How much does it cost to replace a basement window?

If you have a basement you’ll live to remodel, part of the likely things you might wish to have replaced is the window. The primary consideration for such remodeling work is the cost involved.

This article takes a look at the cost of having a basement window replaced as well as cost-influencing factors at play.

Most times, such windows tend to be installed in an elevated position within the basement. This is meant to allow it to fit within the above-ground wall space.

So, just how much would it cost you to have your old basement window replaced?

If you’re seeking such information, you’ve come to the right place.

Common Reasons For Basement Window Replacement

If you’ve decided to replace your basement window(s), such a decision could be fueled by several possibilities.

One of them includes mounting energy bills due to poor insulation, windows often getting stuck, rotten wood around the window frame, as well as drafting being felt through closed windows.

Any of these situations point to the fact that a window has served its use or purpose. It’s time to consider having them changed. One of the good things about replacing a window is that you won’t be doing the same for a long time.

In other words, it takes several years before a basement window will require replacement.

Average Cost To Replace Basement Windows

On the whole, the cost implications of having your basement window(s) replaced are around $500 and $7,000. On average, you might incur a replacement cost of about $650.

Now, your particular situation or need might differ from other homeowners’.

An example will be when only a part or section of the basement window needs to be replaced against replacing the whole window. The former situation will incur lower costs as only a part of it is changed or replaced.

In the case of the latter, the cost details mentioned above will fit the situation or application.

  • Cost of Upgrading Basement Windows

There are times when homeowners simply decide to have their basement windows upgraded. Under such circumstances, the older windows will make way for the new.

Common types of basement windows you might consider include glass blocks, casement windows, awning windows, and double-hung windows.

Others include hopper windows, egress windows, and sliding windows.

One of the favorites used for upgrading purposes is egress windows. The cost of having your old basement windows replaced for egress types is approximately $2,500 to $5,000.

Upgrading costs will differ with each type of window mentioned above. For some types, the cost of replacement will be considerably lower while the opposite applies to other types.

Factors Affecting Basement Window Replacement Costs

The interplay of multiple factors is common when it comes to basement window replacement.

These depend on your choices and needs. Examples of these key factors include the labor involved, window style, preferred material, design choices, as well as the age of your home.

Each factor plays a part in determining how much is paid at the end. To have an idea of what to expect, you should seek the recommendation of your contractor while also letting them know of your preferences.

Let’s discuss each of the mentioned factors as follows;

  • Labor Involved

Labor is a primary consideration when working out the cost of window replacement.

You must understand that the old window needs to be removed first to make way for the new. Such costs are usually included in the quotes given by contractors. Labor costs take up a significant portion of total costs.

To have an idea of what such costs translate to, charges might range anywhere from $100 to $300. There may be an extra hourly charge of around $30 to $65.

The only way to avoid labor costs is to have the basement window replaced yourself. In other words, you’ll have to adopt the DIY option.

However, it must be said that not everyone is suited for basement window replacement. In a bid to avoid or cut down on cost, you might end up doing a shabby job which might cause damage to your property.

If you aren’t competent enough, it’s best to leave such to the pros.

  • Window Style

When it comes to basement windows, there are several styles to choose from.

Common and popular styles include bay & bow, double-hung, custom, single-hung, storm, sliding & folding, fixed & picture, as well as casement styles.

Which of these is more fanciful to you?

Depending on the window style you want, prices could vary greatly starting from $65 to as much as $4,500. This is one primary consideration you have to make before kick-starting the replacement process.

  • Preferred Material

Apart from styles, there are also window materials. People have different preferences when it comes to window materials.

Examples of the different materials you can choose from include composite, vinyl, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. Again, window costs will vary depending on the material you pick.

You’ll find these ranging from $75 to as much as $1,500.

If you’re on a budget, you might want to go with cheaper materials like aluminum. The price drop will reflect in your total replacement costs.

  • Design Choices

Design choices can impact basement window replacement costs. To have a better idea of what such designs are, these may include upgrades like insulation, framing, and the cost to repair trim.

What more? There are also cost of drywall installation and siding repair.

  • Age of your Home

How old is your structure?

This matters a lot as it impacts the cost of basement window replacement. Homes that are over 6 decades old will require a much more delicate approach to basement window replacement.

As such, the cost for such a procedure is usually higher.

  • Living Costs

Where you live is another important factor that comes under focus. Living costs vary across different locations. As such, it will easily reflect in remodeling projects like basement window replacement.

If you live in an area with higher living costs, your total charges are likely to be higher than one living in a low living cost area.

The cost of replacing basement windows includes all of the above. You’ll have to consider all of the factors mentioned to have an idea of how much you’ll incur in replacement costs.

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