Cost Of Pigeon Extermination And Nest Removal

How much does it cost to get rid of pigeons? Below are some close estimates from experts in bird control.

Pigeons can pose a menace to homeowners as they deal with droppings which in turn pose a variety of health risks.

The best way to avoid such problems is by having them removed. Now, removal may involve exterminating them as well as removing their nests.

How Much Does Pigeon Removal Cost?

Our focus here is to discuss the cost of removal. This is important for anyone seeking to tackle a pigeon problem around their property. It’s likely the reason you’re currently reading this article.

If so, stick around as we discuss everything relating to pigeon removal costs.

Why Pigeons Are Considered a Nuisance?

Apart from pigeon droppings which are one of the most common reasons with homeowners, additional reasons exist.

These include roosting on buildings as well as nesting inside of buildings. As a result, these birds get too close for comfort. This ultimately leads to the need to have them removed.

Cost of Pigeon Removal

The national average cost for pigeon removal is $555. Removal rates can go as low as $90 and as high as $2,000 and above. It all depends on your specific pigeon problem.

When pest or wildlife control services are called upon to handle this removal job, they come around for inspection.

An inspection helps assess the extent of infestation with the view of coming up with an appropriate price quote.

As always, the cost of pigeon removal will be determined by multiple factors. These range from the scale of the job, who you call for the job, and the adoption DIY measures among others.

If you need a pest control company to provide cleanup services after removal, it may add up to your eventual costs. Let’s discuss these cost influencing factors for better understanding.

  • The scale of the Job

When faced with a pigeon infestation, the cost of having them removed will be determined by the scale of the removal job. Let’s categorize these into small, medium, and large-scale pigeon removal services.

Small Scale Pigeon Removal Jobs

As indicated earlier on, the cost for handling small scale pigeon removal services starts at $90. This covers a small area and may include the installation of spikes in not so difficult-to-reach areas (these should be easily accessible by ladders. The cost for small-scale pigeon removal jobs can go as high as $600.

Medium Scale

This refers to pigeon removal jobs that aren’t so huge and not small either. These may involve the installation of pigeon deterrents over fairly large areas. Such deterrents may include nets and spikes among other measures.

The cost for this type of task range from $700 to $2,000.

Large Scale Pigeon Removal Services

These types of pigeon removal services cost much more than the small and medium scale services. It involves the coverage of a large area as well as the installation of pigeon deterrents in hard-to-reach areas.

Installing deterrents over more challenging areas will certainly attract higher costs.

If you need to get rid of pigeons over a large property, your service costs will cost much more than $2,000.

The final cost to be paid will be determined by the type of treatment among other things. When a professional and experienced technician is involved or hired, every detail regarding the removal cost is laid bare to you.

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances may arise when dealing with pigeons. These birds might get stuck in certain areas such as vents which will require urgent and professional help in removing them. Pest control services are ever ready to offer all the assistance you need.

So, what is the cost of having a pigeon removed from a vent? Live bird capture will attract about $300. However, this cost will increase for additional birds. Also, the cost of pigeon removal from vents is likely to increase depending on the level of difficulty in reaching such a vent.

More so, certain repairs may be needed to fix the resulting damages. These too will increase the total removal cost. You’ll need to consult with your service technician for a detailed breakdown of the total cost involved.

Cost of DIY Pigeon Removal

DIY pigeon removal can be quite tricky for anyone with limited knowledge and experience. Most times, it’s best to let the professionals handle the job. However, if you insist on getting the job done yourself, you’ll attract certain costs.

You’ll need to get the right bird spikes or nets. In the case of bird spikes, there are those made of stainless steel as wells those made of plastics. If you prefer to buy stainless steel spikes for pigeon removal, the starting price for such is $28 for a 10 feet spike.

The eventual costs will depend on the length as well as the number of spikes needed. The starting price for plastic polycarbonate bird spikes is around $18. This is about 10 feet long and comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Bird Nets

Bird nets are effective tools to help remove pigeons from your property.

You’ll need to get these and install them at the right location. To do this successfully, you need to know the size required as well as how to install it. This tool shouldn’t cost you much.

Apart from bird nets and spikes, you’ll need other equipment like ladders to climb up the roof among other things. The cost of these should be factored in if you’ll need to purchase them.

When Bird Removal Costs Sounds Too Good to be True

You must be careful when seeking for pigeon removal services. You’re likely to come across different services making several claims. Some of these will be true while for others, it might just be a ploy to get hold of your money.

The easiest way to differentiate unreliable bird removal services from reliable ones is through their online presence and customer reviews.

Another way is to consider their claims. When a service gives you a ridiculously cheap rate, you should be wary. Chances are that such companies want to scam people.

Knowing the exact pigeon removal cost to be paid will depend on the situation on the ground. Such may depend on the severity of the infestation, the property size among other things.

Nevertheless, we’ve been able to provide you with an average cost of removal services.

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