9 Tree Species With Special Meanings

In this article, I’ll be discussing trees with special meanings.

Some of us don’t just plant trees because of how beautiful they can make our garden look, but also because of what they mean and represent.

This might sound strange to some people, which is understandable. But believe it or not, some of these trees have meanings.

Tree Meanings: 9 Species & Their Symbolism

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

  1. Wisteria Tree

This is one of the most beautiful trees in the world, thanks to its amazing, unique-looking purple flowers.

The Wisteria tree can be found growing in the southern parts of America and Asia. This tree has a few varieties, also a few important meanings attached to it.

These include –

Devotion or dedication: For those who live in a family-owned home that has been built for generations, the Wisteria tree is a pointer to family heritage.

Good luck or new beginnings: For couples who just got married and are living together for the first time, the wisteria tree serves as a symbol of good luck or a fresh start.

Also, when a new and significant person is welcomed into the home (such as a newborn baby), a wisteria tree can be used to mark the event.

Youth: The wisteria tree also signifies youth, as children are usually represented by the flowers on the tree.

Training a wisteria tree is hard work, as the branches can become overgrown and intrude on other surrounding trees. You will need to be committed to keeping it in good shape or hire a gardener who can.

If the meaning of this tree is worth that much to you, then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind the stress.

  1. Oak Tree

The oak tree is one of the very few trees in the world that have a deep religious meaning.

They have a special growth pattern and attractive foliage which makes them a popular choice for gardens and other landscaping settings.

They are strong and they can resist drought, which is why they are widely regarded as the “kings of the forest” in many parts of Europe. Others see it as a holy tree that must be held in high esteem.

The oak tree represents steadiness, which is what many religious beliefs preach, to remain steady in faith even in times when temptations and doubts arise.

The druids used the oak tree a lot, as it provided them with many of their needs. These include food and shelter.

Many religious worship centers are constructed in oak tree groves.

This tree doesn’t just represent strength and sturdiness alone, it also stands for wisdom, enlightenment, and healing.

As an old practice, oak bark and leaves were used to create cures for aches and other body ailments. Native Americans especially used the bark as a cure for frostbite and skin infections.

The oak holds so much religious significance, that a lot of spiritual centers around the world are called “Holy Oak”.

Many native American tribes also believe that oak trees hold the souls of their dead ancestors who are now guiding spirits of the forest.

  1. Palm Trees

In modern-day, when one thinks of palm trees, one would think of warm sunny beaches and beautiful women. Well, that wasn’t always what the palm tree stood for. Far from it, as these trees held a much deeper spiritual meaning.

According to the Bible, when Jesus Christ made his way into Jerusalem, he was greeted by thousands of people who lay palm fonds along the road leading into the city. Up to this day, this very event is celebrated among Christians as “Palm Sunday”.

Besides the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, or waving palms at chariot races and parades, palm trees have other significances and meanings.

I will list them out below.

Freedom and success: The triumphant entry into Jerusalem by Jesus Christ was a celebration of salvation from tyranny, sin, and oppression.

This symbolism isn’t derived from Jesus’ entry alone, the tree itself signifies such. The palm tree does not break when put under pressure from heavy winds or rains, instead, it bends and moves freely as if it’s dancing.

When the storm is over, the tree will go back to its original posture and stand firm again.

Resurrection: The palm tree standing tall and undamaged after being bent over by a storm is a symbol of resurrection from the dead, or coming out of trials and tribulations unscathed.

The resurrection of Christ is also symbolized by palm fonds, even up to this day. It has a direct connection to the Easter celebrations and it is one of the most symbolic trees in Christianity.

Abundance:  One of the special characteristics of the palm tree is that it can produce food in areas that other vegetation cannot.

Fresh palm wine and coconut are produced by certain varieties of palm trees. Palm oil is also a derivative of the palm tree. Its ability to produce even in less than favorable environments is one of the reasons it is considered to be a symbol of bountifulness.

A palm tree is a great addition to your landscape for many reasons. Besides its spiritual and religious significance, it is also a very strong tree that stays strong during storms and produces consumable food for humans and animals alike.

  1. Cherry Tree

Cherry trees are popular worldwide, but as far as cultural identity is concerned, no other country holds it in high reverence like Japan.

It is a tree held in the highest esteem, as it bears great significance to the Japanese ancient cultures.

The cherry blossom has beautiful pink flowers that can add life to any garden or space.

Speaking of life, the cherry tree’s message is quite clear – “Make the most of the beauty of life”.

This message is derived from the fact that, even though the cherry blossoms are very beautiful, they do not last long. They also take a long time before they bloom again.

So make the most out of life while you still have it, as life can be short and time waits for no one.

  1. Sequoia Tree

The Sequoia tree is among the oldest living trees you can find in the world. They are also among the largest.

These trees are commonly found in the western parts of America and some sequoias in that region have lived for thousands of years, yes, thousands!

Native Americans revered the Sequoia tree for not only its size but its strength and ability to live through centuries.

Below are the three major things the Sequoia tree symbolizes.

Eternity: As I just mentioned, the Sequoia tree can live for thousands of years, which is longer than the lifespan of 10 human generations put together. Hence it stands as a symbol of eternity.

Also, some ancient native American tribes believed the souls of their ancestors lived in trees, including the Sequoia.

Enlightenment: As it is believed that the tree holds the souls of ancestors and can live for so long, it is believed that it is all-knowing, having been around the Earth for so long.

Valor: The Sequoia tree is among the hardest trees in the world. To chop this tree down with an ax will take a team of lumberjacks weeks to accomplish.

This tree is also resistant to pests and diseases, as the bark is so hard, no pest can get through.

For these reasons, the tree symbolizes valor, unwavering when faced with danger or under attack.

  1. Elm Trees

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that old-growth elm trees can be found around many campuses and colleges around America. I say this because the elm tree is known to represent intuition and inner strength.

Elmwood is very durable, and it is commonly used to build boats and farmhouses. The wood from this tree is also a popular choice for furniture, as tables and chairs made from elmwood can last for generations!

I guess that’s where the inner strength symbolization comes from.

  1. Redwood Trees

The redwood tree is another long-living tree species with a special meaning.

The redwood tree signifies eternity, or “forever”, as they are known to live between the ages of 800 to 1,500 years.

While these figures may seem small on an electronic calculator, they are worth several lifetimes to a human being. We’re talking about 10 generations.

Redwoods do not only live longer, they grow very tall as well. A full-grown redwood can grow to a height of about 280 feet. It almost seems like they never stop growing.

  1. Birch Tree

Birch trees are known to maintain their beauty all year round, they are also among the first trees to grow back their leaves during the beginning of spring.

For this reason, the Birch trees symbolize new beginnings and hope.

In China, these trees symbolize rejuvenation, regrowth, and protection.

Conclusion On Meanings Of Trees

Having a proper understanding of what your trees stand for will help you appreciate them a lot more.

I hope this article on trees with special meanings has been informative. You can also take a look at the different forest types.

Take care!

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