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Who buys black walnut trees near me?

Are you excited about selling or buying your black walnut tree logs? This is a lot of work and requires significant planning, including choosing walnut lumber pricing.

Readers seeking to sell their black walnut logs cannot launch their operations without choosing a suitable, considerable price.

Walnut Tree Buyers Near Me

People often think walnut tree logs are worth thousands of dollars or more because of their high quality of lumber and veneer. But, unfortunately, this isn’t true.

However, if you have walnut trees on your property, you need to consider several things before you make the first cut.

First, you should consider checking if your walnut log has veneer quality. This will maximize the timber value and the potential cash payout.

Then, you consider the services of a logger and have your logs evaluated by a grader. Your black walnut tree log is worth as much as the buyer will pay.

Many mills buy trees for timber.

Top 20 Black Walnut Tree Buyers in the USA

Do you have a black walnut tree you want to sell? Of course, you’ll be worried about getting a reputable buyer. If that’s the shoe you’re in, then don’t worry.

This article will outline the USA’s top 20 black walnut tree buyers. These companies can buy your tree at an appreciable price while maintaining the safety of your property. Let’s check them out.

  1. Forest Data Network, LLC.

You can depend on this company for excellent prices for your black walnut. The business comprises a group of people with backgrounds in forest land ownership.

They buy various kinds of wood, including pine, walnut, oak, and red cedar.

FDN also uses modern computer technology to compile, analyze, and present actual timber transactions to compile price indices by species, region, and statewide.

  1. Beilers Sawmill

Another reputable buyer of black walnut trees is Beilers Sawmill.

The company specialized in using lumber to craft small wooden objects, flooring, and furniture. Black walnut is one of their preferred woods due to its potential for being high-quality lumber.

However, a few factors can affect how much you’ll make selling to this company. These include the quality of the quality of the tree and how many defects are present in the bark, among others.

  1. We Buy Walnut Trees

Contact this company anytime you want to sell your black walnut. They are among the top buyers of this tree type in Indiana.

Because they are a professional tree service and timber management company, they can cut any standing timber in various sizes and species. This means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your property.

  1. Walnut Timber Buyers

Do you want to make money from your black walnut tree? Then call this buyer as soon as possible. As a licensed walnut timber buyer in Illinois, they can cut any standing tree professionally.

You can also get the monetary value of your tree. Tree management services are readily available.


You can profit significantly from your tree by selling it to this company. They are a timber company that buys exclusively from landowners with stands of desirable trees.

Because the demand for black walnuts is higher than before, you will surely get an appreciable price, depending on the size and quantity of trees you’re selling.

  1. Elder’s Forest Products

This is a reputable buyer to contact for those who live in Michigan. They specialized in buying standing trees from landowners.

However, their experts will assess your property and projects before buying your tree. That way, they’ll know how to remove the tree from your property.

  1. Wigginton Logging Corp.

Do you want to get good pay for your black walnut tree? Then, hire this company in Glenwood, IA. They are professionals in timber harvesting.

They can safely remove trees from your property and ensure proper cleanup, leaving your land in excellent shape.

  1. Hammons Black Walnuts

Hammons Black Walnuts is a reputable timber buyer in the country. They can pay you cash for your black walnut once it meets their specifications.

With years of experience in timber buying, they can remove trees from your land without damaging other things. So call them any time you want to make money from your tree.

  1. Illinois Extension

This isn’t only a tree buyer but a renowned seller as well. They buy various kinds of trees for lumber, including black walnut.

After you purchase from them, they sell them to processing companies and make a profit. How much you’ll gain from them depends on your tree size, condition, and type. But be sure, you’ll get a smiling price.

  1. Wilson Custom Tree

Contact Wilson Custom Tree if you’re looking for a reputable tree buyer. The company offers timber consulting and trade services.

They buy trees, including black walnuts, white oaks, and pines. They’ll pay you handsomely while taking excellent care of your property during removal.

  1. poignant logging

Are you a landowner looking for a sustainable profit from your tree?

Then don’t hesitate to call this company. They specialize in selective hardwood management that best fits the market and the reforestation of your land.

The company can buy your black walnut at an excellent price while maintaining the integrity of your land.

  1. Wabasha Tree Company

This reputable tree buyer can meet all your logging needs. As a professional and locally owned company, they provide various logging solutions to landowners.

If you need help selling your trees, their experts can help you. They can sell your black walnut and other tree types for a fair price.

If your tree has a high value, as determined by their experts, they’ll take the cost off your bill.

  1. Missouri Pacific Lumber

Don’t hesitate to contact this company if you want to exchange your black walnut tree for cash. They provide landowners with a customer service-oriented experience through communication, openness, and honesty.

They’ll meet you to evaluate and mark your timber based on your desired objectives. In addition to that, they’ll provide you with a breakdown of these species, volume, and grade.

  1. American Walnut Company

The American Walnut Company purchases lumber and logs from a 200-mile radius surrounding St. Joseph, Missouri. It cuts various sizes and species of standing timber and is insured.

Using Doyle’s scale (below), logs and wood are bought by board foot. If you’re interested, call them to schedule a bid.

  1. Southwest Michigan Timber Buyer

The buyer can buy your black walnut at the price you expect.

They pay top dollar for the trees they buy because they specialize in high-quality hardwoods. They purchase other trees, such as maple, oak, cherry, hickory, and black walnut.

However, you must be aware of some trees they can’t use. For instance, the company cannot buy trees from a yard or residential areas where tree removal requires specialized equipment.

Additionally, they don’t buy trees blown down by weather, which generally damages the wood for use as a high-quality hardwood.

  1. Clayton Logging

Clayton Logging is a renowned buyer of black walnut trees. They pay the best for Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas tree owners.

Apart from buying trees, they also provide professional walnut timber logging services. Anytime you want to sell your trees in any of the listed regions, you can call them.

  1. Lumberjocks

Are you looking to sell a black walnut tree over 30 feet tall? Luberjocks will be interested in offering you the best price. The company specializes in buying black walnut trees that are in excellent condition.

With a team of professional and experienced experts, they’ll cut down your trees without causing any damage to your property.

  1. At Trico Enterprises

Trico Enterprises is another reputable buyer of black walnut trees. The company is dedicated to buying standing timber and land.

Whenever you want to sell your black walnut tree, you can set up a schedule with them. They’ll send one of their buyers to meet you onsite. They’ll evaluate your property and your personal goals for it.

Besides buying trees, the company offers various services to fit your timber-related needs.

  1. Miller Sawing & Timber

Miller Sawing & Timber can buy your black walnut tree for your desired price. The company uses timber logs for a variety of commercial purposes.

Once your tree meets their requirements, they’ll pay you top dollar. However, the company will send its experts to assess your land to determine the best tree removal method.

  1. K&B Lumber

K & B Lumber should be included in your list of the best tree buyers in the country. They buy various kinds of trees, including black walnut.

The company maximizes the value of each log it harvests and passes that along through higher prices for your standing timber. If you’re a landowner in Ohio, you can call them anytime you want to sell your tree.

These aren’t the best buyers of black walnut trees in the U.S., but they’re ranking first regarding offering great prices and professional logging services. Depending on where you live in the country, you can contact one of these buyers.

You’ve found what you need if you’ve read to this point. There’s also the possibility of sparking ideas that will prove helpful in choosing a black walnut buyer near you.

This fantastic list of buyers helps you choose the one closest to you.

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  1. I have a dead black walnut tree. It is about 30 ft tall. The trunk is 6 ft around and about 20 ft tall.

  2. I have a dead black walnut tree about 30 ft tall. the trunk is 6 ft around and bout 20 ft tall.
    I am in Columbus, Ohio
    If interested please e-mail me.

  3. I have a black walnut tree cut into 2 logs and I have some that’s been run through a saw mill. I’m located in north Louisiana. Email me if interested. I can provide pics and measurements. Thanks!


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