Here, we bring you the best tree identification apps you can rely on. While some are paid, others offer free trials and activation options, These tree apps can solve the mystery that has always lingered about the tree species in your backyard.

Trees are as varied as they can be. Apart from the most popular ones, there are lots of others which can be difficult to identify for most people. In such situations, you’ll be needing help identifying them.

So, are you finding it almost impossible to identify that tree in your yard by its leaf? You may want to consider using a tree identification app.

Smartphone technology has brought with it lots of benefits. A variety of apps covering a wide variety of areas are being constantly developed. This makes things a lot easier as you only need to capture or take a picture of the tree and allow the app to process it.

There’s a database of various kinds of trees which the app compares your tree against. Things don’t need to be complicated again as the answers to your questions are right in the palm of your hands!

9 Best Apps For Tree Identification

The following are some of the great apps you can use to identify trees with ease. Each of these has a variety of features that help them connect with online databases for comparison and processing.

Some of the most popular apps include PlantSnap, Leafsnap, Pl@ntNet, and PictureThis. Others include Botany Buddy, Virginia Tech Tree ID, PlantSnap Plant Identification, and Tree ID.

Additional tree identification apps include Google Lens, Seek, iNaturalist, and Pinterest. These are among tons of apps that can easily help you resolve tree identification issues without delay.

Let’s discuss each of these.

  • PlantSnap

With PlantSnap, you can easily trees, flowers, and a wide range of other plants and objects.

It’s kept updated with about 2000 new plant image uploads every month. You also get to evaluate plant health, build a library of every tree or plant images you’ve taken.

There’s so much more you can with PlantSnap.

It connects with a huge database of resources and has a clean user interface that is easy to use. Unlike some other tree identification apps, PlantSnap is partially free. In other words, some charges apply.

  • LeafSnap

If you want to quickly identify a tree or plant by image, consider using the plant snap app.

It’s also a useful tool for evaluating tree and plant health and also has a monthly addition of about 2000 new plant images. It has a rich database with an easy-to-use interface.

  • PictureThis

This is a plant identification app that also helps out with maintenance.

Maintenance advice is given on how best to care for such trees or plants. Simple actions like watering among other things are encouraged. Its database of resources helps you with easy identification within a short time.

  • Botany Buddy

This is an interactive tree identification app that can be used both online and offline.

It comes free but isn’t available for Android devices. Its database holds about 1,300 species of trees and plants from which you can search.

  • Virginia Tech Tree ID

The Virginia Tech Tree ID app not only helps you identify trees easily but also allows you to send tree identification questions. This is huge for persons always seeking to learn more by asking questions.

This app has the flexibility of use and comes at zero cost. It’s available for both IOS and Android devices. You get to be more specific about your search by narrowing it down.

  • Google Lens

Google lens is a handy tool and one of the best tree identification apps you can use. This comes absolutely free and offers a wide range of features such as the ability to identify trees and plants, objects, and animals among others.

There’s no limit to what you can search using Google lens. Google has a massive database that covers almost every area of interest.

  • Seek

With the Seek app, you have the ability to easily recognize or identify a variety of trees and plants as well as animals.

It’s designed for the wild and comes with ease of use. However, we must state the downsides of using the Seek app. Not every search turns out successful.

Features include access to a large database, the ability to identify trees and plants as well as wildlife from images.

With Seek, you’re able to learn more and better about your surroundings. It’s 100% free to download and use and comes with constant updates

  • iNaturalist

The National Geographic Society and the California Academy of Sciences partnership gave birth to the iNaturalist app. This is one of the best tree identification apps for smartphone devices and is totally free!

iNaturalist connects to a huge plant database to sift through similar images for easy identification of your tree image. To use the iNaturalist app, you’ll first need to have it downloaded and installed on your IOS or Android device.

Next, navigate to the “New Observation” feature found in the app’s menu and choose your preferred image upload method (either taking a picture of the tree or leaf or uploading the picture from the phone’s gallery).

Other features include the ability to review tree and plant images and also assist other uses to identify the images they found. You can also write your findings and share them with others. iNaturalist also has an animal identification feature.

  • Pinterest

Does this sound confusing? It shouldn’t.

Pinterest is largely known by most people as a social media tool for uploading and finding ideas. In reality, Pinterest does a lot more! It’s similar to Google images in the sense that it allows users to search by image.

It doesn’t matter what you search or the image you upload. The Pinterest app has the ability to process it from its massive database of trees and plants. All you have to do is click the camera icon next to the search bar. It shows up similar results of previously uploaded by users.

With the Pinterest app, you get the benefit of a social network while also saving your favorite content. Lots of ideas are available to you plus you get to discover exciting trending topics and articles.

These are some of the best tree identification apps available for download. These apps eliminate the stress involved in identifying certain tree species.

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