Thuja Green Giant Trees For Sale – Buy 5-5 Foot Arborvitae Online

Are you looking for Thuja Green Giant trees for sale? Here is a practical buying guide.

If you’re looking to have a fast-growing privacy tree planted on your property, the thuja green giant is a tree you might want to consider. This tree is rightfully named so due to the size it grows into within a short period of time.

As a matter of fact, this coniferous tree can reach heights of around 60 ft.

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To buy this dense pyramidal-shaped evergreen tree, you’ll need to know about what it takes in terms of the cost, the varieties (if any), as well as the growing zones.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide to help buyers figure out certain details about their purchase. It ultimately helps you make smarter buying decisions.

About Thuja Green Giant Tree

This fast-growing coniferous tree has rich green foliage in summer.

As winter arrives, the color changes to a bit of bronze or takes a darker green hue. At maturity, the thuja green giant reaches heights of between 50 ft. and 60 ft.

The height is accompanied by a spread of around 12 ft. to 20 ft. and narrows at the top.

The thuja green giant tree is excellent for use as a windbreak or for screening purposes. It’s almost resistant to a variety of plant diseases and rarely requires pruning due to its uniform shape.

Asides from its fast growth (about 3 ft. per year), the thuja green giant tree has a life expectancy of about 7 decades.

When it comes to the soil type, the thuja green giant is highly adaptable.

In other words, it can grow in a wide range of soil conditions. When planting this coniferous tree, it’s best to allow sufficient space from a fence line in order to prevent any form of damage.

Take into consideration the fact that the thuja green giant tree spreads about 12 to 20 ft. wide. The ideal distance from your fence should be around 15 ft. from the fence line.

Understanding when it’s best to grow this tree is also important. Do so in spring to allow it to establish its root seems before winter sets in.

Tips on Buying Thuja Green Giant Trees

Not every buyer knows exactly what they need to look out for when shopping for their screening plants. The purpose for growing this plant will determine how many thuja green giant trees you need.

For example, when establishing or growing a hedge, you might decide to have a single or double row of these giants.

Here the cost factor comes into play. You’ll have to figure out how much cost will be incurred during purchase. The nursery you buy your thuja green giant trees from also matters.

That is because you’re likely to leverage the differences in price between sellers to get the best deal.

What are the customers’ reviews like? This is another vital area buyers need to be attentive to in order to get to the right source. Knowing how to care for your thuja green giants is something you need to learn to do.

With all of these points put together, you’re able to better achieve your goals.

  • Cost of Thuja Green Giants

The average cost range for this tree is around $20 to $120.

We’ve only provided an average cost range because cost involves a wide range of factors. There’s the size of the tree or plant you’re buying as well as the quantity.

Also, the variety might impact costs too.

Whenever you walk into a nursery, one thing you’ll notice is the presence of assorted plant sizes. The same extends to the thuja green giant.

These size options serve the different needs of buyers with the larger ones costing more than the smaller trees.

If you’re on a tight budget but need several of these trees, you might want to use the price of one large thuja green giant tree to get several smaller ones.

This is especially true when growing a hedge around your property.

When shopping online for this plant, you’ll find assorted sizes ranging from 1 to 2 ft., 2 to 3 ft., 3 to 4 ft., 4 to 5 ft., and 5 to 6 ft., etc. All you have to do is find one that’s appropriate to your needs and budget.

What volume of thuja green giant trees do you wish to purchase? Under this circumstance, the number of trees you need will determine the discount rates you attract.

Bigger discounts are mostly associated with larger purchases. So, when growing double rows of this screening plant, you’ll need more thuja green giant plants hence bigger discounts.

Different varieties of the thuja tree are available to pick from. You’ll have to know what options you have in order to find what fits your needs best.

  • Compare Costs

In a bid to get the best possible deal, you’ll have to make crucial cost comparisons.

Price comparison involves visiting different nurseries to find out the cost for thuja green giant trees of the same species and size. Every nursery has its own unique pricing structure.

With this understanding, you’re able to compare to find those offering the lowest rates for their plants. This simple action can help you save hundreds or thousands.

It’s a smarter way to shop for your trees.

  • Lookout for Customer Reviews

Customer reviews tell a lot about a business. Consider such reviews as allies that give you a heads-up on what to expect. The goal is to patronize a reputable nursery or garden center.

The nurseries you patronize must have overwhelmingly positive feedback.

  • Knowing how to Care for your Thuja Green Giant Plants

Do you know how to care for your thuja green giant trees? It’s never enough buying these trees if you have no idea how well to care for them.

However, all hope isn’t lost for those having any experience. You only need to research the watering, mulching, fertilizing, and pruning needs of this tree.

By the end of your research, you should be fully equipped to grow and care for your trees. The buying, planting, and caring aspects are all crucial.

The detailed use of this guide will help you in no small measure to buy your trees from the right sources and grow them properly.

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