What Colors Go With Pink And Green? 9 Best Combinations

Now, what colors can go with pink and green? There are several of them.

All you’ll need to do is stay on this page until the end of our discussion. We’ll highlight various hues that complement pink and green.

In addition to that, we’ll outline some hues that do not go well with this combination.

Colors That Go With Pink And Green

Over the past few years, the pink and green color scheme has been trending in interior design. The hues agree well with each other regarding excellent atmospheric effect and feel.

The presence of green creates a relaxing and pleasant space. This makes people feel secure and safe. It also signifies renewed energy and harmony.

However, pink hues bring tenderness and enhance a romantic atmosphere. It’s also associated with femininity, maternal support, compassion, and the feeling of being nurtured.

Combining these two hues with monochromatic schemes will give you a fabulous look. They’ll also create a space in your home that is supportive and therapeutic.

Colors that Strongly Agree with Pink and Green

Here are some hues you can pair with green and pink: They’ll make your design or outfit look unique and magnificent.

  • Teal

Teal is an excellent hue to pair with pink and green. Some splashes of this color will create some vibrancy in your room. Teal is typically a highly saturated color that is cool and intense.

It often makes excellent décor when set against a background of pink. It’ll create a slight contrast. Then, with the presence of green, you’ll achieve a soothing and spirited energy.

To get the best effect of teal, use it sparingly with solid-colored fabric instead of prints. This means you’ll need a plain teal cushion or lampshade.

  • Purple and Lavender

Shades of purple and lavender can also go well with a pink and green palette. They’ll create a monochromatic color scheme with muted shades.

Ideally, cool tones of purple contrast with the warmth of pink. This further creates an overall calming effect in a space.

Furthermore, purple adds depth and sophistication to a playful pair of pink and green. Then lavender softens the look and balances the boldness of pink and green.

Some popular color choices for this combination are mauve and periwinkle.

  • Grape

Do you want to add drama and luxury to your pink and green-themed space?

Then this is the perfect pair for you. Grape is a deep shade of purple, associated with royalty and glamor. It will create a pronounced contrast next to green and pink when used appropriately.

If your space is painted green, pink bedsheets will make it sweet. But with a layer of green and grape-colored cushions on the bed, it’ll be a match made in heaven.

You can also have other small details in these hues.

  • White

White is an excellent pairing for pink and green. Using these three hues in your space will give it a retro look. White accents add lightness to any space where deep shades occupy a staggering percentage.

The color can also balance the boldness of pink and green. Plus, it will get the necessary freshness while keeping it elegant.

  • Lilac

This is another color that will look excellent with green and pink. It’s a pale purple shade, contrasting the green and creating harmony with pink. Matching the three hues in your space will result in a pretty and appealing balance.

Use pink and lilac floral accents for a living room painted in a fresh shade of sage green. It will inspire a feeling of spring, like dried lavender.

Lilac cushions on the sofa and pink and lilac floral print curtains will make your living space magnificent.

  • Shades of Blue

Different shades of blue can work well with pink and green. For instance, a light blue can create a calm atmosphere in bohemian-style interiors with pink and green.

Then medium-tune blues such as turquoise and aquamarine paired with earthy tones can create a more natural aesthetic.

For a classic look that’s both timeless and elegant, pair bright shades of pink and green with navy blue.

Then periwinkle blue will add depth to floral patterns alongside pops of pink and green tones. So adding one of the many shades of blue can create a feeling of sophistication in a room.

  • Gray

Do you want an atmosphere that’s not as bold as black but still offers a darker edge? Then gray will be a suitable match for your pink and green.

The dark gray accents will create a definition for these two complementary hues. Adding pale gray as an accent hue for a muted style will create a calm and dramatic look.

  • Black

You may be surprised that black goes well with pink and green. But, of course, it does match perfectly.

Adding a touch of black to these two complementary colors will give you a modern-style space. Choose black trim and interior doors against pale pink walls if you’re bold enough.

It will perfectly frame the walls.

You can also use upholstered deep green furniture with black and pink cushions. This combination will tie the look together. But if you aren’t brave enough to try black trim, try the effect on a smaller scale.

After that, you place a black frame against a pale pink wall. Black cabinets in a pale pink kitchen with green pink will contradict black’s dark gloominess.

  • Yellow

A variety of yellow shades can perfectly go with pink and green. You can pair mustered yellow with dusty pink and emerald green for a cozy, warm effect.

Similarly, a sweet buttery yellow with sage green and fuchsia pink will create an energizing spring-themed space.

Colors to Avoid with Pink and Green

Certain hues on the wheel don’t go well with pink and green. Therefore, you must avoid such tints, or else you’ll create a design disaster.

Hues that do not complement pink and green can ruin the aesthetic balance of your décor styles. If such colors are added, you can lose the bold personality and vibrant flare.

Some non-complementary colors to avoid are orange, hot pink, pure blue & green, and purple with cool undertones. These hues may overpower the subtlety of this pair.

You should also avoid muddy or dark colors that absorb light. We refer to brown, dark gray, and mauve. These hues diminish the vibrancy of pink and green. Plus, they create a muted and subdued look.

Finally, you should avoid colors that overshadow pink and green. Such hues are dark shades of purple and bright neon green. The combination can significantly reduce the effect of pink and green.

Additionally, they can be overwhelming and creates a monotonous effect. In some cases, they may cause your design to disappear.

This is all we have for you about hues that go well with pink and green. You can pick either of them and make an outstanding design. We hope you find this article informative and educational.

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