Tree Root Removal Methods – DIY And Expert Guides

Here is the best way to remove roots from the ground.

This is the focus of our discussion: tree root removal. If you wish to have tree roots removed, there are definite procedures to follow to achieve your desire.

Removing Tree Roots: Cutting, Digging, And Killing

When removing a tree, you need to decide the extent you wish to go.

In other words, to what extent do you wish the tree removed? For a lot of people, removing the part of the tree above the ground will suffice. Others might prefer a complete removal of the tree including its roots.

This article is all about showing you the simple techniques or methods of removal you can adopt. By applying them, you’re able to get the results you seek.

To Remove Large Tree Roots: Should I Call a Pro?

To begin with, tree root removal isn’t as easy as it sounds. Certain procedures tend to be more difficult than others. The expertise to carry out the job comprehensively is another key consideration.

One important question you’ll need to answer is whether to call for professional help.

Answers will be determined by your level of preparedness in terms of skill, preference, and the tools required for the job. So, are you a DIY’er who wants to get your hands dirty?

Do you find satisfaction from performing jobs such as this? If you find such jobs interesting, then you might want to try out the project yourself.

However, you must be skilled in this type of job and also know the different removal methods available. DIY tree root removal jobs aren’t for everyone.

If you have no time to deal with the removal process yourself, calling a professional will best serve your needs. Your needs will determine what action(s) you take.

Tools Needed For Removing Roots

The tree root removal method you choose to adopt will determine the tools you use.

There are various root-cutting tools that serve different purposes when it comes to removal. Some basic types include chain saws for large roots, root grinders, garden shears, backhoes, shovels, and stump grinders.

You might also have a need for more heavy equipment like a tractor. The tractor will function best when it comes to attachments for this type of job. Such attachments include a drawbar and hydraulic hitch.

Of course, you must know how to put these to good use.

How To Remove Tree Roots Safely

Different useful techniques are available for tree removal.

Two of the most popular methods include chemical treatments and manual removal. There’s also an option to call for professional tree root cutting and removal.

Let’s discuss each of these removal techniques.

i. Chemical Root Removal Method

As the name suggests, the chemical approach to tree root removal involves the use of chemicals. Here, certain chemicals help degrade or rot these tree roots.

Examples of chemicals to use include rock salt, hexazinone, bromacil, tebuthiuron, and glyphosate herbicide among several others.

These chemicals will have to be properly applied to have any effect in killing roots.

Each of these has definite application procedures you’ll need to be knowledgeable about. To figure out how they should be used, you’ll need to follow the use instructions or allow a pro to handle the job for you.

For example, tree root killer products like glyphosate herbicides will need to be applied through the tree stump.

This is performed by cutting across the stump of the tree and saturating the area behind the stump with water. Next, add your chemical mixture composed of equal parts water and glyphosate.

As expected, the results aren’t immediate. It takes about 2 weeks to see the effects of the dying tree root. Here, the root is decomposed within a short period of time.

  • Killing Tree Roots with Rock Salt

Another chemical approach to tree root removal is the use of rock salt.

This chemical compound needs to be applied to targeted roots and accompanied by water. To do a good job, you’ll need a drill, some rock salt, as well as water. Drill through targeted roots as well as tree stumps.

For this method to be effective, several holes will need to be drilled through.

Having emptied your rock salt into these holes, allow some space to hold some water. This treatment may need to be done several times each month to have desired results. It’s a slow process but worth the effort.

What happens is that rock salt starves the roots of water, hence killing them in the process. You should be able to see visible results within a few months.

  • Do Chemicals Help with Root Removal?

It’s important to note that chemical techniques for root removal mostly have to do with killing these roots. In other words, these root killers help decompose such roots.

This technique will serve the needs of most people.

ii. Manual Root Removal Method

The manual removal of tree roots is another common method that’s widely adopted.

Here, different techniques can be applied to achieve definite results. They include using a stump grinder and digging out roots.

Let’s take a look at each of these techniques for more understanding of what they’re about.

  • Removing Tree Roots From Lawn with Stump Grinder

When dealing with difficult tree roots, your best bet will be to use more suitable equipment.

Apart from being used on tree stumps, stump grinders also serve to remove roots. As the name implies, it grinds out the roots in little time. You don’t have to own this piece of equipment as it can be rented.

During stump grinding, a lot of debris is created. Due to flying debris, you’ll need to put on protective gear like goggles, a long-sleeved shirt, and appropriate headgear.

  • Digging Out Tree Roots

This is a labor-intensive approach to tree root removal. It requires finding or tracing these roots and cutting them off. This can be very challenging for larger trees.

Some of the tools required for the job include loppers, root saw, spade, etc. You might want to call for help with the procedure.

Calling for Professional Tree Root Removal

Do you need to cut tree roots without killing the tree?

The easiest approach to tree root removal is having a pro perform the procedure.

This takes off the stress of having to figure out the right approach from your shoulders. Tree removal technicians are trained for the job and handle such professionally and effectively.

The menace caused by tree roots around your property can be taken care of by having them removed through any of the above methods.

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