Do you know some colors that go with ivory? If not, you’ve come to the right spot.

This article will offer some suggestions that will perfectly match this hue. You can pick any suitable pair and make your home look astonishing.

Let’s get started right away.

Best Color Combination With Ivory

Do you know where the name ivory comes from?

Well, the hue is named after the material “Ivory.” It’s obtained from animals’ teeth, horns, and tusks, such as elephants and rhinoceroses.

The hue ivory is a shade of off-white with very subtle yellowish tones.

It’s thus softer and has warmer connotations than pure white. The color combines luxury, elegance, and a calm, clean feeling. In some cultures, the color signifies wealth and property.

Colors that Go Well With Ivory

Ivory is a true definition of a classic hue. It can be used in various ways to create a range of looks. But when it comes to finding a suitable match, it can be tricky.

To save you from such stress, below are some colors that complement ivory.

  • Black

In modern décor, black and ivory are a stunning and refined pair.

The presence of black will create depth and drama, while ivory accents add a natural vibe. You can create a sweet design by choosing a natural ivory stone with beige-dried pampas on the windowsill.

Moreover, an ivory room will look excellent with a large modern black frame on the wall framing artwork. But if you want a mid-century modern style, use ivory as the base hue.

Then add some small pops of black and the occasional dash of bold color.

  • Navy Blue

You’ll make a wise and soft choice by pairing ivory with this hue. Combining it with navy blue can create a stark contrast with a more muted and laid-back atmosphere.

Usually, ivory is an excellent color when used as an accent in a navy blue space. It makes a perfect backdrop for navy sofas and other accessories with similar hues.

  • Burnt Orange

This hue is a perfect match for ivory because it’s warm.

The richness and saturation of burnt orange will contrast nicely against ivory. Moreover, the profound energy of burnt orange will be balanced out by the calmer and neutral tones of ivory.

If you have an ivory-painted space, add a glossy touch of burnt orange. It will give you luxury and contemporary style. Plus, elevate the style from comfortable and cozy to wealthy and sophisticated.

  • Dark Brown

Ivory will work well with dark brown. You’ll create a relaxing and comforting atmosphere with deep browns like chocolate.

Then, consider welcoming fabrics such as suede for a great and cozy appeal. Corduroy sofas in dark brown with ivory walls and cushions will also give you the same effect.

Usually, the shade between ivory and dark brown interests a space. But with similarly warm tones, ensure the contrasts are manageable. That’s because it will make your area over-stimulating.

  • Beige

This pair is similar to using white. The duo will create a graceful effect in your home décor. Additionally, shades will give your space an intelligent tonal look.

If you have a wall painted ivory, consider a beige carpet. Your ivory sofas should have a mixture of beige and white cushions.

Other accessories, such as candles, coffee tables, plant pots, etc., should have complementary hues.

  • Gray

If your ivory looks dated or too traditional, add shades of gray. It’ll instantly transform the space into a more modern style. The pair will create a soothing and comforting addition.

Add gray cushions, frames, and plant pots if you have a predominantly ivory space. You’ll be amazed at what your home will look like.

  • White

You can have a stunning and sophisticated look by pairing this color with ivory. White is often suitable as a background shade as it creates a breezy and beachy style.

Consider pairing sleek and plush materials such as suede, faux fur, velvet, and high-shine finishes for a formal, elegant look.

But if you want a casual look, use more natural fabrics.

We refer to linen, chunky wool knits, wool, and canvas. Then, for a high-end hotel vibe, reverse the color scheme. This means you’ll use ivory as a backdrop and white as an accent shade.

In the case of house décor, you can paint the wall ivory, furnish in ivory, and then use a stark white bedsheet. You’ll have an elegant, low-key contrast.

  • Olive Green

Because this hue is primarily cool, it will go well with ivory. The green will give a natural shade linked to the outdoors, just as ivory does. Pairing these two hues will create a modern, natural style space.

You can introduce ivory flowers, ivory sofas, and other accessories if you have olive-green walls. These hues will make your room more relaxed and de-stressed.

Colors that Shouldn’t Be Paired with Ivory

You must know that specific colors should be paired with this hue. That’s because they’ll ruin the beauty of your décor. Some shades you’re to stay clear of are cream and brown.

But you can focus on complementary colors like pink, purple, blue, and green. These hues will help accentuate the ivory without making it look uninteresting.

Decorating With Ivory Color

Remember, this hue is beautiful and can be paired with several others.

To have an exciting décor with ivory, pair it with baby blue or pink colors. It’ll give you a soft and feminine look. You can pair it with richer hues like burgundy or gold for a luxurious feel.

But if you want to add a bit of edge to your décor, pair ivory with black or navy blue. For a calming effect, combine it with neutrals like gray or taupe.

If you use wood-like tones like cherry, you’ll create a warm and inviting feel. Finally, if you pair it with brighter colors like orange or yellow, you’ll have a modern look.

Generally, ivory is a fantastic hue that can change the look of your home. However, adding other shades will create different moods, which can be welcoming, exciting, or relaxing.

As you can see, the colors outlined above are a suitable match for ivory.

You can pick either of them and pair them with ivory, depending on the mood you want to create. But before you do that, ensure you take essential considerations into cognizance.

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