Concrete Sidewalk Removal & Replacement Cost [Per Sq Foot]

If you’re planning on carrying out this procedure, you’ll do well to understand all about the cost of concrete sidewalk removal and replacement.

During construction, concrete structures are designed to last. However, such structures deteriorate over time. They’ll need to be maintained for optimal performance.

Maintenance includes removal as well as replacement. We’re more interested in the latter.

The concrete sidewalk is under focus here. To replace a damaged sidewalk, the old concrete will need to give way or be removed for replacement.

This comes at a cost.

All you have to do is read through this article for all the details. We’ve made it easy for readers to fully grasp everything relating to the cost of sidewalk removal and replacement.

Sidewalk Repair Vs Replacement

The terms “repair and replacement” are often erroneously interchanged. While both actions are geared towards maintaining the functionality of sidewalks, they’re performed at varying degrees.

Concrete sidewalk replacement involves a more extensive procedure.

This involves demoing the old sidewalk due to damage and replacing the old one with a new one. Two costs are involved here; the cost of old sidewalk removal as well as the cost of replacement.

As we progress or explain further, you’ll have a better grasp of the differences involved.

Looking At Cost From Three Perspectives

To better understand the cost of concrete sidewalk removal and replacement, we’ll need to at such from three angles. These include low-priced maintenance, average-priced maintenance, and high maintenance.

  • Low-Priced Maintenance

Here, the type of maintenance provided is mostly that of minor repairs.

A concrete sidewalk may require patching, sealing, or caulking among other minor maintenance routines. The cost for such projects isn’t significant due to the type of maintenance involved.

You’re likely to incur a repair fee of around $10 to $50. Calling a repair technician for such a minor project can be considered overkill.

In other words, you can perform DIY repairs, thus avoiding any cost altogether. Of course, getting certain supplies may add up to some expenses.

  • Average Priced Maintenance

This also includes simple repairs. However, such repairs are a bit more extensive than the previous.

Here, your sidewalk may require resurfacing, grinding, mudjacking, or leveling. Whatever the problem is, a technician can have such resolved for a fee of about $50 to $200.

  • High-Cost Maintenance

High-cost maintenance involves concrete sidewalk removal and replacement.

Here, an existing sidewalk or pathway needs to be demoed. Depending on its size as well as the extent of damage, having a sidewalk demolished and replaced can cost around $750 to $4,500 or more.

Factors such as its size, condition, location, and type of material used for construction among others will count.

There May Be Addition Costs

In a bid to have a concrete sidewalk removed, certain issues may arise. This involves the cause of damage. In some cases, a sidewalk may buckle or be severely damaged due to the presence or growth of tree roots.

Invasive tree roots are known to cause all sorts of structural problems when such a tree is close by. Now, removing and replacing the faulty concrete sidewalk won’t be enough.

The cause of the problem (funny enough-the root cause) needs to be removed.

Here, we’re talking about cutting back the roots or completely removing the trees. This brings up added costs as tree roots or the tree itself may have to give way.

Standard Cost of Removing Concrete Sidewalk

When it comes to discussing the cost of demoing and replacing a damaged concrete sidewalk, it’s proper to consider concrete demolition cost separate from rebuilding cost.

In reality, demolition contractors providing this service also perform construction work.

So, when giving an estimate, the contractor shows you all the cost details involved. Now, it’s best to have the same contractor remove and replace your concrete sidewalk.

This tends to be cheaper than having different contractors handle the project.

The average cost of having a sidewalk removed ranges from $1,200 to $2,200. Because most sidewalks are paved in sections, they’re easily lifted and individually removed.

Factors like concrete thickness, removal method (whether broken and removed by hand), size, reinforced concrete all contribute to cost.

So how much does a new walkway cost?

Cost of Replacing Concrete Sidewalk

With the old concrete sidewalk successfully removed, what remains is the laying of a fresh sidewalk. This is similar to a new project as it involves complete installation.

Sidewalk replacement can be categorized into basic, mid-range, and high-end replacement.

How much does it cost to replace a sidewalk?

  • Basic Sidewalk Replacement Cost

Under this type of sidewalk replacement, the cost involved tends to be minimal. Contractors will charge a fee of about $6 to $10 per square foot. So what does it include?

Basic sidewalk replacement involves a single coloring method, an exposed aggregate as well as textured rock salt or broom finish.

  • Mid-Range Sidewalk Replacement Cost

For mid-range sidewalk replacement, you’re likely to incur a fee of around $8 to $12 per square foot. Now, this is called mid-range for a reason. It comes with color contrasts as well as patterns that enhance its look.

It may include a stamped pattern, some level of engraving, multiple colors as well as a decorative border. It all depends on the service offerings of your contractor.

This is the reason why you should find a reputable contractor to handle your sidewalk removal and replacement task.

  • High-End Sidewalk Replacement Cost

High-end sidewalk replacement mostly involves a custom design. Of course, this requires the application of special techniques. This will cost you around $12 per square foot or higher.

Replacement methods may include unique shapes with detailed forms, hand-applied stain accents, and saw-cut designs.

What more? High-end sidewalk replacement will require advanced stenciling with hand-applied accents just to name a few.

Calculating Concrete Sidewalk Replacement Cost

To have a rough idea of how much it will cost to remove and replace your sidewalk, you’ll only need to follow a simple formula. First, you’ll have to measure and note your sidewalk dimensions.

Length and width are then multiplied to arrive at the square footage.

Finally, the square footage obtained is multiplied by the price per square foot. Now you have your average cost.

So far, you’ve learned about the cost involved in removing and replacing a concrete sidewalk. To get the best possible price, consider asking for multiple quotes.

This allows you to settle for the most affordable, yet reliable contractor.                  

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