Weekly Cleaning Checklist – Planning Your Schedule

This weekly cleaning checklist will provide you with basic cleaning tasks that can be done each week. This eliminates guesswork and enables you to focus on the task at hand.

Setting a cleaning schedule helps a great deal with planning. Cleaning schedules are set for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons has to do with the degree of detail of the job done.

In other words, certain cleaning tasks may involve light cleaning while others may involve deep cleaning.

Unlike daily cleaning, weekly cleaning is more detailed and focuses on areas that are usually ignored during daily cleaning. Such jobs can be done every week because frequent cleaning isn’t necessary.

Weekly House Cleaning Checklist

For weekly cleaning, all parts of the home are included. These consist of main areas such as the front porch, entrance or TV room, and the kitchen areas.

Others include guest bathroom, kids bedroom, the master bedroom, master bathroom, family or living room, play area, and office.

  • Cleaning the Front Porch

Weekly cleaning of the front porch is much more detailed and includes cleaning all cobwebs and lights in addition to the mailbox. Front door windows must be cleaned thoroughly.

Using your preferred cleaning supplies, ensure that the window sill, ledges, and glass are wiped clean.

While sweeping the porch, also beat out welcome mats to remove accumulated debris and dirt. Apart from frond door windows, outside windows should also be targeted for similar cleaning.

  • Cleaning the Entrance Area

The entrance can be quite busy with people moving in and out. This results in dirt which might not be fully gotten rid of with daily cleaning. Weekly cleaning involves a more thorough approach. Look out for cobwebs and clean them.

Next, all window sills should be cleaned and dusted.

The inside of the front doors too must be wiped clean. This includes doorknobs. Also, clean all switch plates within the entrance area and dust all furniture. Baseboards shouldn’t be left out of cleaning.

Also, wipe down walls too.

To clean the floor area, the furniture will need to be moved. Move such furniture and vacuum or sweep depending on the type of floor. Your couches too shouldn’t be left out but must be vacuumed to remove accumulated dirt.

  • Kitchen Area

The kitchen area sees the most activity as meals are cooked multiple times daily. Now, daily cleaning won’t be adequate to provide effective or deep cleaning. With weekly cleaning, this problem is tackled. First, empty your refrigerator and clean the insides thoroughly.

Also, disinfect the same before returning the contents. You might also want to screen the contents being returned to see if they are needed or should be discarded in the trash can. Also, wipe down the outside of the refrigerator.

Next, clean and disinfect both the inside and outside parts of your microwave oven. There will likely be food stains that should be wiped clean. Before doing this, the microwave must be unplugged from the wall.

The stove or oven should be cleaned too. This cooking appliance is most likely to have food stains on it. Using your preferred cleaning product, clean and disinfect the surface of the oven.

The kitchen cabinets and pantry should be emptied and thoroughly cleaned. Before returning any items, check to see if they’re still useful or need to be dumped in the trash can. Food or cereals which have stayed beyond six months should be discarded. Neatly return the contents of the cabinets.

Wipe down cabinet doors too. It isn’t enough to clean the inside of the cabinets. The doors must also be cleaned properly.

Sinks and laundry close should be targeted next. When cleaning sinks, do not only focus on the top or surface areas. Rather, you should also clean below the sink area and check for leakages. If there are, it should be fixed immediately to preventing it from worsening.

  • Dining Room

The dining room area should be checked for cobwebs. These should be cleaned up. The dining room table and chairs should be dusted and polished. Dust all baseboards and vacuum floors.

  • Guest Bathroom

Guests only visit for some time and go. As such, guest bathrooms won’t be needing as much frequent cleaning as the other bathrooms. Despite this fact, your weekly cleaning should include cleaning cobwebs and dusting light fixtures.

Others include cleaning the mirror, washing rugs, sweeping & mopping the floor, cleaning the shower or tub, and tidying the vanity area.

  • Kid Bedrooms

Kid bedrooms are likely to be quite untidy.

Start your cleaning by removing all cobwebs, dust ceiling fans, and tidy dressers. Next, wash mattress pads, flip the mattress, and wash curtains and windows. Window sills should be cleaned and under beds and floor vacuumed.

Vacuuming should also apply to closets. Clean switch plates and dust baseboards.

  • Master Bedroom

Cleaning should start with the removal of cobwebs followed by dusting and polishing of furniture.

Next, flip the mattress and wash windows and clean sills. Tidy nightstands and clean underneath the beds. Vacuum the floors and remove all clutter. This should end with tidying the closet.

  • Master Bathroom

To clean the master bathroom, start by removing the cobwebs.

Light fixtures should also be dusted and mirrors cleaned. Wash rugs and clean the shower. The toilet should be scrubbed and disinfected too. Toilet floors should be swept clean and mopped using a disinfectant cleaner.

Also, tidy the countertop and remove garbage. New garbage bags should be replaced.

  • The Sitting Room

As usual, cleaning should begin with the removal of cobwebs.

This should be followed by the cleaning of windows and window sills. The bookshelf must be tidied and all surfaces thoroughly dusted. Vacuum all couches and clean switchplates. Vacuum or mop floors without leaving out the dirt under furniture. Move furniture to clean under.

  • Play Area

Clean all toys within the play area and de-clutter such as toys and books. Also vacuum rugs and clean writings or drawings on walls.

  • Office Area

Clean cobwebs followed by window sills and windows. Next, clean desk surfaces and computers. Sort all paperwork and dust furniture. Check the paper cartridge and empty trash.

This weekly cleaning checklist should help you perform a detailed cleaning job with no complications at all.

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