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Colors That Go With Jade Green

Do you want to add a unique pop of color to your home décor?

Jade green can be an excellent choice. The hue is a medium shade of green with blue undertones. It will create a subtle, calming vibe and bring some life into your space.

The name “Jade” was given after the precious gemstone of the same hue. It has been well-treasured all over Asia for centuries.

Experts say the jade gemstone is a symbol of excellent fortune. Plus, it is associated with wealth, prosperity, and good luck. However, this shade of green is not trending in our modern world.

Introduction to Jade Green

As highlighted above, this hue comes from a gemstone, “jade.”

This stone can occur naturally in six different shades. These include red, black, yellow, white, lavender, and the mother, green. However, like a Grany Smith apple, most of these hues contain yellowish tints.

Unfortunately, when people think of jade, thoughts of a stone with a vibrant green hue close to emerald immediately pop into their minds.

Well, they are right. The hue is often found in most home décor items and paint brands.

Moreover, it is rich enough to add instant surprise and sophistication to any space. Because the hue is abundant, a little of it can give you the desired effect.

However, when using jade green, try it in areas that you would least expect to feel upscale.

Jade Green Color Combinations

Several hues agree with jade green. While some are bold and bright, others are soft and subtle. The best choice comes down to the tone and mood you desire to achieve.

Some matching hues include:

  • Peach

Peach is an excellent pairing for this jade green. It will create a unique and stylish contrast that is cooler. Moreover, the muted soft-pinkish orange will help soften a space.

Plus, it adds a calming atmosphere and makes your space aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, pairing this shade with jade green has practical implications.

For instance, peach will help brighten dark hues and make them look vibrant and alive.

  • Salmon

Refrain from getting confused; salmon is a pink-orange hue named after the salmon fish. It is an excellent match for jade green, as it will make both shades more vivid.

If you use salmon accents with a feminine touch, you will get a luxury-style space. Similarly, the inversion of this style can make your salmon-colored area look more elegant and mature.

  • Coral

Generally, coral is a vibrant and eye-catching hue.

It offers perfect balance when paired with this shade of green. The warm effect of coral contrasts nicely with the cooler green tones of jade.

This further creates excitement and makes it stand out from traditional hues.

Furthermore, the duo’s bold hue and soft undertones soften or inject life into a duller color palette. This pair will be perfect for you if you have an upcoming party.

They will create a chic and modern look in your space.

  • Mustard Yellow

Consider pairing it with this color if you want a beautiful contrast that helps hues stand out. It perfectly brings out the best of jade green and creates a stunning, eye-catching look.

Furthermore, the combination creates an exciting balance between vibrant hues and subtle undertones. This gives a chance for an aesthetically pleasing display.

Finally, the warm tones of mustard yellow are ideal for creating depth and texture. Pairing the two hues will create a visual interest that significantly draws attention.

  • Navy Blue

It will interest you to know that this hue matches any green shade. Pairing with this hue will make your space look formal.

Usually, navy blue adds some structure and elegance to jade green. If your walls are painted dark navy blue, you can introduce suede curtains in heavy jade green.

Similarly, you can add some navy blue with a predominant jade-green wall. This will help ground the space and add a dark navy rug and sofa.

  • Rust Orange

You can also pair this shade of green with rust orange. It will give you the perfect outfit or an eye-catching pop of color. Additionally, it will create a vibrant contrast that will draw attention.

Rust orange is a warm hue that can be uniquely balanced with bold colors. When paired with jade green, it will create an aesthetically pleasing palette that will stand out from the crowd.

What’s more? Rust orange is versatile and can be paired with many colors on the palette. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for something subtle or striking.

  • Brown

Brown is a hue that works side-by-side with jade green. Matching the two hues will provide a natural look and excellent interior style.

Usually, nature’s textures work well when paired with different shades of green. Therefore, you will look forward to adding hardwood or brown wooden chairs to your home décor.

  • Creamy White

This is also an excellent pair that can offer perfect balance with shades of green. Moreover, the hue contrasts with eye-catching looks that stand out from traditional colors.

The subtle undertones of creamy white can help bring out the shades of jade green. In addition to that, it will provide a unique visual experience.

What’s more? This hue is composed of muted tones, which will help turn down vibrant colors or brighten dull ones.

This pair is an excellent choice if you need something flexible to work in any situation.

  • Deep Purple

Similarly, pairing this shade of green with deep purple can give you a truly visual experience. Moreover, it provides an exciting, eye-catching contrast that will stand out from traditional hues.

The deep undertone of purple can add to the richness and depth of any space. It is also composed of muted colors, perfect for turning down vibrant shades and lightening dull ones.

Apart from the listed matching hues, there are others you can pair with jade green. They include fuchsia, biscuit, lavender, and olive green.

Before you make your choice, ensure you consider the mood you desire to have. Nevertheless, all the colors highlighted above can be paired with this shade of green.

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