How Much Does It Cost to Reseed a Lawn?

Here is how much to seed a new lawn.

Various actions can be taken regarding lawn care to improve its health and look.

These actions include mulching, lawn mowing pest control, lawn fertilization & weed control, irrigation system maintenance, and tree services, including hedge trimming & flower services.

Here is the cost of a new lawn.

Average Cost to Reseed a Lawn

Lawn reseeding is one of those that seeks to address patches or bare spots and weed growth problems. Our focus is on lawn reseeding and the cost implications of the procedure.

So, if you wish to call for lawn reseeding anytime soon, you might want to discover the cost implications involved.

  • The Type of Grass Seed you need Matters.

Determining the cost of lawn reseeding includes the type of grass seed you choose.

These varieties include perennial ryegrass, Bahia grass, Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass, and the fine Fescue grass.

Others include the Zoysia grass, centipede grass, etc. These all serve varying needs as people have unique preferences regarding the choice of grass.

Also, certain grass types are better suited for particular regions. With that said, let’s shift our discussion to the cost of reseeding a lawn.

Will Reseeding My Lawn Via DIY Reduce Cost?

Often, homeowners choose the DIY route to lawn reseeding for several reasons, including cutting down on costs.

While this can be a cost-saving measure, it’s not always in your best interest to carry out the procedure yourself. You can make many mistakes, especially if you have little idea of how the process works.

This isn’t to say that DIY lawn reseeding is a bad idea. Handling things yourself can serve you if you know exactly what to do.

This is especially true when you’ve done so successfully in the past. On the other hand, if you have doubts about your capacity to get the job done, you’re better off calling a pro.

When reseeding a lawn via a DIY approach, you’ll still attract some expenses in grass seeds and renting seeding equipment.

Grass seeds cost around $50 to $100 while renting essential seeding equipment will cost anywhere from $80 to $90 per day.

Lawn Seeding Cost Breakdown

So you want to have your lawn reseeded but don’t know the cost details? We’ve got you covered.

The cost of reseeding a lawn can vary from $90 to $180 for a 1,000 sq. ft area. Lawn care services will charge for various things, including grass seeds, according to the size of the targeted area.

Speaking of grass seeds, these attract varying costs according to type.

Popular seed varieties include the Kentucky bluegrass, which sells for around $12 to $19 per pound, and the Bahia variety, which goes for between $9 and $11 per pound.

Other varieties like Fescue and Clover go for $3 to $4 and $4 to $5 per pound, respectively. If you prefer to grow the Bermuda grass species, expect to spend anywhere from $5 to $7 per pound.

  • The Size of Your Lawn will determine Reseeding Costs.

Still, on the cost of lawn reseeding, it’s important to note that the size of your yard will determine its reseeding price.

As expected, larger lawns will cost more to reseed as more seeds are needed or used for the procedure. This also includes more labor.

Specifically, we’ll need to compare average reseeding costs to specific lawn sizes.

Reseeding a lawn measuring between 1 and 1,000 sq. ft. will cost around $90 to $180. A slightly larger lawn size ranging from 1,001 to 2,000 sq. ft will attract a reseeding cost of about $190 to $340.

If your lawn measures anywhere from 2,001 to 3,000 sq. ft., expect to attract an average reseeding cost of around $300 to $500.

At 3,001 to 4,000 sq. ft. or more, you’re likely to incur reseeding costs of around $575 to $720.

Factors Affecting Lawn Reseeding Costs

The costs of lawn reseeding can vary due to multiple factors.

Reseeding jobs will vary from one lawn to the next based on these. Speaking of influencing factors, there are several to consider. These include labor, lawn size, and seed type.

Other influencing factors include lawn quality, location, reseeding plans or packages, and the service or company hired for the job.

Mentioning these alone won’t do justice to our discussion. To have a better idea of how these factors impact reseeding costs, let’s briefly discuss each.

  • Labor Cost to Seed a Lawn

Labor costs for lawn reseeding procedures are charged on an hourly basis.

That means the more time spend on a job attracts higher costs. Also, the number of hours clocked on the job is multiplied by the number of technicians involved in the project.

  • Lawn Size

In our discussions above, we’ve detailed the impact of lawn size on reseeding costs.

Figures were included to provide a better understanding of costs. In a nutshell, the higher the lawn space or area targeted for reseeding, the higher your costs will be, and vice versa.

  • Seed Type

Lawn seed types come in different varieties, with each attracting specific costs. These seeds are also suitable for particular regions.

You’ll need to find what lawn seeds to use for your reseeding project. Only after finding a suitable seed do you check for its cost. Examples have been provided above.

  • Lawn Quality

The condition of your lawn determines if it only needs to be seeded or if more needs to be done to revive it.

For some lawns, only the bare minimum (reseeding) is needed. For others, much more action may be required. Such include laying mulch or sod, among others.

  • Location

Your location will determine how much you pay for reseeding.

Homeowners in urban centers are more likely to pay higher for the same reseeding procedure than in suburban communities.

Here, living costs play a primary role in cost difference.

Reseeding costs include all the details discussed above. The details provide a rough idea of what it can cost you. You’ll have to call for an onsite assessment to determine your price.

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