How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost?

How much does it cost to remove a squirrel? Here are the average prices that exterminators charge for exterminating these pests.

Squirrels pose a wide range of problems, including property damage and health risks.

Getting rid of them or removing them is the best action to avoid such problems.

To do this, you’ll need expert help, which comes at a cost? This cost is what we seek to find out.

How Much Does Squirrel Extermination Cost?

So, how much does squirrel removal cost? We seek to answer this question to the best of our ability.

As you read, you’ll find all the information you need about the cost of squirrel control. Before anything else, there needs to be evidence of squirrel presence.

Now, not everyone has an idea of what to look out for in determining squirrel activity. Before you call a squirrel control company, there needs to be a cause.

Common signs include broken gutters, noise, holes, and damage to garden plants & bird feeders, as well as food caches.

More information on the signs of infestation will be discussed shortly but before then, let’s consider the cost of squirrel removal.

Average Cost of Squirrel Removal

When service technicians from pest control companies are given a call, an inspection is scheduled based on the complaint shared. During an inspection, different things are taken into account.

These include the level of damage and possible spread or most frequented locations.

The size of your property, among other things, is considered in coming up with a price quote for services to be offered. The national average for squirrel removal is $500.

However, some removal services may attract fees as low as $200 and as high as $1,000 or more.

The eventual cost you pay for squirrel removal services will depend on your unique needs. Pest control companies offer customized services. Such services are mainly designed to fit specific customer needs.

  • Factors that Impact Squirrel Removal Cost

The following factors will influence your eventual cost; the location (whether outside or inside), who you go to (that is, the pest control service you patronize), and when squirrel babies are involved.

Choosing whether to relocate or euthanize squirrels will likely impact the final removal cost.


Location plays a vital role in determining squirrel removal costs. Outdoor squirrel removal is considered to be much cheaper. This is because their hiding spots can be easily identified and acted on.

On the other hand, indoor squirrel removal costs more because there are lots of hiding spots in the home.

A service technician must carefully search out possible hiding spots to apply the needed response to their removal. The longer it takes to get squirrels out of your home, the higher the service costs you incur.

Who You Go To

There are lots of pest control services, all competing for patronage. Amongst these are reliable and experienced companies as well as unreliable ones. One of the features shared with unreliable pest control services is that their rates are almost unbelievable.

Going for rock-bottom squirrel removal rates will likely result in a messy job. In other words, you get just what you paid for. It’s best to use available online reviews dropped by clients to determine whether a service is worth patronizing or not.

Also, remember that once squirrel presence is identified, you’re in a race against time. The faster these squirrels are removed, the less damage they cause.

Squirrel Babies

With squirrel babies, removal is a much more delicate process as you’ll need to get them out, including their mothers. If squirrel babies are involved, having them removed will cost an additional $200 or more.

Relocate or Euthanize?

You’ll be faced with this decision during the removal process. Luckily, an experienced pest control technician will provide you with sound recommendations to follow.

After removing squirrels, a favorable habitat will need to be found for them. The process of relocation may end up costing you more.

An additional travel fee starting from $100 may be required if you choose to relocate them.

On the other hand, the cost of having squirrels euthanized will range from $100 to $300. The decision is up to you. It is best to follow the recommendation of experts.

Sick Squirrel Removal

Sick squirrels pose an increased level of potential threat. This is because such diseases are likely to spread to humans. You’re likely to see a significant increase in squirrel removal costs due to this reason.

Technicians are more exposed to such, hence the price increase.

Common Signs of Squirrel Infestation

Identifying squirrel presence helps you call for help early, thus reducing the likelihood of having a problematic infestation that might cost you more.

The following are common signs to help you identify squirrel presence;

  • Broken Gutters

A lot of climbing and jumping is involved when squirrels are around. Evidence of such activity is noticed in broken gutters. These are used as routes to attics or roofs.

  • Food Caches

Squirrels love to gather nuts and acorns. If you suspect their presence, you only need to look around for these signs. Finding these is a confirmation of their existence.

  • Noises

Squirrels are never shy of creating noises through their activities. They scamper and thump around your walls and everywhere else while going about their daily activities. These signs should give them away quickly.

Squirrel Removal Methods and Costs

There’s no single squirrel removal method, which is good because you won’t have to worry about a process being ineffective.

The three most common methods include the use of one-way exclusion doors, traps, and ultrasonic squirrel repellers.

  • One-Way Exclusion Doors

As the name implies, one-way squirrel exclusion doors prevent squirrels from returning when they leave their nests. These cost around $300 to install.

  • Traps

Squirrel removal is also done with the help of a trap. Most traps used for removal are humane. This means relocation may be necessary, or a decision on euthanizing them may be reached. The cost for effective, humane traps starts at $300.

  • Ultrasonic Squirrel Repellers

Ultrasonic squirrel repellers are highly effective as they emit sharp and disturbing sounds that the human ear cannot pick up. However, this sound is heard by squirrels and greatly irritates them, thus driving them away. Prices for this tool start at $200.

The cost of squirrel removal depends on the above factors. We’ve seen the average price and the low and high costs involved.

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