How much does it cost to inspect a basement sump pump? We have provided a price breakdown in this guide.

After installing a sump pump, periodic maintenance needs to be scheduled. Such maintenance ensures that the pump is in good condition. Before then, the condition of the pump needs to be inspected.

Inspection costs will be included as part of expenses to be incurred. This is where we’ll be focused on.

So, are you wondering how much it will cost to have your sump pump inspected? That is normal for all homeowners. You need to know the cost of the procedure to help with planning.

Also, the frequency of inspection matters. Knowing how frequently to perform sump pump inspection helps.

What Sump Pump Inspection Entails?

When sump pump inspection is being performed, several actions are taken. All such actions are aimed at identifying any issues with the pump.

These range from testing the alarm, inspecting the discharge location, and cleaning where there’s a need to.

Without such actions, the lifespan of a sump pump is significantly reduced. Typically, sump pumps are built to last a decade before they’re considered for replacement.

However, this isn’t the case when inspections aren’t performed frequently and where proper maintenance isn’t carried out.

Inspection Involves Testing

Before we proceed to the cost of sump pump inspection for basements, it’s necessary to state that this procedure involves testing. Visual inspections alone won’t be enough as little is known about a sump pump’s condition by merely taking a look.

Whenever you call a waterproofing contractor to inspect your sump pump, expect the following actions; cleaning, clearing, and testing.

First off, your sump pit will have to be filled with water to check whether it discharges water properly. The float is also inspected among other things.

To determine if the motor is working properly, the air hole in the discharge line is cleaned. Any strange sounds coming from the motor are a sign that all isn’t well.

Sometimes, there’ll be a need to replace a dead or weak backup battery.

Average Cost of Sump Pump Inspection

Sump pump inspection comes at a cost. Inspection is usually combined with maintenance costs. That is because it’s hard to only inspect without finding one or two issues that need to be fixed.

So, you’re likely to incur a yearly inspection and maintenance cost of around $150 to $250.

The inspection cost incurred is largely determined by the complexity of your system. A sump pump should be inspected at least once a year.

Only a qualified technician or waterproofing contractor should be called for such a task.

Areas covered during every inspection round include the float switch, liner, floor drain, and check valve. All forms of operational issues are detected. This includes any unusual odors pointing to possible issues as well as wear and tear.

A sump pump may be in really bad shape due to aging.

As such, a technician may decide it’s time to have the pump replaced with a new one. Any other repair action taken outside of the basic inspection procedure will incur additional costs.

Do Hourly Rates Apply for Sump Pump Inspection?

Whenever a sump pump expert comes around, they perform all sorts of testing on your equipment. The longer it takes to complete an inspection job, the more your rates are likely to be.

Complex jobs require more time to complete.

Also, issues may be detected that require fixing. So, asides from basic maintenance, a sump contractor may proceed to repair or fix any problems that are noticed. In such situations, you should expect to incur a higher fee.

In situations where a sump pump is no longer functional and needs replacement, then the cost of installation should be expected to be higher.

The current pump has to be removed to make way for the new. This removal action itself will cost you money. The installation of a new sump pump will also attract a fee.

Speaking of sump pump replacement, the cost incurred will depend on the type of sump pump you have. There are two main types; submersible and pedestal sump pumps.

The cost of replacing a submersible pump is around $800 to $2,000.

It costs less to have a pedestal sump pump replaced. It will cost you around $400 to $900.

In most cases, these cost figures are solely for replacement only. You may incur additional costs for replacement depending on who you hire.

Sump pump Inspection Costs May Vary with the Job

Sump pump inspection costs aren’t uniform across the board. In other words, not all sump pump inspection jobs are the same. Certain jobs may be considered more complex.

Here, the type of pump (that is, either submersible or pedestal) comes into play.

The cost range stated earlier captures such variations. To have an idea of the exact costs for your sump pump inspection job, you’ll need to call a professional for an onsite assessment.

Here, the type of pump you have will determine the quote you get.

Remember, inspection isn’t a visual-only procedure. It requires actual testing of your pump. Also, the type of odor coming from the pump will help determine whether it needs a more detailed inspection or not.

Inspection Costs Are Determined by Who You hire

To understand sump pump inspection costs, you’ll need to take into consideration the contractor hired for such a procedure. Different sump pump contractors have unique pricing structures.

This creates a situation where you find quotes with slight variations across different service providers.

The best way to take advantage of such price variations is by asking for multiple quotes. This allows you to compare prices to go for a more favorable one.

Sump Pump Inspection Cost is Only a Part of the Equation

This advice is for homeowners getting too hooked up on inspection costs. While it’s great to have a good bargain in terms of cost, that isn’t enough.

You’ll need to consider the fact that an excellent job is equally important. As a matter of fact, this should be what you’re most preoccupied with.

By now, you should have learned a thing or two about sump pump inspection costs. Asides from the average cost for this procedure, there are other influencing factors as outlined above.

Knowing the specific costs of your sump pump inspection job will require having a pro come around.

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