A bed bug treatment kit comes in various options depending on your pest needs and how many solutions you can afford.

Have you seen some rust-colored spots all over your bedding and mattresses and feel you might have a bed bug infestation? Getting a top-quality bed bug treatment kit is your best chance of getting rid of those bed bugs within a very short time.

Are you searching for the best bed bug treatment kit for the money? Do you want to know which of the bed bug killers out there is very effective and worth buying?

Here is a complete guide on what to look out for when buying a bed bug removal kit. In this guide, you will also find how to use the treatment kit to kill bed bug eggs, nymphs, and adults.


Before deciding on which bed bug killer product you should buy, you need to be sure you have a bed bug infestation. So you don’t end up buying what you don’t need.

When bed bugs get into our homes, there are several signs they leave behind that will make you discover them easily.

Some of those signs are listed below.

5 Signs You Have Bed Bugs In Your Home

  1. Small reddish or rust-colored stains on bedspreads, mattresses, furniture, or upholstery
  2. 1mm-sized eggs or eggshells in the dark corners of the room and in-between cushions and other furniture
  3. A kind of sweet, musky odor all over the room
  4. Bites on the arm, legs, or neck. These bites usually look like mosquito bites
  5. Nymph or adult bed bugs behind the headboard, on the floor, or wall.

If you see most or all of these signs, you need to get a bed bug control kit as fast you can. Below are some of the things to consider when choosing one.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bed Bug Treatment Kit

There are several things you need to put into considerations when choosing a kit to get rid of the bed bugs from your home.

Some of those things are:

  • Brand

Though there are several brands of bed bug treatment kits out there, you need to ensure you select the very best of them all.

Brands like Hot Shot Bed Bug Blocker and Four Seasons Essentials with massive positive reviews on Amazon, are what you should look out for. Over the years, some of these brands have built a reputation for making only quality bed bug treatment products.

  • Price

Price is also a very important factor to consider when buying a bed bug treatment kit. Depending on your budget, you can go for the ones that cost just a few couple of dollars.

You can also buy the ones that cost up to a thousand dollars if you have the money.

  • User Reviews

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying bed bug kits. It is through user reviews that you can easily know if a product does exactly what it says or not.

Before choosing a particular treatment kit for bed bugs, you should make out time to read what people are saying about the product on the internet.

You can find that on online forums, blogs, online shopping malls, and product review websites.

By user reviews here I don’t mean paid reviews. Most of those paid reviews are hardly honest reviews by the writer. You should consider reading what some real users of the products are saying even on social networking platforms.

  • The Ingredients

The ingredients used in making a bed bug treatment kit play a part in determining how effective the product will be against bed bugs.

Bed bug treatment kits that contain active ingredients such as Bifenthrin, Cypermethrin, and several other Pyrethroids, are known to be very effective.

How To Use Bed Bug Treatment Kits

Some of the bed bug treatment kits come with all the products you need to completely wipe out bed bugs from your home.

The products I mean here are:

  1. the chemicals (in liquid and powder forms)
  2. the protective covers (for mattresses and box springs) and
  3. the sprayer.

Though not all bed bug kits come with the whole items I just mentioned intact. Some usually come with one or two of them, leaving you with the option of getting other tools yourself.

With the necessary tools above ready, follow the steps below to get rid of those bed bugs for good.

  1. Inspect And Prepare Your Rooms For The Bed Bug Treatment

Take some time in checking out the cracks and crevices of your rooms. Those are the kind of places bed bugs are fond of hiding.

They also love to hide behind the headboard, in the folds of cotton, mattresses, and upholstery of cushions and chairs.

Anywhere that is usually dark, isolated and somehow the size of the width of a credit card, you are likely to find a few of them there.

Once you are sure of where some or most of them hide, move on to prepare your rooms for the treatment. Carefully remove your bedding, pillowcases, and mattresses from the room. In the case of very heavy infestation, ensure you package them with plastic bags to avoid passing bed bugs from them to another room.

Thoroughly soak and wash the bedding, clothes, and towels in the rooms with hot water and sundry them. The heat of the water and sun will likely kill any egg, nymph, or adult.

After that, ensure that things like chairs, sofa, and boxes are removed from the affected rooms for a thorough treatment. Bed bugs are also fond of hiding under the carpet.

So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pull the edges up a little bit for treatment.

Vacuum the entire room well and carefully dispose of the vacuum bags outside the house. Once you are done with that, move over to the next step.

  1. Carefully Apply The Treatment All Over The Rooms

After you are done preparing the room, the next thing is to begin the treatment properly.

You can start by applying the dust (or powdered) chemical on the walls of the entire room. Pay special attention to the cracks and crevices on the wall and apply as much of the pesticide from the bed bug treatment kits as you can there.

Ensure to properly fill up anywhere there is a void on the wall with the chemical. Those cracks and crevices are the kinds of places bed bugs live and breed. Be very generous when applying the chemical in such places.

The cushions, chairs, and mattresses should be thoroughly treated with the right chemical from the kit. Preferably the liquid ones. After spraying and allowing them to dry, encase the mattresses before putting them back into the rooms.

After the treatment, vacuum the room again before arranging everything to look the way they were before. This will help remove bed bugs that must have died as a result of the treatment.

  1. Set Up Bed Bug Monitors And Traps

Once you are done with the entire treatment, be sure to set up bed bug monitors and traps all around the room. By setting up this tool, you can be sure it wouldn’t take long for any remaining bed bug from the treatment to be completely gone.

A perfect place to keep bed bug traps includes under the mattress and between the box spring and the mattress. For effective performance against bed bugs, these traps must be changed with new ones every 3 months.

Safety Tips When Handling Bed Bug Treatment Kits

As helpful as bed bug treatment kits are in helping us get rid of bed bugs from our homes, they can also turn out to be harmful to us if we do not apply precautions in handling them.

Before buying and using them to treat your house, here are some safety tips to put into considerations.

  1. Ensure that all chemicals or pesticides that come with the kit are duly registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use at home against bed bugs.
  2. Carefully read through the instructions on the product label and follow them judiciously
  3. As much as you can, keep them away from children.
  4. Previous studies on pesticides have shown that prolonged exposure to them could lead to birth defects in pregnant women. Do make sure that they are kept away from pregnant women
  5. Before treating a room, one of the wisest things to do is to keep food items away from that room. This includes kitchen utensils like pots, plates, etc.
  6. Always wear protective gear like gloves before handling the bed bug treatment kit.
  7. Every piece of equipment used during the treatment (including clothes) must be properly washed and dried.
  8. Be careful when moving things around the room during treatment to avoid passing bed bugs from one room to another.
  9. Carefully dispose of the vacuum bag used in a refuse bin outside the house.
  10. Allow for the recommended time to elapse before using the room after treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Treatment Kits

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the bed bug treatment kit.

  • Are bed bug treatment kits eco-friendly?

Yes, they are. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sees to it that products that are not eco-friendly do not get approved for use at home. They won’t also allow products that are too toxic to get registered or approved for use easily.

  • How much should a good bed bug treatment kit cost?

That would depend on the brand. You can get so many of them below $100. Some cost more than that. It is good you consider your budget before searching for the one to buy.

Final Words

We have in this article explained everything you need to know about the bed bug treatment kit. What it is, how it works, and much more.

Are you in need of any information regarding the bed bug treatment kit? Have you been searching for how to completely wipe out bed bugs from your home?

I hope the information in this guide meets your needs.

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