Winter House Cleaning Checklist – Easy Schedule Tips

Here, we’ll be providing you with a winter cleaning checklist.

When it comes to seasonal cleaning, certain actions are needed depending on the time of year or season. This checklist includes all the basic cleaning tasks to perform for each part of your home.

You aren’t left in doubt as to what cleaning action to take. This leaves out or eliminates guesswork from cleaning, thus serving as a reliable guide to get the job done. Irrespective of how large or small your home is, these tasks will cover every area.

Let’s get into details without further delay, shall we?

Sample Winter Cleaning Tasks

During the winter season, definite cleaning tasks need to be performed. These are comprehensive steps to be taken and include the following;

  • Getting Rid of Cobwebs

All cobwebs around walls, on ceilings behind doors and garage areas, and elsewhere should be thoroughly cleaned off. You might want to apply some pest control measures to get rid of such spiders.

This helps discourage their return.

  • Dust Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans accumulate dirt which can be circulated when it’s switched on. Now, most homes have ceiling fans installed in bedrooms, sitting rooms, and offices among other places. Each of these fans should be dusted clean.

You’ll need to provide a platform such as a ladder to get the job done.

  • Dusting Surfaces, Corners and Edges

Dusting is a very important cleaning activity especially for persons allergic to dust.

Surfaces are never in short supply in homes. This ranges from office desks to furniture and wall hangings among other things. Take your time to perform a thorough cleaning job.

  • Wash Floors

This is a more thorough type of cleaning. Although this shouldn’t be done always, it helps get rid of dirt and bacteria that might not be removed when mopped alone.

Plus, it’s an effective winter cleaning technique before the season fully kicks in.

  • Vacuuming

Vacuuming is done on carpets, floors, and couches.

Not only does this cleaning activity help get rid of dirt and dust, but it also gets rid of insects among other tiny particles. This goes a long way to keep your carpets and couches free of all sorts of dirt and debris.

  • You May Want to Touch-Up Some Paint

As time passes, paints get dull and may be stained further by writings or paintings usually done by kids.

As a result, some touch-ups maybe be needed or total repainting carried out. This enhances the beauty of your home in preparation for Winter.

  • Wash Walls

Sometimes, there’s no need to touch-up paint, rather, stains can be washed off such walls to make the walls beautiful once more. The type of paint used on the wall will determine how easy or possible it is to clean such walls.

The lesser the stains on your walls, the easier it is to wash them clean. Strong stains will hardly be washed off. You might have to live with those or paint over such areas.

  • Oil or Polish Furniture

Another activity that doubles as both cleaning and maintenance involves polishing. This is done in many ways one of which includes oiling. Not only does it preserve the furniture, but it also helps accentuate the natural patterns on the wood.

  • Clean Vents

Vents are critical parts of a building’s ventilation. While circulating air, these vents get covered with dust which will need to be cleaned up to prevent the increased circulation of harmful bacteria. To clean such vents, you’ll need to unscrew the vent covers and vacuum them clean.

A ladder will be needed to perform this job. After a thorough clean up of the dust, the vent cover should also be cleaned before screwing it back in place.

  • Wash Rugs

Rugs are used in many areas in homes.

These include welcome rugs along with door entries as well as those used in bathrooms. All such rugs should be washed thoroughly to get rid of accumulated dirt and stains. A brush may be necessary for cleaning in addition to appropriate cleaning supplies.

After cleaning, rugs should be aerated and left to dry before replacing them.

  • Wash Bathroom Counters

The nature of bathrooms makes them a hotspot for bacterial activity. These can increase substantially without adequate cleaning. Therefore, while daily and weekly bathroom cleaning tasks are necessary, seasonal cleaning is also required and vital.

Thus, all countertops and sinks, as well as other surfaces, should be cleaned and disinfected. This will help check the buildup of harmful bacteria in bathrooms.

  • Dispose of Unused Clothing

As the winter season approaches, you’ll discover that there are clothes in your closet which haven’t been used for a long time. These only take up space without serving any need.

Sort out your closet and donate such unused clothing to charities of your choice. This refreshes your closet, allowing for more room.

  • Wash Baseboards

Baseboards are among the overlooked areas when it comes to winter cleaning.

However, this can be avoided by simply using this cleaning checklist. Baseboards should be washed clean to contribute in making your home feel fresh and clean.

  • Wash Rugs

Sometimes, no matter how rugs are vacuumed or treated, the results won’t meet your expectations. The best way to go about this is by washing such rugs.

Now, washing of rugs can be quite challenging. You can hand this over to a laundry company to get the job done for you.

  • Clean Dishwasher

There is a gradual buildup of germs in dishwashers when left without frequent cleaning. Clean such dishwasher to remove soap scum, food debris, and kill germs that hide in it.

  • Sort and Rearrange your Pantry

Your pantry is likely to hold expired food items that are long overdue for disposal. Empty and clean the pantry and screen each item before replacing them. The expiry date of such products should be searched.

In general, certain foods that have lasted for over 6 months in your pantry should be disposed of.

  • Clean Furnace Filter, Microwave and Empty Out Garbage

Cleaning out the furnace filter and the microwave oven are necessary cleaning tasks to perform. This should be followed by clearing out the garbage and replacing garbage bags with new ones.

There you have it! This winter cleaning checklist has highlighted the different cleaning tasks which are necessary and must be performed during this season.

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