your location matters as it’s likely to impact inspection costs. Sewer line inspection jobs in major cities tend to be more expensive than the same jobs done in suburban communities.

The reason for that is simple; Major cities tend to have higher living costs which reflect all kinds of services.

  • The Plumbing Service Hired

Who you call for your sewer line inspection procedure will determine the cost incurred. Prices are never the same across all service providers.

Each has its pricing structure. To take advantage of such variations, you’ll do well to get 3 to 5 different estimates. That is important because it helps you select the best deal available.

  • Inspection Technique Used

All kinds of inspection techniques are available. The one chosen by a sewer line contractor will determine how much you pay.

Due to technological advancements, camera inspections are more common and offer a more detailed and less invasive assessment of your sewer line.

Sewer line inspection costs include all the details mentioned above. You’ll need to call for an estimate to know what your project will cost.

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