How Much Does a New Lawn Cost Per Square Foot?

Here is a breakdown of what a new lawn cost per square foot.

When it comes to lawn replacement, various reasons may necessitate such action. Whatever the reason(s) is, action is taken to replace the old with the new.

A critical part of the equation involves the cost of the procedure. How much does grass replacement cost? This is what we’ll be discussing here.

Here is the average cost to reseed a new lawn.

How Much Does Lawn Installation Cost?

When lawns are installed, strict maintenance is necessary to keep them in optimal condition. Now a variety of conditions can lead to rapid deterioration of the property, which can make other care impossible.

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Under such situations, a replacement may be recommended by a lawn service.

Reasons for Replacing a Lawn

As part of our discussion on the cost of grass replacement, we’ll first consider the reasons for grass replacement.

These include rapid weed growth for drought & water conservation purposes, diseases, pest activity, inability to keep up with maintenance, and improving your property’s value.

i. Rapid Weed Growth

There are situations where rapid weed growth occurs, thus affecting lawns and making maintenance increasingly difficult.

Here, invasive weed growth tends to be the most challenging. If the problem has reached an advanced stage, it’s best to have the grass replaced.

ii. Drought & Water Conservation

Increased water conservation practices may be adopted if your home is in an area with water challenges.

This will impact the amount and frequency of watering the lawn, leading to its deterioration. The grass may have to be replaced when the water situation improves.  

iii. Diseases

Diseases may affect lawns adversely. This situation may not be quickly noticed if you hardly inspect your grounds frequently.

As the condition worsens, it’s likely to destroy your lawns, which will call for immediate replacement.

iv. Pest Activity

Pest activity tends to be familiar with grasses. All kinds of pests and vermin like moles, ants, and voles can ruin your lawn, especially if their actions aren’t checked.

Responding too late might not be enough to salvage your lawn. In such situations, having the grass replaced is your only option.

v. Unable to Keep Up with Maintenance

Sometimes you may be unable to keep up with lawn maintenance. This may lead to overgrown grasses, severe patches due to pest activity, and the death of grasses.

Such situations will require having affected grass replaced. A lawn care service may recommend a complete replacement.

vi. Improving Property Value

When an existing lawn isn’t in great shape, it will need to be restored or completely replaced. This is especially true when you have plans to sell the house.

By replacing your lawn, the property’s value automatically increases, thus enabling you to get a good bargain.

How Much Does Lawn Replacement Cost?

So you want to have your lawn replaced? There are several cost details to consider.

In discussing the fees involved, you’ll need to consider material costs, labor costs, average costs, and the project size.

  • Grass Replacement Cost

How much is grass per square foot?

On average, lawn replacement costs will range from $970 to $1,360, with $1,190 being the median cost. Because replacement jobs differ from one customer to the next, such will impact the total cost.

Most lawn care services often use per sq. ft. billing strategy.

So, you may be charged around $0.92 to $1.33 per sq. ft. All figures mentioned are estimates of actual costs as prices may differ due to multiple factors.

You’ll need to speak with a replacement contractor to know about your specific lawn replacement job.

Getting the Best Grass Installation Cost Quotes

If you’re unsure how to get the best possible deal, you only need to follow specific essential tips like getting multiple quotes.

Others include getting prices in the fall, taking advantage of differences in pricing structures, and budgeting above the figures.

More tips include negotiating with lawn replacement suppliers and getting the job done yourself. Each of these strategies can lower your expenses when it comes to grass replacement.

Let’s briefly discuss each of them for more details.

i. Get Multiple Quotes

One of the ways to cut down on grass replacement costs is by getting multiple quotes from lawn care services. At least 3 to 5 different estimates should be obtained by you.

These are free and enable you to determine the contractor to hire for the job. Here, the prices are never the same, and you can spot a better deal.

ii. Getting Prices in Fall

Before calling for grass replacement, it’s best to wait until fall as lawn replacement contractors tend to offer the most discounts during this time.

You have the opportunity to seek aggressive discounts as contractors are set to enter their season. Your replacement job will likely be done for a fraction of the cost.

iii. Take Advantage of Differences in Pricing Structures

As mentioned earlier, pricing for grass replacement jobs is never the same across different service providers.

The reason for that is simple; each company has its unique pricing structure, which can work to your advantage.

Their overhead and operational expenses vary, so you’re likely to find a company with fees well within your budget.

iv. Budgeting Sufficiently for the Job

Before contacting a lawn replacement contractor, you’re expected to have budgeted sufficiently for the job.

While this is important, there may be difficulties regarding how much is sufficient for the job. You only need to use the information provided here, to begin with.

v. Negotiating with Lawn Replacement Suppliers

There are several ways of cutting down on grass replacement costs. One includes visiting lawn supply houses to negotiate a better price with suppliers.

Such suppliers are often open to discussing business with customers, especially when the job is significant.

vi. Try the DIY Approach

The DIY approach has always been the go-to strategy for many homeowners or gardeners seeking to cut down on expenses.

While you may be able to cut down on labor costs, among other things, DIY grass replacement isn’t the best approach as the job may not be thorough.

The information included here on grass replacement cost covers multiple aspects relating to pricing. The figures stated are only estimations as prices can vary due to several factors.

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