How Much Does Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Here is how much Zerorez carpet cleaning cost?

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning services, Zerorez is one of the trusted names in the industry. This company has demonstrated its capacity to deliver top-notch cleaning services to all categories of clients.

One of the major concerns of most clients is the pricing structure.

Before a decision is made to patronize a service, a client needs to know what the cleaning pricing structure is like. You’re likely reading this right now because you want to know how much it will cost you to have your carpets cleaned by Zerorez.

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We’ve got you fully covered in that regard.

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Prices

Zerorez prides itself as a professional cleaning service that uses zero harsh chemicals and no soap at all. Yet, every clean is way better than using these two.

Plus, it cleans without leaving dirt-attracting residue behind.

In addition to carpet cleaning, Zerorez also offers rug cleaning, tile and grout revival, and upholstery cleaning services. Others include air duct cleaning, granite countertop cleaning, and mattress cleaning.

Average Cost Of Zerorez Cleaning

For every carpet cleaning appointment, Zerorez places an additional $15 environmental fee. This applies to all fees charged for its services.

To better understand Zerorez’s carpet cleaning prices, you’ll need to know how it measures the coverage area.

Pricing is structured on a room-by-room basis. So, any carpet measuring more than 250 sq ft. is considered two or more rooms. How about carpeted stairs and hallways? These are charged separately. A single room of carpet starts at $75.

However, this only applies when you’re only booking or single room carpet cleaning.

If you need cleaning for two rooms of carpets, you’ll incur a fee of $100. The pricing plan differs as you go higher. Zerorez charges about $135 for 3 rooms of carpets. Any additional rooms will come at an added cost of $45.

Pricing is calculated differently for carpets along hallways and stairs. For hallways, Zerorez charges a cleaning fee of $2 per linear foot. Staircases are charged based on the number of steps and landing. Carpet cleaning for a staircase having 16 steps and 2 landings is charged at $75.

The cost goes higher if such steps exceed 16. Under such circumstances, an additional $5 & $2 for steps and landing respectively is charged by Zerorez.

  • Zerorez’ Signature Products

Zerorez offers value-added services to its numerous clients. This includes its protectant which is applied onto carpet surfaces to protect against wear and tear.

If you choose such products, you’ll incur an additional $35 per room.

However, your stairs and hallways which were charged differently for carpet cleaning are now considered rooms under this plan. Clients may be given the option to opt out or skip this service based on their needs.

  • More Cost Details

Not all carpet cleaning jobs are the same. Certain tasks require a more thorough cleaning approach. However, these aren’t added to the general cleaning pricing structure. You’ll have to request it separately.

Also, an assessment of the carpet condition is carried out and a price quote was given.

When stains are involved, these are priced differently. Zerorez considers stains as anything its normal cleaning methods remove. These will require a more detailed approach. A Zerorez technician will have to assess the stain conditions on your carpets and proffer appropriate cleaning solutions.

What Other Things Can Impact Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Costs?

Zerorez carpet cleaning prices aren’t the same for all clients.

Your location determines how much it will cost to have the job done. Certain locations are far-off and will require an extra journey to get there. As such, the cost of travel and other related expenses are added.

Zerorez also has a setup fee where clients residing in apartment buildings are charged according to the floor they’re residing in. A 30 dollar added fee applies to the second and third floors and so on.

Factors Affecting Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Prices

Many factors affect Zerorez’s carpet cleaning prices.

These include item moving or removal, hidden costs & cancellation fees, steam cleaning for additional surfaces, and extra costs for its signature cleaning products and services.

Other factors impacting carpet cleaning costs include carpet protection and stain cleaning services. These are very important aspects of its pricing you’ll need to factor in when considering the cost.

  • Item Moving or Removal

When cleaning carpets, items need to be removed to allow for easy cleaning. Zerorez charges additional fees for any items moved. Normally, clients are expected to have items removed from the cleaning area.

Performing this task yourself saves you any additional fees.

  • Hidden Costs and Cancellation Fees

It’s common for clients to reschedule a carpet cleaning appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. Zerorez doesn’t charge extra fees on such arrangements.

However, it will serve you better if you communicate a few days before the scheduled carpet cleaning date. This allows the company the opportunity to rework its schedule to suit your timing.

  • Steam Cleaning for Additional Surfaces

Sometimes, clients might be unaware of the extent of cleaning they require.

For such situations, it’s necessary to call Zerorez for an on-the-spot assessment. This reveals any other cleaning tasks that may not necessarily be carpet-related.

Additional surfaces may include fabric protectors, stone, tile & grout, area rugs, countertops, upholstery, and mattresses.

  • Extra Costs for Signature Cleaning Products and Services

Zerorez prides itself on using a totally efficient cleaning strategy that leaves no residues behind. This strategy, unlike most traditional cleaning methods, is priced differently.

Clients get value for monies spent.

  • Carpet Protection

Zerorez has a signature plan for carpet protection known as Zerorezified. This technology preserves your carpet for longer by eliminating wear and also helping delaying spills from soaking in.

This adds to your overall costs when performed on your carpets.

  • Stain Cleaning Services

When faced with difficult stains like biological matter like pet urine or juice stains etc, Zerorez offers stain removal solutions. However, these are charged differently and add to your overall service costs.

These are the basic details you should know about Zerorez carpet cleaning prices. This information gives you a heads-up before contacting the company. You also get to use this information to compare with other carpet cleaning services such as Chem-Dry.

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