How Much Does Bathroom Demolition Cost?

The cost of bathroom demolition is what we’ll be considering.

If you’re thinking of the cost implication of kick-starting such demo projects, the information made available here should be sufficient enough to clear any doubts you have.

The bathroom is one of the key areas of a home you cannot do without.

If so, why would it be demolished? Well, demolition often results when the home is to be remodeled. Such home improvement practice seeks to make the interior better and more functional.

So how much does it cost to strip out a bathroom? Here is a cost guide.

Average Cost To Demo A Bathroom

Before calling for bathroom demolition, you’ll need to have an idea of the rough estimates for the job. Now, you’re likely to find that whenever you call for pricing estimates, such pricing varies from one contractor to the next.

Also, different locations will have their different bathroom demolition costs. All of this information can seem overwhelming if you have little understanding of how pricing works.

However, the information supplied here should help with better cost negotiation.

Cost of Bathroom Demolition By Type

Are there multiple types of demolition for bathrooms? You guessed right, there are! The type of bathroom demolition performed will determine the project costs.

To give you a better idea of what these are, they include drywall removal, vanity removal, flooring removal, and shower or tub removal.

Other types of bathroom demolition include sink removal and toilet removal. All of these are charged per square foot and are inclusive of labor and disposal costs.

Each of these has varying costs which we’ll discuss individually as follows;

  • Drywall Removal Cost

Drywalls are mostly found in the interior of buildings including bathrooms.

These are easy to install as they don’t require mortar or plaster. However, drywalls will deteriorate over time. Whether such deterioration informs your need to have them removed or not is immaterial to costs.

The cost for drywall removal ranges from $90 to $130 at the low end. Average costs fall within the $130 to $170 range while the high-end cost is around $170 to $210.

  • Vanity Removal Cost

The cost of demolishing or removing the vanity area of a bathroom also varies. This consists of the storage that surrounds a bathroom sink or basin as well as the sink itself.

Costs for such projects include $40 to $70 at the low end and an average cost of $70 to $100. At the higher end, demolition costs range from $100 to $130 or more.

  • Flooring Removal Cost

Flooring is another bathroom area that may be targeted for demolition.

Depending on the extent of the demolition job, costs could be lower or higher. At the low end, expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $100.

The average costs for this demolition service fall within the $100 to $130 range. Extensive bathroom floor removal will cost more as it ranges from $130 to $170.

  • Shower or Bathtub Removal Cost

Another type of bathroom demolition focuses on the tub or shower. Like other types mentioned above, the extent of removal services to be performed will directly influence pricing.

Bathtub removal costs climb steadily from the low end (starting from $70 to $90) as well as the high end costing around $110 to $140.

Between the low and high-end costs is the average removal cost for a shower or tub. This typically falls within the $90 to $110 range.

  • Sink Removal Cost

Another area of a bathroom that needs to be covered during demolition jobs is the sink area.

It’s included in part of the demolition costs. At the low end, sink removal costs around $30 to $60 while on average, the same project costs around $60 to $80.

The highest cost you can incur for sink removal falls within the $80 to $100 range. Sink removal can be performed as part of the whole bathroom demolition process.

This can also be performed as partial demolition that focuses only on the sink area.

  • Toilet Removal Cost

Toilet removal is yet another type of bathroom demolition that has a low-end cost of $60 to $90. These removal costs can climb to as much as $110 to $160 depending on how detailed such a removal process is.

On average, you’re likely to pay around $90 to $110 for toilet removal.

Total Cost To Demolish A Bathroom – Breakdown

There are times when only partial demolition is necessary. In such situations, several areas are focused on. However, in the case of a complete or total remodel, everything will need to give way.

In other words, the entire bathroom will have to be demolished.

If this is what you want, expect to incur a demolition fee ranging from $350 to $1,000. This cost range should be enough to get the job done. Plus, the bigger the bathroom, the more it costs to demolish.

Hourly Rates For Bathroom Demolition

Another important factor for determining bathroom demolition costs is the hours spent on the job. Most remodeling contractors will charge hourly rates for demolition jobs.

So, how long will your bathroom demolition job cost? What does a remodel cost?

Due to the nature of the job, it could be completed in as little as 5 hours or as much as 15 hours. It all depends on the types of materials used in making the areas being demolished. Asbestos presents a peculiar problem as exposure could lead to poisoning.

On average, 1 worker could work from 8 to 15 hours. If the going rate is $40 per hour, demolition costs could amount to $320 to $640. Asides from the hourly rate charges, other contractors may adopt per square foot billing.

Bathroom demolition per square foot costs around $3.20 to $6.40.

Who You Call For Bathroom Demo Matters

Some homeowners end up making huge mistakes simply because they called an inexperienced or untrained technician for their bathroom demolition. This is often driven by the desire to reduce demolition costs.

However, experience has shown that such homeowners end up in a worse situation than calls for even greater expenses. You may end up paying double for the same job without.

To get value for money, you must call trained and experienced technicians for such tasks.

Bathroom demo costs have been the focus so far. The bargaining process is crucial to getting competitive pricing for your bathroom demolition needs.

The contents here will give you an edge in getting the best cost to gut a bathroom possible.

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