Do sump pump switches go bad? Here is a guide on how to replace a sump pump float switch.

Sump pumps function effectively when all components work as a unit. This piece of the machine works tirelessly to get rid of water or takes care of flooding.

While this is true, there are times when it components of the pump become faulty or break down. This affects the overall functioning of the pump.

At this point, the particular problem needs to be identified and fixed. Here, we’ll be looking at one of such vital components; the sump pump float.

If you have a sump pump installed on your property, you probably know about the float switch and the function it performs. For readers who don’t, we’ll briefly explain before providing information on how to fix or replace such.

Replacement Sump Pump Float Switch

Just as the name suggests, a sump pump float switch helps with gauging the water level in the sump pit. Because of the float, the pump doesn’t work tirelessly but only switches on when the need arises.

Such is seen when the water table rises. The float switch rises with the water and triggers the pump on.

This is what triggers a sump pump to start and stop automatically. It starts when the water rises and stops when it drops. All of this is signaled by the float switch.

In severe cases of flooding, the pump works continuously as long as the water table remains high and the float switch remains up.

When Issues Develop With the Float Switch

A variety of problems are likely to occur with a float switch. Such may warrant providing fixes in the form of repairs or completely changing the float switch.

Here, most of our discussion will have to do with changing or replacing the sump pump float switch.

Issues develop when a sump pump suddenly won’t turn on or off as it normally should. This is a clear signal of a problem that must be resolved immediately for the proper functioning of your sump pump.

Several reasons could be given for such occurrences.

One of them includes the possibility of debris accumulation. Also, there’s the possibility that a sump pump hasn’t been maintained in a long while.

Now, the steps taken to fix or replace a sump pump float will depend on present water levels.

If this sensor or float switch malfunction is affecting the shutting down of the pump, manual intervention may be necessary to turn off the power supply.

Whatever the case, the sump pump float will need to be replaced immediately.

Replacement Becomes Necessary If…

Although sump pumps and components come with a limited lifespan, proper use will see them working for many years. In other words, these pumps serve longer when there is proper cleaning and maintenance.

Likely problems may include a float switch coming out of place.

Under this condition, repair may be recommended. However, when the float is split or punctured, it lets in water and won’t trigger the sump pump as it should.

To determine whether it needs replacement or not, you may have to fill the sump pump basin with water.

If it doesn’t stay on top of the water as it should, then it’s a clear sign that replacement is necessary. Now, you need to take appropriate steps to have it replaced.

How to Replace Sump Pump Float Switch

Although a sump pump float replacement isn’t as complex as you think, not all persons will want to get the job done themselves.

DIY’ers will want to get to the root of the problem and possibly carry out necessary fixes. However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you should consider calling a plumber.

It’s important to check whether there are other plumbing issues asides from a malfunctioning sump pump float. When the main plumbing system is intact, then your only focus should be on the sump pump float.

Before starting the replacement process, you’re expected to have bought the replacement part.

  • Safety Precautions

Before any work is done, safety must be taken seriously. This is especially true for sump pumps because they’re wired to electrical systems.

Therefore, it’s necessary to have all connections turned off before starting any repair work.

  • Having the Replacement Part Ready

Sump pump float replacement will require getting the right replacement part. The faulty part should be taken or used in shopping for the replacement part.

This won’t be necessary if you have a spare one already. Using the old to shop for the new is simply done to get the right fit for your sump pump model.

With a float switch type determined, it’s necessary to consider if there are universal sump pump float switches that work with all brands.

You might have difficulty finding one that exactly matches the damaged one.

However, certain types like the Basement Watchdog BWC1 are one float switch type to consider due to their wide applicability.

In other words, it easily fits and works with most broken floats as a replacement on popular pump brands. What more? It’s also easy to install.

  • Open the Switch

At this time, you need to have the sump pump float opened for coupling. Having opened it, perform the necessary action by fixing what needs to be fixed.

The particular action taken depends on the float switch type you buy. The Basement Watchdog BWC1 type shouldn’t be much of a problem fixing.

  • Replacement and Testing

Having replaced the sump pump float, it’s necessary to test to ensure it’s in position or correctly done. This is achieved through testing.

With the power turned back on, add water to the sump pump basin to see if the float switch rises with it. It must be properly set for effective functioning.

The increased water table should trigger the pump to start working. If you’re satisfied with the results, then you’ve successfully solved the problem.

However, if you seem stuck and can’t get desired results, you may have to call a plumber to come to take a look. The most important thing is ensuring the problem is resolved.

Sump pump float replacements are among common maintenance tasks performed to keep them working effectively. We’ve discussed the processes involved in replacement.

However, better maintenance of your sump pump will make its components last longer.

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