How much does Chem-Dry cost for carpets? Here are the average cleaning prices.

With over 4 decades of service excellence in carpet cleaning services, Chem-Dry has offered world-class services to clients across the country. Its track records have seen it blossom into a major cleaning brand.

While these are important aspects of its operations, we’re more interested in discussing Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning prices. Carpet cleaning is just one of several others.

Cleaning services offered by Chem-Dry include furniture cleaning, sanitizing services, area, and Oriental rug cleaning as well as pet urine & odor removal.

Others are specialty stain removal, tile & stone cleaning, granite countertop renewal, leather cleaning & restoration, wood floor cleaning, and other commercial services.

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Average Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Prices

Chem-Dry follows a pricing plan where its carpet cleaning services are charged based on multiple factors. These factors include square footage, number of rooms, carpeted stairs, types of stains, carpet types, and the floor level.

These factors will be discussed in greater detail shortly.

Now the national average for carpet cleaning services ranges from $120 to $150. The lowest service costs for carpet cleaning charged by Chem-Dry start at $80.

However, these and every other cost detail contained here are just estimated as Chem-Dry carries out an in-depth assessment of your carpet cleaning needs before giving you an exact price quote.

Chem-Dry Price Influencing Factors

At Chem-Dry, a lot of factors come into play when determining the price.

These include the square footage, number of rooms, carpeted stairs, types of stains, carpet types, and floor levels.

  • Square Footage

This is a major indicator of Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning prices. This cleaning company charges between 30 and 50 cents per square foot for carpet cleaning jobs.

It includes other factors such as guarantee, labor as well as cleaning products or supplies used.

  • Number of Rooms

The number of rooms to be cleaned will determine carpet cleaning costs.

The more the rooms, the higher you’re likely to pay for cleaning. Chem-Dry charges an average of $94 for a single room, $120 for double rooms, and $146 for three carpeted rooms.

Properties with 4 rooms will attract a fee of $172, 5 carpeted rooms cost around $198 while 6 rooms cost around $224. This ascending order of costs per room is due to the labor and cleaning supplies to be expended.

The size of the carpeted rooms also counts. For larger rooms, an increase in carpet cleaning costs is expected.

  • Carpeted Stairs

Carpeted stairs are additional factors that impact cleaning costs. Cleaning such carpets may require increased labor, specialized tools, and more time. This is likely to increase your total carpet cleaning costs.

Other factors such as the number of steps and landing among other things may also count.

  • Types of Stains

Certain carpet cleaning jobs require special cleaning or treatment due to stains.

There are varieties of stains including pet stains. These will require a different cleaning approach where special chemicals or cleaning supplies, as well as tools, are used to get rid of stains.

  • Carpet Types

There are varieties of carpets. Their differences come from the materials they’re made from. Common materials include Olefin, Nylon, Wool, and Acrylic.

The type of carpet will determine the cleaning prices.

Some carpets are more resistant to stains. These carpet types will cost less to clean than those made of materials like wool. Wool carpets require special care or treatments when stained.

Whatever the case is, you should know that Chem-Dry will charge you based on the severity of stains and materials involved.

  • Floor Levels

If you live in a high-rise building, your floor level will determine carpet cleaning costs. Lower levels are normally charged at lower rates than those at the higher levels.

The reasons are simple; it takes greater effort to transport carpet cleaning equipment up the stairs.

The time factor also counts. It takes more time to reach higher floors than it does to move cleaning equipment into a ground floor location.

  • Cleaning Frequency

Carpet cleaning frequency plays a crucial role in determining the prices you end up paying. Carpets should be cleaned at least once in 12 to 18 months. This spacing is adequate to keep your carpets in good condition.

However, the cleaning frequency depends on the volume of foot traffic you get.

The higher the foot traffic volume, the more frequent you need to call Chem-Dry for a cleaning job. This may be done twice in 12 months or less.

Are Chem-Dry’s Carpet Cleaning Prices Worth It?


Chem-Dry doesn’t only provide thorough carpet cleaning services to clients but also helps lengthen its lifespan. What more? This company takes care of all your cleaning worries including allergy fears.

However, if you know about a reliable and less costly carpet cleaning service, you should consider such an option as the aim is to get satisfactory services.

Carpet Life Span

It’s important to know how long your carpets are likely to last. Chem-Dry’s cleaning services may prolong the lifespan of carpets but these eventually wear out. You may have to replace your carpets every 7 years.

With proper maintenance, this could last as much as 15 years before you need to change it.

Is There a Way to Cut Down on Chem-Dry’s Carpet Cleaning Prices?

It all depends on what your needs are.

You might want to give Chem-Dry a call to discuss its services as well as pricing structure. This cleaning service may provide you with clues to cut down on cleaning costs.

During this discussion, you’ll have to provide the number of rooms, the size, carpet conditions among other things. An assessment is also carried out on-site to determine your carpet condition.

One other option you have is to clean your carpets yourself. However, you may be limited by the absence of cleaning tools among other things. This isn’t much of a setback as carpet cleaning tools can be hired. Thorough and satisfactory cleaning depends on your expertise.

These are details on Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning prices.

We earlier mentioned that these are mostly estimates and may be different from what the actual prices quotes say. We’ve also included the multiple factors affecting Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning prices.

These will largely determine what you end up paying.

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