A professional kitchen cleaning checklist is one of the essential tools before performing this task.

Not only does the checklist help you focus on every detail of the cleaning job, it dramatically enhances productivity.

Now, the kitchen area of a home, restaurant, or office is quite a busy area where food is prepared. Proper and coordinated cleaning will need to be done to maintain the highest level of hygiene.

Here, we’ve split the cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly. These are essential to how well kitchens are maintained. Plus, each has varying degrees of detail when it comes to cleaning.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Procedures

This section provides a comprehensive list of cleaning tasks you can follow to give your kitchen the neatness you long for. It includes daily, weekly, and monthly kitchen cleaning tasks.

Kitchen Daily Cleaning Checklist

Under this type of cleaning, a few minutes daily is committed to clearing any mess and dirt.

This type of cleaning isn’t as detailed or thorough as weekly or monthly cleaning; however, it still serves to clear out all visible dirt and keeps the kitchen organized.

Clean the Countertops

Kitchen countertops are among the busy areas and must be wiped clean. Spray your preferred cleaning product and wipe down the countertops using an absorbent towel.

Also, look out for splatters and oil spills and clean them off. The vent hood should also be wiped clean.

Load the Dishwasher

Clear up dirty dishes by loading them into the dishwasher for cleaning.

However, not all types of containers can be washed in the dishwasher. It would be best if you took care of such hand-wash dishes too.

If there isn’t any to manually clean, you can use this time to carry out other cleaning tasks.

Tidy Up the Kitchen

Putting away lost items is an integral part of the cleaning process.

There are bound to be several items that need to be put away or disposed of. Find these and return them to where they should be.

Food items should be returned to the pantry. This helps create an orderly kitchen environment.

Clean the Sink Area

Your next focus should be the sink area. Clean or scrub this using a general-purpose cleaner. After cleaning, it should be wiped dry with an absorbent towel.

Sweep and Mop the Floor

It would help if you cleaned your kitchen floor daily. Please remove dirt, including food particles, by washing them away. This should be followed by mopping.

Empty the Trash Can

There should never be a buildup of trash or dirt in trashcans.

This should be emptied as frequently as possible. When drained, you should replace new liners to help keep the trashcan clean.

Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Weekly kitchen cleaning is more thorough compared to daily cleaning. Here, attention is paid to the more minor details with more areas covered during cleaning.

The cleaning tasks include the following;

Clear Out Leftovers

Your refrigerator is likely to hold leftovers that are past their prime. These should be cleared away and discarded in the trashcan. This helps create more storage space in your refrigerator.

Clean Exterior of Large and Small Appliances

Whenever kitchen appliances are used, there’s the likelihood of dirt accumulating on the surfaces.

These would need to be cleaned weekly to help maintain their neatness. These include the refrigerator, microwave oven, and coffee pots.

The refrigerator door and its sides should be wiped clean of any smudges or food splatters. Also, dust the top as well.

Scrub and Polish the Sink

The sink area will need to be scrubbed and scoured once a week.

This is done with more attention paid to grime or gunk, which may be hidden at joints and crevices. Scrub these out, including the faucet, ensuring it maintains its shiny look.

Dry the sink using an absorbent towel and polish. Doing this cleaning activity weekly helps keep your sink looking shiny.

Spot-Clean Drawers and Cabinets

As you use the kitchen daily, your hands will likely create dirt marks on drawers and cabinets. The most common of these include smudges or fingerprints. These will need to be cleaned off each week.

Dusting these drawers and cabinets won’t get rid of the fingerprints. Consider spot-cleaning these fingerprints and smudges using a multipurpose spray cleaner and a cloth.

Wash Towels and Dishcloths

Dirty kitchen towels and dishcloths will need to be cleaned each week. Load all of these into the wash and replace them with new ones.

Clean and Mop the Floor

Although cleaning and mopping the kitchen floor is done daily, you should do a more thorough job under weekly cleaning. Places earlier left out, such as under moveable kitchen gadgets, should be cleaned and mopped.

If you have kids and pets, your frequency of cleaning and mopping the kitchen floor may increase.

Monthly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

As expected, monthly cleaning isn’t as frequent as the other two (daily and weekly). However, it is more detailed as it involves deep cleaning the kitchen area.

Clean the Refrigerator and Wipe Down Cabinet Doors

A monthly cleanup of your refrigerator will involve removing its contents and deep-cleaning and disinfecting its interior.

When you’re done with the interior, return its contents, and focus on the exterior. This includes cleaning the exterior and emptying & sanitizing its drip pan.

Cabinet doors and drawers will also need to be wiped clean of dirt in the form of dust, fingerprints, and smudges.

Clean and Sanitize Trashcan

Over time, there’s a gradual buildup of dirt on your trashcan. This is despite using liners. This will require some cleaning. Wash this clean and leave it to dry for subsequent use.

Remove Cobwebs

Check for cobwebs and get rid of them as soon as possible. Doing this helps make your kitchen unsuitable for spiders to build their nests or webs.

Clean and Mop Floors

More thorough cleaning and mopping of the kitchen floor is necessary.

Dirt is likely to accumulate under heavy appliances. Moving these and the spaces under them cleaned and mopped would be best. Use a disinfectant for your cleaning too.

There you go! This kitchen spring cleaning checklist has provided a list of cleaning actions to keep your kitchen in top shape. You can use this as a guide to starting the cleaning process.

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