Yellow Jacket Extermination And Nest Removal Cost

How much does an exterminator cost for yellow jackets? In this article, we have outlined the average estimates of removing these insects and their nests, as well as discussed factors that could influence treatment costs.

How Much Does Yellow Jacket Extermination Cost?

Having yellow jackets around your property can pose dangers to you and your household. The best approach to take when faced with this problem is to seek effective solutions. Extermination is one of the primary ways to contain this problem.

In trying to find lasting solutions to the problem, you’ll need to know just how much it will cost you to exterminate yellow jackets.

This article provides you with relevant information relating to the cost of extermination.

Stick with us as we discuss all things relating to the cost of treatment for yellow jackets.

Why Do I Need Yellow Jacket Extermination Services

If you’re not yet convinced of why you should seek the extermination of yellow jackets around your property you probably have no idea of the threat posed. Yellowjackets, much like bees can be aggressive.

However, while a bee stings once, a single yellow jacket will do that multiple times. This is even more deadly for people who have allergic reactions to stings.

Deciding to exterminate yellow jackets will require working out its cost implications.

Average Yellow Jacket Extermination Cost Prices

The cost factor when seeking to exterminate yellow jackets is very important.

It is necessary to understand all aspects relating to cost as it helps you make informed decisions. The average cost for extermination is $300. However, prices can go as low or as high as $100 and $1,300 respectively.

These differences or variations in extermination costs are due to multiple factors. So, what are these cost influencing factors? They include the following;

  • Factors Influencing Cost of Yellow Jacket Removal

When it comes to the extermination of yellow jackets, the cost incurred will be determined by two main factors.

These include accessibility of the nest as well as its size. There are other factors influencing cost too. Such include the severity of the infestation as well as the nature of these pests.

Accessibility of Nest

When service technicians from a pest control come or inspection they will take into account the accessibility of nesting areas used by yellow jackets. This in turn will impact the overall costs of treatment or extermination.

Easily accessible nests will be much easier to deal with, hence cheaper than more difficult or hard-to-reach nesting areas. The easier it is to reach a yellow jacket nest, the faster the job gets done as compared to more challenging locations.

Nest Size

Burrows are ideal nesting sites for yellow jackets. Whenever they find one in a suitable location, they immediately swing to work by building their nests. Such hives expand rapidly and before the problem is discovered, it is quite large or sizeable.

The larger the size of Yellowjacket hives, the more likely it is for extermination costs to increase.

Exterminating yellow jackets isn’t enough. Their nests will also need to be removed. Leaving such nests behind will only serve to attract new groups of yellow jackets long after the initial treatment.

How much does it cost to remove a yellow jacket nest? You’ll be charged an average of $500 to have a nest removed by experts.

Severity of Infestation

The severity of infestation plays a key role in determining the cost of extermination. The more severe the problem is, the more likely it is that you’ll incur more costs. The severity of infestation includes the number of hives or nests built as well as the size of your property.

The bigger the property and more severe a yellow jacket infestation are, the longer it takes to get the job done. More resources, time, and effort are dedicated to ensuring that each nest is destroyed and removed and the yellow jackets exterminated.

This has a direct impact on the cost of extermination. The opposite applies to a smaller property and a less severe yellow jacket infestation.

The Nature of Pest

Yellowjackets are known to be very aggressive. These territorial stinging insects will perceive intruders as threats. As such, they pursue attackers for hundreds of yards. The cost of extermination compared to other wasp varieties like the bald-faced hornets or paper wasps is much higher.

Can I Cut Down on Control Cost by Taking the DIY Route?

For people seeking to cut down on cost, one of the most common considerations is to take their chances by getting the job done themselves. That is, without the need for an expert or service technician.

This will result in the use of different alternatives such as the application of a soap and water solution using a spray. Others include the use of yellow jacket traps (which cost between $5 to $20) or dummy nests (costing between $10 to 20).

Although these might seem cheaper compared to the professional approach, there are several downsides to it. Remember that yellow jackets are very aggressive. Plus, such DIY treatments will require you to get close to their nests. This is going to result in stings.

Persons allergic to stings will face increased health risks. This isn’t a risk you’d want to face if you can avoid it. Apart from the safety and health threat posed by self-treatment, doing it yourself will likely worsen the problem, thus making it even more difficult to get rid of.

Cost of Yellow Jacket Damage Repair

The total extermination of yellow jackets isn’t enough to solve the problem.

You’ll need to carry out repairs and maintenance of burrows or openings. Now, such burrows may be found on your walls. In such a situation, these pests will need to be exterminated and the nest removed.

Having successfully removed the nests, the next step will be to fix or close such openings. The reasons are obvious. Without sealing up such burrows or openings, yellow jackets are likely to make a comeback shortly. Also, such burrows may serve as a perfect nesting spot for other pests like rodents, etc.

So, how much cost will be incurred for repairs? Apart from the initial extermination costs, you’re likely to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 in additional expenses. The amount you pay will depend on the nature of repair services carried out.

The cost of exterminating yellow jackets has been covered in this article. We’ve also discussed the factors directly impacting on cost as well as the risks involved with DIY extermination treatments.

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