Window Cleaning Supplies – 15 Tools And Equipment

For a great job to be done, window cleaning supplies will be essential. These range from tools to cleaning products.

There are a whole range of these supplies and this article will be providing information on the best and essential window cleaning tools to get the job done.

So what tools do professional window cleaners use?

Categories of Cleaning Cleaning Kits For Professionals

To have a better understanding of what cleaning supplies to get, we’ll be splitting them into two categories; window cleaning soaps and chemicals; as well as window cleaning equipment.

What do you need for window cleaning? Let’s proceed by explaining each of these categories;

  • Window Cleaning Soaps and Chemicals

Here, soaps and chemicals are necessary for the cleaning process of windows. Depending on the type of dirt or stain, certain cleaning supplies will be preferred over others as these will clean better.

Window cleaning soaps and chemicals range from glass cleaners, glass sealants, stain removers, screen cleaners, awning cleaners, concrete cleaners, construction cleanup, and metal cleaners.

Others include green cleaners, Graffiti removal, and general cleaners. We’ll be listing some of the products under each of these.

  • Glass Cleaners

Here, cleaning products include Titan Glass Gleam 3 Soap, Titan Glass Gleam 4 Soap, Bio-Solv Acetone Replacement, CRL Hi Sheen Glass Cleaner Spray, Enviro-Kleen Earth Friendly Glass Cleaner, Ettore Squeegee-Off Soap HydrOxi Pro Glass Cleaner and Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Window Cleaning Detergent among several other cleaners.

  • Stain Removers

If you’re dealing with window stain issues, the following products will be helpful; CRL Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound, EaCo Chem OneRestore, Diamond Magic Stain Remover, Ettore Scrub Off Stain Remover, JFlint Mr. Hardwater Micro Mineral Powder and Jflint Mr. Hardwater Liquid Polish just to name a few.

  • Screen Cleaners

When cleaning windows, you’ll be requiring screen cleaners.

There are a variety of products available. Some of these include Ettore Clean Screens Moist Towelette, Screen Magic Cleaner Spray, Screen Magic Cleaner – RTU, Screen Magic Cleaner Concentrate, and Winsol Screen Cleaner and Sealer, etc.

  • Graffiti Removal

You might wake up to find your windows have been sprayed or painted over with graffiti. This can be very scary and requires the proper removal of these from your windows.

Luckily, there are great graffiti removal products you can use.

These include Bio-Solv Acetone Replacement and F9 Efflorescence Calcium Remover.

  • General Cleaners

Apart from specific window cleaning soaps and chemicals, there are generic products that can be used for a wide range of window cleaning tasks. These include Winsol Trio Plus Cleaner, Krud Kutter, and Simple Green Cleaner.

More of such products are available that won’t be included for want of space.

  • Green Cleaners

If you’re conscious about the environmental impact of cleaning products, you might want to try out green cleaners.

These cleaning products can be used to clean your windows without posing any danger to the environment. They include Bio-Solv Acetone Replacement, Simple Green Cleaner, HydrOxi Pro Glass Cleaner, and Enviro-Kleen Earth Friendly Glass Cleaner.

  • Window Cleaning Equipment

Here are some basic equipment needed for a window cleaning business.

This second category of window cleaning supplies focuses on a variety of equipment. These tools are essential for all types of window cleaning jobs and help you do the work more efficiently and faster.

These include extension poles, scrapers, squeegees (including handles, channels, and rubber), and T-Bars & sleeves.

Others include towels, buckets, ladders, holsters & belts, estimating & billing software (for window cleaning businesses), as well as water purification systems.

Let’s explain each of these briefly. We’ll be looking at both residential and industrial window cleaning tools for high windows too.

  • Extension Poles

One of the must-have tools for window cleaning is an extension pole. These are used for windows that are high up or out of reach. Lifts or ladders may not be available in such situations.

To make them more efficient, extension poles are made to be extra-light in weight.

When buying an extension pole, we recommend going for one with easy lock mechanism and ergonomic grips as well as replaceable tips.

Extension poles are important window cleaning tools for high windows.

  • Scrapers

Why will scraper tools be needed for window cleaning? The need for such arises when there’s caked dirt or grime.

These will hardly get removed by scrubbing with a sponge. Good scrapers come with holsters where they can be attached to your work belt for easy access when needed.

  • Squeegees

After washing your window glasses, a squeegee is needed to give it a perfect dry.

This cleaning tool consists of three parts; the rubber, channel, and handle. You might want to get more than one of these tools to easily adapt to different window cleaning conditions.

  • T-Bar & Sleeves

This window cleaning wand is used to easily apply the cleaning solution onto the window surface. Its sleeves are made to fit different cleaning conditions and made from materials like bronze wool, microfiber, and more.

T-Bars come in different sizes too.

  • Towels

Towels are among essential supplies for window cleaning and come in different different types.

The most common include those made from surgical towels and microfiber cloths. You’ll also need to add some bath-type towels for your window cleaning jobs as well.

  • Buckets

Without a doubt, cleaning buckets are needed for window cleaning tasks. These are used to hold cleaning solutions.

Like most window cleaning supplies, these aren’t difficult to get as you can walk into any hardware stores and get them cheap.

  • Ladders

Ladders are useful for reaching elevated windows. This can either be used in place of extension poles or together with them depending on the nature of the job. It is important when getting a ladder to go for a good one.

Cost shouldn’t be a factor as it can save you from falling off.

  • Holsters and Belts

These are tool belts that allow for easy carrying of all work tools. This belt should be comfortable on you and allow easy movement. You won’t have to be moving to and fro to get one cleaning tool or the other as they are all available on your waist.

  • Estimating and Billing Software

If you wish to start a window cleaning business, then an estimating & billing software will be invaluable. This makes your operations more professional as well as efficient.

There you go! We’ve included a wide range of cleaning products and tools in our windows cleaning supplies list.

These help with cleaning efficiency and cuts down on time. More important is the fact that they help you perform an excellent task.

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