In this article, you will find a list of the top 10 apps for house cleaning services. These applications will help your business achieve so much more within a very short period. Read on!

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The cleaning industry is constantly growing. That also means more works for cleaning services.

With that increase also comes the need for a better or more effective way of relating with clients, managing staff or team, and making and receiving payments.

With the global advancement in technology, computer and mobile applications are one of the best ways of doing all these things with ease.

Importance of Software Apps In Cleaning Businesses And Their Challenges

For every work we do manually, there is almost an app that can help make things easier in one way or the other. The same is applicable when it comes to cleaning services. There is virtually an application for almost every task or need.

From interacting with clients to generating their invoice, monitoring the location and performance of staff, there is a software or a mobile application specifically designed for it. Opting for such apps is your surest way of achieving a whole lot in far lesser time and building a very strong reputation for your business.

The challenge with such apps though, is that they require you to learn how they function and also to pay some amounts of money before you can use them. Only a few of them are offered freely by their developers.

If you can make out time to learn how the apps work and also pay to use them every month, you will be taking your cleaning business to greater heights.

Are you searching for an application for cleaning services? You will find them below.

Best Software Apps For House Cleaning Services

The following are some of the most recommended apps for cleaning services.

  1. Payment Apps

These applications are used for making and accepting payments. You can use them to receive payments for your services from your clients and also for paying your staff.

The apps also help you in keeping a record of the amount of money that comes into the business and the exact amount that leaves it. You can use them to track the time a payment was made and from whom it came.

There are several kinds of these applications in existence today. However, the most recommended of them remains Paypal, Payoneer, and Bitwage.

You can use them to easily receive payments from your clients and also pay your team.

  1. Apps For Interacting With Clients

Cleaning businesses need a very economical and reliable way of interacting with clients. A method that can be used to exchange messages without any form of delay.

Talking about such apps, Whatsapp For Business stands tall. It is followed closely by Facebook Messenger.

The application can be downloaded on computers, iOS, and Android mobile phones. The app is free to download and very easy to set up.

You can use it to message, call and even do video calls with your clients. It also provides you the opportunity to exchange voice notes, images, videos, pdfs and other documents with them.

The app comes with other features such as Quick Replies, Away Message, Greeting Message, Statistics and Chat Backup. Setting up your cleaning business profile on the app is very simple to do. Within a few minutes, you can be done with it.

  1. GPS Time Monitoring Applications

Would you like to know if your staff arrived at a client’s place early or late? Do you want to know how much time they spent there?

GPS Time Monitoring apps will help you do exactly that and more.

Using the apps, you can be able to track the location and time of an individual in your team. This information helps you to know exactly what is happening on a site you are not physically present.

While offering cleaning services, there will be times when a client calls to complain about your staff arriving late. As an owner off the business or the manager, your best chance of verifying their claims is through the GPS Time Monitoring apps.

Example of such apps includes Fergus, Hubstaff, and Vonigo. You can use any of them to achieve the same purpose though the cheapest of them is Hubstaff which starts at $5 per month for each user.

  1. Apps For Scheduling Shifts

Do you need to assign one work or the other to your staff? Do you need to know if a member of your team missed a particular appointment with a client? There are several apps out there that can do just that for you. They can help you schedule shifts and also track each of your employees or team. That way, you can be able to know the performance of each of them.

Some of these applications are built in such a way that they can send you notifications even when you are not using them at the moment. That way, you can keep a good track of your staff and schedule shifts for them easily.

Two great examples of such applications are HouseCallPro and Launch 27. For $39 per month, you can use HouseCallPro to take your cleaning services to greater heights or go for the later which starts at $59 per month.

  1. Automated Time Trackers

These applications give cleaning services the opportunity to get detailed reports of where and how time was spent without having to get it manually from your staff. This is important especially in cleaning companies where employees are paid based on the number of hours they work and their level of performance.

Automated time trackers are very accurate and can give you a clear history and performance of your employees so you view and manage them properly.

Examples of applications that fall in this category include VRScheduler, Swept, and Tsheets. You can use any of them to track your staff, know when a client needs you to send more staff, etc.

  1. Accounting Applications

You can decide to manually prepare invoices for your cleaning service, there is nothing wrong with that. However, that will take you much time to achieve. Especially if you have a long list of clients.

Accounting applications can help you generate those invoices for your clients within a few minutes. With them, you don’t have to wait endlessly to receive payments from your clients. Everything can be done within a very short period.

The apps play a major role in bookkeeping. They can be of great help to you in your cleaning business.

Examples of these kinds of applications include Ware, FreshBooks, and Jobber.

  1. Apps That Provide Access To Chemicals

Cleaning Services use a lot of chemicals in their day to day activities. As an owner of a cleaning business or a manager, you need an app that can help you gain access to several of these chemicals.

These applications can help you discover new chemicals in the markets for cleaning services and to buy them even without leaving the comfort of your office. You can have access to over 3000 different chemicals within the applications.

One good example of such apps is ZMobile MSDS. The mobile app is available for download on different platforms, including Android and iOS.

To download it on your mobile device, you can use the Google Play Store or that of Apple for iOS users. You can also visit their official website for it.

  1. Information guides

Most clients you will meet in your line of work may worry about the use of one chemical or the other. They may even be allergic to some of the chemicals. It is expected that before using any such products, your staff takes some time to check how safe it is for him to use it on a client’s site or not.

One of the best applications that can help him land this information quickly is GoodGuide. The mobile app helps you access information about several products before using them. It can help set your company apart from others.

  1. Google Sheets

Through an online app, this is one of the best reporting apps every individual in your team can use to report back to you when working on a site. It works exactly like Microsoft Excel. The only difference between them is that Excel works offline while this one works online.

  1. WordPress

Cleaning services can use this app to build and manage their business website. The app comes with features that make it easy to effectively operate a business website for your cleaning services even without a knowledge of how coding works.

In Summary

This article features a list of top 10 apps for cleaning services. The applications can be downloaded on a computer and also on mobile phones (iOS and Android).

With the apps on your devices, you can do a whole lot of things in a very short of a period. Saving yourself the energy, time and resources you would have put in to do them manually.

Are you searching for the best applications for cleaning services? I hope you find the information here useful.

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