Who fixes attic fans? Do roofers repair these units?

Attic fans serve the purpose of regulating attic temperature.

Such temperature regulation is seen in its basic function; the removal of hot air from the attic, thus providing the much-needed ventilation.

Who Fixes Attic Fans?

All attic fans irrespective of the brand have a lifespan after which they’re due for replacement.

Before the expiration of the lifespan, there might be sudden breakdowns.

When such happens, it becomes vital to call for repairs. As simple as this might sound, some homeowners will face difficulty finding the right technician to fix their faulty attic fan(s).

So, who gets called for this procedure?

This article provides you with all the answers you seek. As you read on, finding the right professional shouldn’t be a difficult task at all.

What Could Go Wrong?

With attic fans, a lot of things can go wrong. In other words, several factors can be responsible for the sudden breakdown.

Possible issues might include an unstable mount, blown fuse, unnatural or humming noise, a broken thermostat, blades not spinning but motor running, as well as the fan not working completely.

In some cases, there might be a need to replace certain components while other approaches might require the whole fan replaced. In a nutshell, people might face a wide range of issues with their fans.

Whatever the case may be, the right professional will have to be called for the job.

Who To Call For Attic Fan Repair Service?

Whatever type of attic fan you have, some professionals are well experienced and trained to perform or carry out the right type of repair.

Sometimes, more than one type of professional or technician may be called for this type of job.

Electricians are always the best go-to professionals for attic fan repair jobs. However, certain jobs might require more than an electrician.

For example, fixing an attic fan on a roof may require a roofer to remove the unit if there’s a need to.

The services of a carpenter may be vital for attic fans located on the gable. This is mostly the case when the fan needs to be removed for closer inspection.

Handymen are another category of technicians that can prove helpful to fixing your attic fan. So, you might want to consider the type of problem you have.

In most situations, an electrician or handyman should be able to solve your attic fan problem(s). These technicians can be found on local directories or through the help of friends or family members.

Things You Cannot Overlook

To get the best possible service, it’s important to prepare for certain things before hiring a technician.

First off, get multiple quotes from different technicians. Be more specific about the type of technician you want, and also go through customer reviews where applicable.

Other things you must do include asking for references, going for repair services that are bonded and insured, being wary of ridiculously low prices, and ensuring the quote received is professionally done.

Lastly, avoid paying in full before repair commences.

  • Get Multiple Quotes

One of the strategies adopted by price-conscious clients involves asking for multiple quotes. This should be anywhere from 3 to 5 quotes from different technicians.

Every service or company has its pricing structure. By comparing these, you get a better deal in terms of costs.

  • Type of Technician Matters

Not every technician should be allowed to handle your attic fan repair.

In the case of handymen, only those with a proven track record and appreciable years of experience should be considered. You’ll have to question the technician about their qualifications with proofs where necessary.

  • Customer Reviews give Helpful Insight

Customer reviews provide reliable information about the company or technician you’re hiring. Such reviews are often left by previous clients.

It’s necessary to consider certain aspects of the review. In other words, reviews are never 100% for the business. Instead, there should be significantly more positive reviews than negative ones.

  • Ask for References

A serious attic fan technician should be willing to provide references for previous jobs handled.

This solidifies their reputation as being able to successfully handle your attic fan issues. It’s important to determine whether such references are reliable or not.

  • Is the Service Bonded & Insured?

Every client should be careful about who they hire for their attic fan repairs.

There are times when damages or accidents might occur during repair. A bonded and insured repair company saves you from any liabilities that may arise.

  • Be Wary of Low Prices

There are times when technicians may charge ridiculously low costs for repairs. For a lot of people, this will be a great opportunity to exploit.

However, you might have to consider other factors such as exchanging quality for lower prices. In other words, results from repairs might not be satisfactory.

  • Quote Should be Professionally Put together

How well is the quote put together? This is an important point to consider when asking for cost estimations.

A quote that’s professionally done is likely to lead to more professional handling of your repairs. Quotes should be accompanied by a written warranty.

  • Avoid Paying in Full before Repair Starts

It’s never wise to pay for attic fan repair in full before the project begins. This might lead to issues with a satisfactory completion.

By withholding full payment before the job is completed, the technician is incentivized to complete the job. Of course, there should be testing after the repair is completed.

You’ll Need to Find Out Certain things

To improve your chances of choosing the right technician, it’s necessary to ask several questions about the job as well as the technician.

These questions should seek to find out whether there are any hidden or additional costs to expect. This is important because lots of homeowners have fallen into scams where cost details are hidden.

We’ve stated earlier that you’ll need to ask whether such technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. They should be. Also, make inquiries about the warranty and find out what’s covered.

Is it best to have the attic fan repaired or replaced? Finding out the cause of the problem will also be necessary for future prevention.

Now you know who to approach with your attic fan problem. We’ve touched on several areas that guarantee getting the right technician for your job.

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