Here is how much it cost to remove a bathtub.

Do you wish to have your bathroom demolished or remodeled? Are you stuck or having issues figuring out how much it will cost to remove a bathtub? If yes, you’ll find this article handy.

Here, we’ve provided all the answers regarding bathtub removal costs. All you have to do is read on as these and more have been discussed here.

Can My Expenses Go Overboard?

Sometimes bathroom remodeling projects may end up springing surprises especially when proper cost estimation isn’t done. This can be depressing for most homeowners as they may be working on a tight budget.

The best way to keep your budget under check is by identifying all cost-related aspects of the project.

  • Budgeting a Little More

In a bid to have your bathtub removed, you’ll need to budget a little more than the estimated amount. Here, the question “how much is enough” will normally arise.

This article provides reliable answers to such pressing question(s).

Whatever cost is arrived at during estimation, you should budget a little more. The reason is simple; budgeting more than the estimated amount helps you avoid any surprises that may result along the way.

With this key tip covered, let’s get into the cost details of bathtub removal.

Average Cost of Bathtub Removal

Bath removal costs are influenced by multiple variables.

Here, you’ll need to consider labor and material prices as well as debris cleanup costs. Several other cost-influencing factors determine bathtub removal costs. These will be discussed shortly.

  • Low, Mid and High Costs

Not all bathtub removal jobs are the same. As such, it’s normal to expect low, medium, and high costs.

For example, bathtub removal costs inclusive of labor and material starts at a low of $125 to $150. The median price for such is around $225 to $300 while prices can go as high as $350 to $400.

  • Debris Removal

After demoing your bathtub, the accumulated debris will need to be cleared and hauled off. Waste removal or cleaning prices start at a low of $35. This can climb to around $50 to $75.

For large projects, a significant volume of debris will need to be cleared. This is likely to cost around $100 to $150.

  • Removal Costs

Here, arriving at a cost will require looking at the total expense to be incurred.

Speaking of the total costs, we’ll need to consider labor & material as well as debris cleanup. When total, you have a minimum cost range of $160 to $185 and a median cost range of $275 to $375.

On the high side of things, bathtub removal projects may cost anywhere from $450 to $550. The average fee for this project is around $172 to $500.

Best Ways To Prep For Bathtub Removal Procedure

Based on the cost of bathtub removal, it’s important to consider certain tips necessary for adequate preparation.

In other words, these tips enable you to get the best price possible while also eliminating any surprises that may come up.

  • Costs will differ from one Contractor to the Next

When it comes to bathtub removal, the cost will vary from one plumbing contractor to the next. This is mainly due to the variance in overhead as well as other operational expenses.

Such a difference in cost can work to your advantage.

All you have to do is get about 3 to 5 estimates before settling for a plumbing contractor. Luckily, obtaining such estimates is likely to be free. Most remodeling contractors offer such for free.

The only exception applies to large projects or jobs.

  • Increase Your Budget a Little

A budget increase on your part might be necessary to take care of any eventualities that may arise. There could be complexities in your home’s construction that could influence the price.

As such, having a budget increase is an easier way to contain any increase in project costs.

Now the question arises; how much increase is sufficient? An additional 7 to 15% of your initial budget should suffice. Sometimes, your initial budget may not be exceeded.

This is still okay as it’s better to have funds remaining than being insufficient to complete the procedure.

  • Time of Year Matters

The time of year you carry out or call for bathtub removal matters. The best time to ask for quotes is in late Fall and early Winter. At this time, most contractors are about going into their down-season.

In other words, this is an off-peak period for plumbing contractors.

The effect is aggressive pricing discounts by contractors. Your bathtub removal cost is significantly reduced as contractors seek to handle as many accounts before they enter the off-peak season.

Can Bathtub Removal Costs Be Reduced Through DIY Adoption?

DIY is one of the most popular approaches apart from professional bathtub removal procedures.

Most of the time, the thinking is that removal costs can be slashed. So, is that always the case? While DIY bathtub removal could lower costs, it isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, you may end up ramping up bathtub removal costs when you’re a novice or lack the experience. This is seen in a shabby job that may end up needing a pro to fix any problems that may have been caused.

So, apart from the initial labor committed, additional and more costly expenses may be necessary to remedy any errors. DIY bathtub removal will only be recommended for experienced homeowners.

Factors Affecting Bathtub Removal Cost

Bathtub removal costs can be impacted by several variables. These range from the number of bathtubs to be removed and who gets called to perform the job.

Also, bathtub replacement jobs will cost more to handle than removal-only jobs.

Because a new bathtub will need to be installed in place of the old one, installation fees will be applicable. Time spent on the job is vital to pricing. Most plumbing contractors charge hourly rates.

So, the more the number of hours clocked, the higher your removal cost is likely to be.

You don’t have to blindly assume cost while prepping for bathtub removal.

The information provided here should help you plan your expenses. More important is the need to discuss with a professional what applies to your particular bathtub removal needs.

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