Are you seeking to buy a highly efficient fireplace and inserts? Doing some research is worth it as you get to pick from many of the best fireplace brands.

We’re here to help you do just that by providing you with all the resources you need.

In this article, we’ve been able to provide lots of the best brands. Whether you’re seeking luxury or high-end brands or interested in durability, we’ve got you covered.

You only have a simple task to do; read through this entire article.

Best Fireplace Brands To Consider

Whatever your preferred fireplace specifications are, there are tons of popular brands offering such.

Some of these brands include Exquisite Surfaces, Antique Fireplaces of London, Cradle Mountain Fireplaces, Arteriors, and Chesney’s.

Others include Majestic, Fiamma Fireplaces, Lowe’s, Fireplaces.Com, Hwam, Superior Fireplaces, Morso, Scan, Napoleon, Vauni, and Tulikivi.

Here are the top brands of fireplaces to buy.

  • Exquisite Surfaces

Exquisite Surfaces is a trusted name when it comes to top fireplace brands. It came on board in 1997 and since then has grown to be associated with quality.

Here, you’d find a wide selection ranging from rustic country mantles to grandiose and ornate chateaux fireplaces.

  • Antique Fireplaces of London

This is one of the top fireplace brands to shop for. Antique Fireplaces of London commenced operations over three decades ago and has since blossomed into a major and reputable brand.

They offer a vast collection of fireplaces spanning several periods from the Victorian to Edwardian eras.

  • Cradle Mountain Fireplaces

If you need a unique fireplace that exudes class and comfort, this is one brand you should check out. There are tons of fireplace models to pick from.

  • Arteriors

The name alone conveys its true brand worth. Arteriors produce a collection of top-quality fireplace accessories as well as furniture, lighting, and décor.

  • Chesney’s

You may also want to try out Chesney’s for all fireplace accessories.

Other products include fireplaces, stoves, as well as fire surrounds just to name a few.

  • Majestic

The Majestic fireplace brand has been in existence as far back as the 17th century. It continues to meet modern-day fireplace needs with efficiency and performance being its strongest selling point.

  • Other Top Fireplace Brands to Buy

There are lots of other top fireplace brands to shop from.

These include Superior Fireplaces, Monessen Fireplaces, Empire Fireplaces, Kingsman Fireplaces, Fire Sense Fireplaces, Bio Flame Fireplaces, and Dimplex Fireplaces, etc.

How To Get The Best Deals On Fireplaces

As a homeowner seeking to find the best buy, there are several criteria to follow. These serve as a guide towards picking the right product for you. This applies to every fireplace irrespective of its brand.

Luckily, the tips provided here will help you shop better for the top fireplace brand.

So, what are these tips? They include sticking to the purpose and picking fireplaces for single room heating.

Other key tips include checking out the fireplace when flames aren’t active, going with thermostat-controlled fireplaces, and picking one that best fits your home décor.

How does your log set fit into the fireplace? Go for products that work just fine without a fan. Plus, consider fireplace retailers that make provision for licensed and insured HVAC contractors to care for your fireplace.

How do you want your fireplace to be operated? Fuel type is also important.

  • Sticking to Purpose

When you go shopping for your preferred fireplace brand, it’s important to stick to a purpose. By this, we mean communicating your preferences by way of aesthetics and efficiency.

Finding a balance between the two will be great.

  • Picking Fireplaces for Single Room Heating

In a bid to cut down on cost, many homeowners make the error of picking fireplaces that will serve multiple rooms. The problem becomes evident when one room (the room housing the fireplace) overheats.

This will require the heat to be turned down severally, thus leading to inefficiency.

  • Checking Out the Fireplace when Flames Aren’t Active

It’s important when shopping for the top fireplace brand to check out the fireplace when the flames aren’t active.

If you still love what you see, then you’ve found your preferred pick.

  • Go for thermostat-controlled Fireplaces

A thermostat-controlled fireplace is highly efficient as it adds to your convenience by turning the heat up and down. You won’t need to do this manually each time.

In other words, it saves you the stress of having to repeat the same action over and over.

  • Pick a Product that Fits your Home Décor

Do we need to say more on this? One of the primary aims of every homeowner is to find a fireplace that blends with their home décor. So, you’ll need to be on the lookout for such.

  • How Does your Log Set Fit into the Fireplace?

There should be ample space when you fit in your log set. In other words, your decorative log set should fit in easily. With such, you won’t have to worry about an overheating valve.

  • Go for Products that Work Just Fine Without a Fan

A high-quality fireplace should be able to work just fine even without a fan.

Although fireplace fans help circulate heat, getting one that still does the job without a fan would be a great buy as it eliminates noise.

  • Choose Reliable Retailers

Shopping at reputable retailer stores offers you a great opportunity for after-sales service.

In this case, such a retailer arranges a licensed and insured HVAC contractor to carry out the installation work and also care for your fireplace.

  • How Do You Want Your Fireplace Operated?

One great aspect of shopping for top fireplace brands is the option to choose a preferred operation.

In other words, there are fireplaces designed to be operated via remote control, through wall switches as well a thermostat. You get to make a choice.

  • Fuel Type is Key

Another factor to be considered when shopping for top fireplace brands is the type of fuel used. Recent designs mostly focus on electric and gas fireplaces.

There’s never a shortage of major and reputable fireplace brands to shop from. Each of these offers a wide range of unique designs you’ll need to choose from.

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