This guide is all you need to know on getting rid of ground squirrels naturally and in your house, say in the attic, roof, garage, yard, wall, and gardens.

Ground squirrels may be lovely to behold. But the damage they cause can be disheartening. This is more so when you’re dealing with a rodent population.

Unlike most rodents like mice, ground squirrels will spend most of their time outdoors like voles.

More specifically, your garden and trees are ideal breeding and feeding grounds.

Ground Squirrel Damage

The damage caused by ground squirrels boils down to their feeding activity. They feed mainly on plants and green grasses.

Gardens and lawns provide an abundant source of these. But don’t get fooled. Ground squirrels will also gnaw on tree barks and any wood they see. This is why you must get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Their feeding activity (damage) is mainly in the daytime. So while you’re out busy, they are also busy getting things done! Immediate steps must be taken to get rid of them.

But the damage, as well as their presence, needs to be established. Which takes us to our next point;

How to Keep Squirrel Away:  Inspection

The best way to assess the problem is through inspection. But this won’t pinpoint the problem unless a pattern is established.

Such a pattern must be associated with ground squirrels. So, the signs to look out for will be their burrows. These rodents live in caves.

As a result, a close look at your garden or lawn should reveal openings.

Roots of plants and tree bark should also show gnaw marks. Young plants or shrubs are most affected as this destroys them. Irrigation lines and sprinkler heads are also damaged.

Plus, you may be able to spot these rodents in the very act.

How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels in Attic and Wall, Yard & Gardens

Getting rid of ground squirrels becomes the following action to take. So many options are there to choose from. These would depend on what works best for your situation.

Luckily, you’d find as many options to keep squirrels away as you need here. Also, we have included different approaches to squirrel extermination.

Each of these strategies has proven to be effective.

  • Give Squirrel Exterminators A Call

Certain persons would prefer not to deal with the problem themselves. This may be due to several reasons. Including convenience, lack of know-how, or little time to do so.

Whatever the case is, this is an option you may want to consider, especially when the situation seems overwhelming.

So many pest management services are a call away. An online search will churn out several of these. Some pest management services will offer you free inspection and treatment quotes.

This seeks to get to the root of the problem. It also focuses on entry points as well as sources of attraction.

An added advantage is that you get a comprehensive service. A guarantee backs their professional services.

So, you are assured of a long-lasting solution.

  • Get a Cat

If you love cats, you already have such pets around.

Cats present a natural solution to ground squirrel problems. You only need to allow them to spend most of their day outside.

Ground squirrels aren’t comfortable having cats around. They relocate to safer grounds when they feel threatened.

Plus, you also get to enjoy having these cats as pets.

  • Build a Fence

A fence can be a great way to get rid of ground squirrels. You may need to fence your entire home or restrict this to a specific area (most infested). When building your fence, it should be at least 3 feet high.

But not every type of fencing will do. Some specifications must be met for this to be effective.

An electric fence will get the job done. There are electronic fence variants for purchase. These won’t zap them to death on contact. However, it will give them a jolt strong enough to make them avoid your garden.

An added advantage is that it also helps eliminate other types of pests.

But remember, ground squirrels burrow beneath the ground. They can burrow as deep as 4 feet! So, when building your fence, it should go sufficiently deep beneath the earth.

This helps prevent them from evading the fence barrier.

  • Ground Squirrel Repellent Products

So many excellent rodent repellent products are available—these work by causing significant discomfort to ground squirrels.

However, we recommend going for those without harmful content. Instead, go for squirrel repellents with spicy contents. These include cayenne, chili, and white peppers.

Ground squirrels hate peppers and will stay off your grounds.

Also, consider using fox urine. This helps fake the presence of predators and will scare them away.

Additional ground squirrel products include creams and gels. Of course, these won’t be applied to squirrels. Instead, they are rubbed on wood or barks. These rodents love to chew or gnaw on.

This leaves a horrible taste in their mouths when they insist.

  • Ground Squirrel Traps

If you desire to get rid of ground squirrels without poison, you should consider this option.

Traps are a widely used strategy for ground squirrel control. You need to identify the caves as well as the paths used by them. The traps are set either at the burrow openings or along such routes.

If you love animals, we recommend using humane traps. Humane traps will get the job done. But won’t harm them.

However, you’d have to release them as far away as possible. This is necessary to help avoid re-infestation.

  • Motion Sensor Powered Water Sprinkler Systems

Ground squirrels will always get out of their burrows in search of food. You can interrupt such activities by having a motion sensor water sprinkler.

This is activated at the slightest movement and scares them away. This should be a wide coverage area to help reach all areas of your yard, garden, or lawn.

This has to be installed so that it doesn’t affect people’s passing.

  • Poison Baits

You can deploy this extreme measure to get rid of ground squirrels. Baits have to be well placed in areas they can easily be found.

Once ingested, these rodents are poisoned by them. But there’s a significant problem for pet owners. It is also not suitable to have around kids. Pets are likely to end up getting poisoned by them.

We don’t recommend this method for pet owners. The same applies if you still have kids. It’s best to adopt safer alternatives than to risk the safety of your loved ones.

The only exception is the use of poison baits with protective bait stations. It helps keep off non-target animals while being effective on their targets.

  • Fumigation

Pest technicians mainly handle fumigation. This is because it mostly requires a professional application. Solid fumigants are best used for ground squirrel control.

For this to be most effective, all burrow points must be established. The solid fumigants are then thrown into such holes. Before long, ground squirrels are exterminated.

Ground squirrels aren’t nocturnal. This means most of their activities are during the day. This makes it even easier to fumigate as the application is made at night.

  • Habitat Disruption

Whenever you notice the presence of ground squirrels, it’s because favorable conditions exist. They will continue to come in their droves unless such conditions are disrupted.

To modify such habitats, several things must be considered. They include using a tree collar.

A tree collar is used as a protective covering on tree barks. Especially tender barks. When covered, it becomes difficult for ground squirrels to get access.

Removing all bird feeders is another. When birds feed, their feed drops to the ground. This litters the surroundings. Thereby attracting rodents. Including ground squirrels.

You’d have to sacrifice this or remove it for a while until the situation improves.

  • Additional DIY Strategies

There are additional non-toxic ways to get rid of ground squirrels.

These include the use of coffee. Coffee grounds should be sprinkled around your garden. It has a repellent effect and will keep them at bay.

Blood meal, human hair, and citrus grinds are all helpful in keeping them away. These should be applied around affected areas.

These can also be used in conjunction with other strategies.

  • Have a Chimney Cap in Place

Sometimes, ground squirrels can get adventurous.

This may result in access to your home through vents like the chimney. By having a cap, you are preventing this from happening. This should be tightly placed with no openings for a possible entry.

We suggest using a fine mesh for this. It will keep them out while still providing an escape from the smoke.

  • Netting

Netting is a great way to protect your garden plants and fruits.

Ground squirrels are always bound to attack such plants unless they are stopped. Netting them will help keep them safe.

It also eliminates problems gardeners have to face.

  • Prune Down Trees and Shrubs

Pruning down trees whose branches extend to your rooftop is essential.

This helps prevent ground squirrels from gaining access to your attic or chimney. Bird feeders are also targets.

When branches are pruned, these rodents have less access to them.

  • Minty Plants

Minty scents are loved by humans but despised by ground squirrels. You can turn this situation to your advantage by having repellent plants around your garden.

It helps eliminate them while giving you that refreshing scent all day long.

These are the most practical methods to eliminate squirrels in your house and neighborhood. Please share.

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