Bay Leaf Tree for Sale | Purchase Guide, Cost & Where to Buy

In this article, we’ve provided various helpful tips that will serve as a guide when buying bay leaf trees.

Details include the cost of bay leaf trees, the different varieties to pick from, and where to buy these trees.

Buy Bay Leaf Tree

The bay laurel, or sweet bay tree, is quite popular due to its fragrant leaves, which are used as herbs. This leaf is either used fresh or dried or ground into powder.

The bay leaf tree is sometimes considered a shrub and is quite popular. So, do you wish to have this tree growing in your garden?

If you do, you’ll need tips on buying your tree(s) first.

  • About Bay Leaf Trees

Before we discuss the buying details for bay leaf trees, it’s necessary to provide an introduction to what this tree is about and the requirements.

We’ve earlier stated that bay leaf trees, for the most part, are helpful for their leaves. These are used as herbs in various forms (dried, fresh, or powder).

For this perennial tree to thrive, moderate watering is needed. Also, moist, well-drained soils provide ideal conditions for growth.

Regarding temperature requirements, bay leaf trees do well in hardiness zones 8 to 10. More on this will be discussed shortly. Your tree will need to be exposed to either full or partial sun.

Of course, the bay leaf tree has culinary value due to its aroma. There’s also the medicinal value of the tree.

Another thing you must know about the bay leaf tree is that it’s pretty easy to grow but prolonged. Despite the long maturation time, it’s worth having around due to its apparent benefits.

Buying Tips for Bay Leaf Trees

Your desire to buy and grow bay laurel trees in your yard is excellent. However, it would be best to have guidance on how to proceed or make the right purchase.

Here, you’ll need to know the different varieties of bay laurel trees to choose from and the cost details involved.

Also necessary are the hardiness zones that allow you to determine whether your location will support bay laurel tree growth.

Equally important is the need to know where to buy your trees from. These tips give the buyer an edge by showing how to proceed.

These and other details have been discussed; you only need to read on to get the information. With this said, let’s proceed as follows;

  • Bay Laurel Tree Varieties

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make as a buyer is deciding what bay leaf variety or species to go for.

Although there aren’t so many edible species of bay leaf trees, there are still several to choose from. Some of the most popular variants include the Mediterranean bay leaf tree.

This is arguably the most popular variety you’ll find as it’s well-known and can be mostly grown wherever any other species of bay laurel trees are grown.

Different types include the Indian bay leaf, Californian bay leaf, and Indonesian bay leaf. So, are all of these edible?

They are! The main distinctions between the different species mostly have to do with where they’re grown, in addition to their distinct flavors.

You may want to make further findings about how each of these varieties tastes and what other features you need to know about.

Whenever you’re buying from a reputable nursery, there is basic information that accompanies the plant. For example, information about the hardiness zone should be provided, including a brief description of the shrub.

Buyers can seek further clarification by asking questions or doing their research.

Cost of Bay Laurel Trees

How much does a bay laurel tree cost? You’ll hardly find a substantial cost because multiple factors influence the price.

At best, you’ll find information on the average cost range. To find out the exact prices, you’ll have to visit your nursery to state precisely what you need.

The influencing factors mainly concern the tree size, species, and the number of bay leaf trees you need. Most buyers will discover a price range of around $24 to $70.

Another cost-determining fact is who you buy your bay leaf tree from. There are price differences from one nursery to the next.

What’s the tree size you need? Some buyers have specific size requirements. You get to pick sizes ranging from 2 to 4 ft., 4 to 6 ft., 6 to 8 ft., and so on.

You’ll find that the smaller trees cost less compared to the more giant bay leaf trees.

Prices may also differ by bay leaf tree species or variety. We’ve mentioned the different types available to choose from. You must only point out your preferred style to know the exact costs.

Also, the nursery you shop from might impact costs. Every nursery has its unique pricing structure. So, you’ll have to compare the different prices to know which offers the best deal.

  • Hardiness Zones for Bay Laurel Trees

What is the hardiness zone most ideal for growing bay leaf trees?

When it comes to hardiness zones, you’ll have to figure out where you want the tree planted. In other words, you’ll need to choose between outdoor or indoor (patio) growing.

Bay leaf trees grown at patios will do well in growing zones 4 to 11, while outdoor growing will thrive in zones 8 to 11.

Where to Buy Bay Laurel Trees

Bay leaf trees are sold in garden centers as well as nurseries. There are also online nurseries you can shop from.

However, buying from this source (online nurseries) might make you incur additional shipping costs. To get the best possible deal, we recommend reading through customer reviews.

Customer reviews give a clear picture of what to expect from a nursery. Customers who have patronized the business before get to tell about their experiences.

Trusting their judgment is essential; only go for those with better reviews.

Now you know how to buy bay laurel trees. All you have to do is implement the tips to shop for your trees.

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