Sump Pump Float Switch Types – 4 Classes And Solid Brands To Buy

Here are the different types of sump pump float switches.

Sump pumps are popular moisture control equipment used in both residential and commercial settings. For this mechanism to function effectively, all its parts or integrated systems must be in good shape.

One of those we’ll be focusing on is the float switch.

Here is a guide on adjusting sump pump float switches.

Types Of Sump Pump Switches

Sump pumps need float switches to function effectively. The float switch is the sensor that helps with water detection.

Once the water reaches a certain pre-set level on the float switch, it automatically triggers the pump to start pumping out the water.

Here, we’ll be discussing all sump pump float switches with a focus on types.

About Sump Pump Float Switch

As water accumulates in a sump pit, it needs to be automatically pumped out by the sump pump. However, this cannot be possible without the float switch.

The float switch comes in handy as it allows for automatic pump-out of water by activating the pump. Not only does the float switch activate the pump, but it also deactivates it when water levels drop.

As the name implies, the sump pump float switch works with the help of a floating ball. This ball helps with the detection of water levels in the sump pit. As the water rises, so does the ball.

At pre-set levels, the float switch locks and triggers the pump to discharge water.

As water is pumped out, the floating ball lowers until it reaches a certain level where it sends a signal for the sump pump to stop. This cycle will repeat itself for as long as water collects within the sump pit.

With this said, let’s shift our focus to the types of float switches available.

Different Types of Sump Pump Float Switches

When it comes to sump pump float switch types, you’ll have to consider the main categories as well as the types by brand.

In terms of the different categories available, there are tethered float switches, vertical action float switches, electronic switches, as well as diaphragm float switches.

When it comes to the different float switch brands, there are tons of them. Each product type is uniquely designed with certain features that fit specific functions.

To make your pick, you’ll need to have an idea about how it works as well as whether it meets your specific needs.

For a more comprehensive discussion, we’ll need to discuss sump pump float switches under the main classification as well as the brands available.

i. Different Types of Float Switches by Category

Speaking of the different categories of float switches, we’ve mentioned these to include tethered switches, vertical action float switches, electronic float switches, as well as diaphragm float switches.

So, what are the key features of each of these switch categories?

Let’s take a look.

  • Tethered Float Switches

As the name suggests, tethered float switches feature floats tethered to the pump. It’s mostly used with pedestal pumps. Water levels are gauged through the help of the float hanging from the pump.

These switch types are among the most common you’ll find.

The rising float activates a lever which in turn sets off a trigger in the sump pump which turns it on.

With sufficient water pumped out, tethered float switches return to their previous position, thus deactivating the sump pump. Tethered float switches are most ideal for bigger sump pits.

  • Vertical Float Switches

Unlike the tethered float switch type, vertical switches have a different design.

They feature a vertical rod on which floats travel or move up or down depending on water levels. In other words, floats only travel vertically.

They’re more suitable for narrow sump pits.

One clear advantage of the vertical float switch is that it’s quite versatile. In other words, it can serve for both wide and narrow sump pits.

  • Electronic Float Switches

Electronic float switches for sump pumps function quite differently when compared to both tethered and vertical float switches. Here, there are no moving parts.

Instead, an electric field is created that helps with the detection of water levels around.

In terms of durability and longevity, electronic float switches are a clear favorite. That is why they tend to be costlier than mechanical float switches discussed above.

To promote continuous efficiency, electronic float switches will need to be checked and maintained periodically.

  • Diaphragm Float Switches

The working principle of a diaphragm float switch largely depends on water pressure. In this situation, water pressure serves as a trigger for the operation or functioning of the float switch and sump pump.

This is similar to the electronic float switch in the sense that you won’t find a float like you would on mechanical float switches.

As water gathers in the sump pit, the pressure steadily increases. Such increase in pressure is automatically sensed by the float switch which signals the sump pump into action.

Diaphragm float switches are also durable and tend to last for long. However, you’ll need to ensure they’re properly maintained to improve their lifespan.

ii. Float Switches by Brand

Under each of the sump pump float switch categories mentioned above are various types by brand.

All such float switches have the same working principle which has to do with triggering the sump pump into action. So, what are they?

Lots of float switch types are available.

These range from Alderon Big Switch with 10’ Cord, Pilot Series Control Switch, Junior M-Navigator, Cast Iron Diaphragm Switch, Superior Pump Vertical Float Switch, Parts 20 Sump Pump Float Switch, and LevelGuard Solid State Sump Pump Switch.

There are other popular sump pumps float switch brands such as Basement Watchdog Dual Float Sump Pump Switch with Controller, Zoeller Replacement Switch for 50 and 90 Series Pumps, and Hi-Lo Sump Pump Controller Dual Float Switch.

While there are lots of other top brands, these are a few of those we’ve provided. So, which is the best to use? When it comes to choosing the best float switch to use, you’ll need to consider your unique needs.

Float switches serve a variety of functions. You’ll need to consult a trained and licensed technician.

There you have it! We’ve considered the different sump pump float switch types available in the market. It’s important to consider these tips before making a purchase.

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