Do you want to put together a comprehensive proposal letter for your cleaning business but don’t know how to?

This is an important document that helps your clients know just what is covered in your cleaning services. Not being able to write one isn’t something you should whip yourself about.

You’d do just fine by finding and going through a sample as you are doing now.

Proposal Letter Offering Cleaning Services

As you read through, you should be able to see just what sections are necessary. Being able to arrange your plan comprehensively is likely to make your client(s) more interested in your service.

In this sample proposal letter, we have tried to strip it of all terms that might likely be considered by the client as jargon. It is necessary that the client clearly understands its contents.

You must also avail yourself of explanations when the need arises.

Questions must also be asked if the client understands all its contents. This is because a client will likely be more favorably disposed to patronizing your services if they see some level of commitment on your part.

How to Write a Cleaning Service Proposal With Checklist


EverGreen Ever Clean Service

13B Glendale, Fair Bank

Reno, NV.

December 10th


Dear James,

Subject: Cleaning Services Proposal – EverGreen Ever Clean Service, 13B Glendale, Fair Bank, Reno, NV.

We at EverGreen Ever Clean Service want to say a big thanks for giving us the approval to put together a professional cleaning proposal. We are also happy to have been conducted around your property to enable us to have an idea of the extent of cleaning services to provide. Once again, we want to say thank you!

Here are basic highlights of our cleaning services;

Pre-Cleaning: As a reputable cleaning company, we would like to first assure you of our readiness for the job. This is guaranteed by the ability of our employees to provide professional services. This has been demonstrated by our previous contract with other clients. Reliable safety methods will also be adopted in preventing incidences from occurring.

The Cleaning Process: We have included a detailed cleaning process that ensures that your property is given comprehensive coverage. Our cleaning staff will go the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction is guaranteed.

Post Cleaning: After a cleaning job, we have a strong and thorough inspection to ensure all dirt is taken care of. This is handled by our quality control department. That way, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about.

We look forward to the opportunity of working closely with you to fully address your concerns. As a valuable partner, we are certain you will have no regrets whatsoever. We will be glad to address any questions that may arise.


Stuart Adam,

Sales Manager

EverGreen Ever Clean Service

Professional Proposal for Cleaning Services


EverGreen Ever Clean Service agrees to provide all equipment, labor, material, and supervision deemed necessary for comprehensive cleaning to the client. Such services will be inclusive of all those described in the attached specifications.

EverGreen Ever Clean Service agrees to offer such cleaning services for a period that spans 12 months. An agreed-upon date is yet to be determined.

Our Philosophy

We at EverGreen Ever Clean Service abide by a tradition of excellence. We stop at nothing to make our clients happy. As a result, we have had lots of satisfied clients. Most of which have turned out to be repeat customers. We will be extending such tradition to you by providing you with nothing less than the best cleaning service.


Our professional cleaning service will be provided 5 days a week. This will have a cost implication of $1,200/mo.

Special Services

At EverGreen Ever Clean Service, we have special cleaning services which consist of carpet cleaning, window cleaning, chimney cleaning, and pressure washing services.

Other special services include floor and hard surface waxing. The price quotes for these are available upon request.

Service Schedule

All cleaning services included in this proposal will be available to customers 5 days per week. This means our cleaning crew will be unavailable on weekends. Unless of course when the client requests a special service.

In such exceptional circumstances, the cost of operations may differ.


All invoicing is scheduled for the 1st of each month. This will be itemized according to monthly tasks carried out as well as for any special services which may have been provided within the same period.


All cleaning jobs are given all the attention they deserve. As such, our personnel will be on the ground to supervise if work is done to meet our set standards.


The customer is expected to provide basic cleaning supplies. These include trash liners, toilet tissues, as well as hand wash, and soap. There may be a need for more of such supplies depending on job conditions. We can provide such supplies if the customer demands it.

However, the cost of such supplies will be invoiced separately.

On our part, we will supply such janitorial cleaning supplies as sponges and scourers, cleaning brushes, plastic caddy, disinfectants, and cleaning agents among others.


EverGreen Ever Clean Service will provide a full complement of cleaning equipment. These will include microfiber spray mops, dust mops buckets, brooms, wringers, floor machines, carpet extractors, and floor polishers.

We may also be needing storage space for this equipment. The client is expected to provide safe storage space for them.


Our client will be comprehensively covered by our insurance plan. 3 major categories are covering our cleaning services. They include the workers’ compensation plan (for employees), comprehensive general liability as well as property damage insurance.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer with no discrimination whatsoever, whether by gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. All employment forms and records are retained by our office as stipulated by law.

Employee Status

All employees of EverGreen Ever Clean Service involved in the job are ours. There will be no assumption whatsoever that they are employees or agents of the customer.


The agreement term of this cleaning service proposal lasts for 12 calendar months (1 year). However, on the expiration date or contract anniversary, the contract shall automatically renew for another 12 months.

Contract Cancellation

Both parties (client and EverGreen Ever Clean Service) reserve the right to call for the termination of the cleaning contract. However, this will require a 30-day notice before its cancellation or termination.


This agreement (“this Agreement”) is made and entered into as of ___________________ 20____ by and between EverGreen Ever Clean Service with its principal place of business located at 13B Glendale, Fair Bank, Reno, NV. With James Nunes with its principal place of residence located at 1016 Hill Crest, Fair Bank, Reno, NV.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and benefits to be derived by the parties they mutually agree to the terms and conditions as outlined above in this agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement effective as of the date and year above.

EverGreen Ever Clean Service                                                                 James Nunes

By:________________________                                                   By:_________________________

Name:______________________                                                  Name:_______________________

Date:_______________________                                                  Date:________________________

Title:_______________________                                                  Title:________________________



This section of your proposal should contain all your references. You shouldn’t have a problem getting this from your satisfied clients. Your reference section is very vital to getting this cleaning contract. Supply as many references as you can. The more, the better.

Included in this proposal are copies of our inspection guides, average hours spent on specific cleaning tasks, and a certificate of liability insurance.

Job Specifications


Task Description                                                                                         Service Days

Vacuum Walk-Off Mats                                                                                        5 days/wk                                                                Clean Both Sides of Door Glass and Wipe Frames                                          1 day/wk                                                                  Spot Clean All Walls, Doors and Light Switches                                              2 days/wk                                                               Spot Clean Entrance Glass                                                                                    4 days/wk                                                            Dust Mop Hard Wood Floors With Microfiber                                                 5 days/wk                                                            Mop Hardwood With Moist Microfiber                                                              5 days/wk

Lobby Area

Vacuum Walk-Off Mats                                                                                          5 days/wk

  • Utility Rooms
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Restroom
  • Toilet
  • Dining Area


There you have it! This sample proposal has added sections that must be included. These make for a more compelling proposal.

Also, we deliberately left out the reference section due to an obvious reason. It shouldn’t be difficult to provide one yourself. In other words, you won’t need a sample reference section to supply one in your proposal.

The job specification section has been shortened. The few examples included there are sufficient examples.

Instead of going on, we included parts of the home where cleaning services will be focused on. You only need to provide or fill up the required areas in your cleaning business proposal.

Has this been of help? We hope it has. all you need to do is to know what applies to your business.

In other words, with the knowledge of what is available, to you and also having seen the client’s property or home, you can write on which fits the job to be done.

Remember! Your cleaning proposal should be as detailed as possible. What more? It must be comprehensive enough. A client should be able to go through your proposal and understand its contents.

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