Timber Mills & Companies That Buy Trees For Lumber Near Me

Here is a guide to finding companies and lumber mills that buy trees near you. We will look at a list of tree buyers and other timber logs.

You may have a few commercially viable trees in your yard, or maybe you own a large piece of land filled with hardwood trees that you’d like to sell for wood.

Do sawmills buy trees? Let’s find out.

Tree Logging Companies Near Me

Some companies buy trees for lumber; you must find them and negotiate.

These wood companies purchase all sorts of good quality wood, including pine, cottonwood, oak, and walnut.

The tricky part for you would be figuring out how much these trees are worth, cash-wise.

Keep reading, as I will discuss all you need to know about selling your trees to lumber and timber buyers who may be interested.

Determining The Price Of Your Trees

Putting a price tag on your trees could be tricky, mainly if you’ve never sold trees for lumber.

Many factors can influence the market value of your trees, mainly the tree type. To put a figure to it, you can have the buyer come over and look at them.

Factors that can determine the price of your trees include the following –

Accessibility: If the area where your trees are located is easy to access, the buyer can strike a good deal with you. However, if the room is sloppy or too far off the major roads, it would be harder for the buyer to reach the site and harvest the wood.

Poor accessibility to the wood usually means the buyer will pay less for it.

Geographical location: Timber prices vary by state since a particular type of tree may be very common in one state and scarce in another.

In a state where a particular type of wood is widespread, you would expect such wood to be cheap.

Location of property: If the trees you plan to sell are very close to the wood companies, you can get an excellent deal. The less distance they travel to get the wood, the higher they would pay for it.

Size of the tree: This one’s a no-brainer. The larger the tree, the more expensive it will be.

Condition of the tree and quality of wood: A healthy tree can attract a far better price than a sick and degraded one.

Dead and brittle branches will attract zero interest from buyers.

Type of tree: This also is a no-brainer, as the type of tree you’re selling plays a significant role in deciding how much you can get for it.

Hardwood species like oak, cherry, and walnut are more expensive than firs, pine, and other softwood.

How Much Do The Trees Sell For?

How much do loggers pay for trees? How do I find companies that buy trees for lumber near me?

The truth is, you really can’t put a finger on the exact amount the lumber companies will buy your trees. You can make estimates all the same.

After questioning some lumber buyers here and there, I compiled a list of figures. These are just estimates, though, and they aren’t far off.

  • Black Cherry: $400 to $800 per MBF
  • California Redwood: $700 to $900 per MBF
  • Douglas Fir: $150 to $300 per MBF
  • Hard Maple: $300 to $800 per MBF
  • Pine (Yellow, Spruce, or Hemlock): $75 to $250 per MBF
  • Red Oak: $300 to $600 per MBF
  • Red Pine: $50 to $160 per MBF
  • Soft Maple: $100 to $400 per MBF
  • Walnut: $900 to $1,400 per MBF
  • White Ash: $150 to $600 per MBF
  • White Oak: $250 to $600 per MBF
  • White Pine: $100 to $250 per MBF

As I have mentioned, certain types of wood cost more or less in certain states. To get more accurate estimates, you can quickly search online and see how much the kind of wood you have sold in your area.

Nonetheless, the only way to be 100% sure about how much you’ll get is to have the actual buyer come over to inspect the trees and negotiate with you.

What You Need to Know Before Selling Trees

Having less than a handful of trees or multiple trees for sale can also drive the lumber company’s interest in buying or not buying.

  • Tree Companies That Buy Trees

Most lumber companies will not be interested in buying just one tree for lumber. They’ll be more interested in purchasing as many as 20 to 30 trees, which would be worth their time and investment.

Most lumber companies are looking for voluminous purchases, but one or two smaller lumber companies may be willing to buy one or two trees from you. You have to find them.

If you’ve never sold trees for lumber before, then there are some terms you should first understand before you do. Knowing these terms will help you deal better with the lumber-buying company.

Logs: Many lumber companies will buy trees in log form. This means the tree has already been cut down.

Remember that tree felling is dangerous work, so I don’t recommend doing it yourself. Transporting a truck full of logs is also risky, especially when they are not properly bound to the moving truck.

To be safe, do not sell your tree as logs.

Sawlogs: Any softwood or hardwood species with little appeal can be sold as sawlogs. Trees that fall into this category include cedar, pine, and spruce.

Standing timber buyers near me: These are growing trees on the seller’s property. Most people who sell their trees for lumber sell them as standing timber.

Stand trees: This term refers to several trees found in woodland areas, commonly across many acres.

Stumpage: This means the amount you can be paid for your trees, which can be measured in acreage (for large portions of woodland). Generally, stumpage is calculated in units Per Thousand Board Feet (MBF).

Timber buyer: A timber buyer is a company that buys trees from a tree owner.

It is common for the timber buyer to be responsible for harvesting the trees and transporting them to their sawmill for cutting and resale.

A timber buyer converts the tree to furniture wood or sawdust.

Veneer logs: Wood with beautiful grain is called a veneer log. Examples of such wood include walnut, maples, oaks, and cherry.

Veneer logs attract a higher selling price, but most lumber buyers are willing to pay it, thanks to the quality and appearance of the wood.

Yard trees: Yard trees refer to a single tree or a handful of trees for sale in your yard at home. They are easy to access, and most lumber buyers aren’t interested in them because there are few.

Loggers & Companies That Buy Trees for Lumber

Oak trees are the most sought-after tree variety by companies that buy trees for lumber, but this doesn’t mean they can’t show interest in other tree varieties.

You can find other lumber companies that buy pinewood, cottonwood, and walnut.

The quickest way you can find companies that buy wood is through the internet, but the most trusted means would be to reach out to your state’s Department of Forestry.

Each state in the US has a list of sawmills, wood buyers, and professional foresters you can contact to purchase your trees.

America’s Department Of Agriculture’s Forest Services provides an interactive map covering every state, the timber price in each, and the lumber companies’ contact information.

Who Buys Trees For Lumber Near Me?

If you were to use a search engine to find companies interested in buying your trees, you would be advised to go through trusted websites. Fraudulent dealers are lurking to find trees they can prey on, especially those located away from urban areas.

Another way to find buyers for your trees is to ask a close friend or family member who has had experience selling their trees to lumber companies.

This is a method you can trust since I don’t expect someone close to you to give you misleading information. The only issue with this is—what if none of your immediate family members or friends have had such an experience?

Putting out adverts online is another way to find buyers for your tree. You can target Facebook or Instagram ads to cover your locality. If an interested party comes across your advert, they may be interested in doing business with you.

They must visit the site to confirm that the wood is good quality. If they are satisfied, then expect to receive a check!

Tree Buyers Directory

Here’s a list of popular companies that buy trees for lumber by region –

  • Midwest: Midwest Hardwood Corporation
  • Missouri: American Walnut
  • New Hampshire and Vermont: Stillwater Forestry, LLC
  • New York and Pennsylvania: Gutchess Lumber
  • Northwest part (Washington, Oregon): Cascade Hardwood
  • Southeast region (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida): Canal Wood
  • Western US: Sierra Pacific Industries

Top 20 Mills and Logging Companies That Buy Trees for Lumber

Stay on this page if you want to learn more about the top 20 mills and logging companies that buy lumber for free in the U.S. You’ll become familiar with their offerings, addresses, and contact information.

You’ll know who can buy from you when you want to sell your tree. Take a look at the buyers below.

  1. AKA Tree Service

AKA Tree Service is renowned for buying trees for lumber. They’ll pay top dollar for trees and care for your property or wooded land.

The company sells timber to markets that make lumber, veneer, and other forest products. Call them or visit their installation if you want to sell your tree.

  1. Elder’s Forest Products

Contact this company if you’re looking for a reputable buyer for your tree. They specialize in buying standing trees directly from landowners.

The company sells lumber products to manufacturers worldwide. These products include sawn lumber, veneer logs, pine boards, sawdust, mulch, and rough and precut fence boards.

A few industries they sell to include furniture producers, veneer companies, and lumber companies. Before buying your tree, they’ll send their experts to assess your property.

That way, they can recommend removing the tree from your land.

For more details, visit the yard at 10367 Northland Dr. NE, Rockford, MI 49341, U.S., or call their official line at +1 616-866-9317.

  1. K&B Lumber

K & B Lumber is an independent logging company that ventures into buying standing timber.

If you live in Ohio, you can call them to sell your tree anytime. They will offer you top dollar for your timber, and your transactions don’t require an intermediary.

However, the company is dedicated to selective, low-impact logging that doesn’t destroy your forest. So, they’re looking for walnut, white oak, red oak, maple, cherry, hickory, poplar, and ash trees.

For more details, visit them at 4865 Co. Rd. 19, Millersburg, OH 44654, U.S. You can also call their line at +1 330-893-3540.

  1. Perkins Timber

Perkins Construction & Timber Company specializes in selling timber and supervising all aspects of logging. If your land contains standing timber, it may be worth substantial money.

We pay 100% cash upfront before removing a tree from your land. The company has experience and uses selective cutting to remove only the individual trees that meet their criteria.

Perkins Timber is located in Sewickley, PA 15143, U.S. Their phone number is +1 412-716-1674.

  1. Indiana Timber Buyers

Indiana residents can contact this tree buyer.

The company specializes in commercial timer harvesting, marketing, and evaluations. In addition to buying trees, it educates landowners on selling timber and managing stands to ensure maximum financial gain.

To contact this business, you can call their official line at +1 812-871-4131 or visit them at 949 W County Rd., 400 S., Greensburg, IN 47240, U.S.

  1. Falling Creek Log & Lumber Company

Selling your tree to this company will get you the best price. They specialize in buying trees for lumber and selling their products to other businesses.

Their goal is to make the sale of trees easy and rewarding for landowners. Falling Creek Log & Lumber Company is located at 14281 Washington Hwy., Ashland, VA 23005, U.S.

You can also call their official line at +1 804-798-6121.

  1. Green Ridge Forest Products

Indeed, harvesting and selling timber for lumber can be an excellent way for a landowner to contribute to sustainable forestry practices and make a handsome income.

If you are looking for someone to buy your tree, look no further. Green Ridge Forest Products has led timber harvesting and sustainable forestry for decades. They’ll help you get the most value out of your hardwood.

  1. Wagner Lumber

Contact Wagner Lumber to buy your tree at an appreciable price.

The company utilizes 90 million board feet of logs per year. They are among those who purchase standing trees from private landowners throughout Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.

Wagner is very competitive in its pricing, and payment for timber is made upfront before any wood is harvested.

  1. Matson Lumber Company

Trust the Matson Lumber Company’s reputation. They understand your timber is a valuable asset. For that reason, they’ll buy your tree at the best value.

The company employs staff who consistently travel the world searching for the best lumber and log markets. With consistent global demand, you can be assured that we will always offer you a fair price for your timber.

  1. Maple Rapids Lumber Mill, Inc.

Are you tired of searching for someone who will buy your tree all over your area? Then, quickly contact this company. They buy standing hardwood timber at a fair price.

Whether you are a public or private landowner, they’ll patronize you. The company specializes in selective timber cutting for sustainable wood lot management.

  1. Walnut Timber Buyers

Do you have a vast amount of wood on your land that you’ll want to exchange for money? Walnut Timber Buyers will be interested in offering you the best price possible.

The company works to ensure your timber sale goes as smoothly as possible. They have the employees and connections available to quickly and efficiently cut your wood and get it sold.

  1. Buskirk Lumber

Buskirk Lumber is a central Michigan lumber company that operates a sawmill and dry kiln facility.

If you need buyers for your tree, contact them. The company has over a century of experience and is highly experienced in using the best management practices in the logging industry.

Apart from buying your tree handsomely, they can develop a plan that’s best for you, whether you wish to harvest again or make improvements for hunting.

  1. Townsend Lumber

Townsend Lumber can buy your standing tree at the best price possible. The company knows that getting the best value from timber assets requires an in-depth understanding of forest management.

That’s why they have a team of forest management experts who embrace sustainable forestry practices. This ensures the safety of your property during entry.

  1. North Georgia Timber

Feel free to call this company if you need a reputable buyer for your tree.

North Georgia Timber has over 20 years of experience in the timber industry. They will offer you the best price for your tree while maintaining the safety of your property.

For more details, you can contact them at +1 404-606-2569 or visit their installation at 111 Fairview Ave., Marietta, GA 30062, U.S.

  1. Timbco, LLC

TIMBCO, LLC, is a timber procurement company that can buy your tree for its worth.

The money gained from selling your trees and timber can be used as additional income. The company uses it to help pay taxes, go toward investments, or supplement retirement.

Apart from buying trees for income’s sake, Timbco, LLC provides other outstanding services to help manage your timberland and maximize your rate of return.

We offer tax help, reforestation/replanting, and other forestry-related assistance if they purchase your timber.

  1. Long Valley Timber LLC

Long Valley Timber LLC is another renowned mill and logging company that buys trees for lumber. It serves Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, and Southwest Missouri.

The company also offers excellent logging and mulching services. They have the equipment and expertise to make your property project dream come true.

​Long Valley Timber LLC is located at 1479 Madison 7855, Huntsville, AR 72740, United States. Its phone number is +1 479-232-5811.

  1. Bourdo Logging & Sawmill

You can count on Burdo Logging and Sawmill to buy your tree at the best value. The company is renowned for buying standing timber and cutting trees.

Bourdo Logging pays more for your timber because it doesn’t pay to rent equipment or sell our logs. The company uses all of its lumber logs.

  1. The Good Forty Land & Timber

This mill and logging company specializes in buying and managing timber for private landowners. They also focus on real estate and land management.

They can be your best shot if you need a reputable buyer for your tree. Their services range from timber harvesting & logistics to forest management and property improvement.

The Good Forty Land & Timber is located at 330 Lake Coweta Trail, Newnan, GA 30263, U.S. Their official line is +1 770-304-0051.

  1. H. K. Logging & Lumber LLC

HK Logging and Lumber LLC is a family-owned and operated master logging company that specializes in buying trees for logging from private individuals and businesses.

They can be your best bet if you want the best price for your tree. The company will maximize your timberland income potential.

You can visit them at 17067 Kinsman Rd., Middlefield, OH 44062, U.S., or call them at +1 440-632-1997.

  1. Beiler’s Sawmill

Beiler’s Sawmill is an Amish-owned and operated lumber mill renowned for buying trees for commercial purposes. The company is into the wholesale of quality hardwood lumber from over ten species.

These include white oak, walnut, red oak, poplar, cherry, maple, and ash.

if you want them to buy your logs and standing timber, visit their installation at 921 Lancaster Pike, Quarryville, PA 17566, U.S. You can also call their phone at +1 717-912-8477

there are many more mills and logging companies for lumber in the U.S. The list we’ve provided above is just a few, but the most reputable.

They’ll pay you top dollar for your standing tree while maintaining the safety of your property.



There are sawmills, lumber companies, and mills that buy trees for lumber. The state or region where your trees are located will determine the price of the wood.

Other factors, such as location, accessibility, and wood quality, will also influence the price lumber companies will pay for your trees.

Good luck!

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