We’ll highlight some of the best lawn fertilizers to add after aeration.

In addition, we’ll tell you when to add compost after aerating and other things to do after aerating lawns. Without further delay, let’s kick off.

Best Lawn Fertilizer To Apply After Aeration

As a homeowner, you must aerate your lawn.

This will allow vital nutrients like oxygen, sunlight, and water to sink in and reach their root systems. It will also keep your greenery growing more vibrantly and lushly to defend against unwanted grasses and weeds.

When you’re done aerating, it’s also crucial that you spray fertilizer. This will promote more healthy grass and make the lawn much thicker. Now, which fertilizers are ideal for spraying after aerating a lawn?

There are several of them. All you need to do is keep reading this article.

Why Add Fertilizer After Aerating Lawn?

Lawn fertility is vital because it provides the vitamins that the lawn needs to stay healthy. Remember, fertilizers comprise variable quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

These vitamins will optimize the appearance of your yard by making it look green and robust. Moreover, it thickens the grasses and makes them less likely to be damaged by traffic or lawnmowers.

Because compost increases soil fertility, your grass will be protected from pests and diseases.

A fertile yard can withstand heat, cold, and severe drought stress. What’s more? Fertilizing your yard will help filter pollutants and reduce soil erosion.

There are more reasons to add nutrients to your lawn than the ones listed above. You can research further details.

Best Fertilizer Brands for Lawns After Aeration

Fertilizers to add after aerating lawns come in varying kinds.

There’s no specific one that is used for such treatment. You can use a variety of products, reliant on the state of your turf. Plus, whether your greenery seeds are new or not.

Such kinds of grass may require concentrated fertilizers.

For those with thin grass, nitrogen fertilizers are the most effective. They contain a high amount of nitrogen and minimal phosphorus and potassium. These ingredients will promote thicker and more lush grasses.

Meanwhile, organic or slow-release fertilizers are suited for reiterated lawns. We refer to grasses with yellow or brown spots triggered by heat or lack of moisture.

Such a formulation will not damage the grasses but enhance and lush green them. However, the process may take a little time.

Finally, those with overseeded lawns need specialized starter nutrients after aeration. New grasses typically need a high phosphorus level to help the seeds develop healthy roots.

If you use standard compost for such grasses, they’ll struggle and eventually die.

Brands of Fertilizers to Add for Lawns After Aeration

Here are some reputable brands of fertilizers you can incorporate into your lawn after aeration. You can pick either of them that you find appropriate.

  • Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer

From the name, you can see that it’s an organic fertilizer. It’s made from manure, feather meal, pasteurized poultry, and gypsum.

It also has an NPK formulation that is slow-releasing, long-lasting, and evergreen lawn. The chemical formulation is easy to use, safe for kits and pets, and does not burn grasses if applied directly.

  • Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

You can also count on this product to promote the health of your lawn. It’s also an organic formulation that is chemical and pollutant free.

It’s slow releasing and can feed your grasses for up to ten weeks. Additionally, it contains iron and zero potassium. This will promote greener, lusher, and thicker grass without burning it.

  • Miracle-Go Water Soluble Lawn Food

Apply this product after aeration if you want a healthy and greener lawn. As the name implies, it’s soluble and suitable for all grasses.

It’s also easy to apply and can cover a wide area compared to other chemicals of the same quantity. The only problem you’ll have is that the chemical is pricey.

Exact Time to Apply Fertilizer After Aerating Lawns

One of the sole purposes of aerating is to create holes so nutrients can be fully absorbed. However, if you apply these chemicals on time, you’ll keep your success rate high.

Usually, nutrients are added immediately after aeration. Your lateness should be at most 48 hours. This gives the chemicals the best chance to get deep into the holes created during aeration.

Other Things to Do After Aerating Lawn 

Applying chemical and non-chemical fertilizers is one of many things you do after aerating your lawn. You’ll need to carry out other essential operations to facilitate the growth of your grasses.

Some other actions you may perform include applying herbicide, watering, overseeding, and allowing soil plugs to break down. Let’s quickly take a look at a few of them.

  • Applying Herbicide

As highlighted above, it’s essential to spray herbicides on your lawns after aerating.

Pre-emergent herbicides will eliminate weed seeds that are buried before becoming a problem. Your yard will be free from grass and weed seeds for over a month.

However, you’re not advised to apply this herbicide if you have overseeded it in the past four weeks. Likewise, you should refrain from spraying if you plan to be overseed in the next six weeks.

Doing otherwise will kill both your grass seedlings and the weed.

  • Watering

You only stop watering your lawn after aeration if it’s raining.

Even at that, you can still water the grass if it’s likely to rain in the next 24 hours. Doing so will encourage grass root growth for any new seeds and existing grass plants.

Furthermore, ground that has been impacted by foot or vehicle will harden. As such, it will not absorb water as required. By establishing a proper watering schedule, you’ll revive the failing grass.

  • Overseeding 

When aerating lawns, grasses are evenly spaced to serve as perfect shelter.

This will allow seeds to take root and keep them safe from birds and other scavengers. After aerating your lawn, you can spray new grass seeds over those spaces.

That way, the entire area will be full of grasses.

However, you must know that overseeding needs proper planning and care. You are to carry out such an operation immediately after aeration. Also, watch your local forecast to ensure the atmosphere is conducive.

There are many other fertilizers you can add to your lawn after aeration. They include Scotts Green Max Lawn Food, Jonathan Green and Sons Lawn Food, and more.

As you can see above, these chemicals will significantly optimize the health of your lawn.

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