In this article, we seek to discuss tips on buying live Christmas trees. This is in response to many buyers’ challenges when they shop for such trees.

As the year winds down, plants that witness a surge in demand include Christmas trees. One common thing with increased demand is increased prices, but that isn’t our focus.

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If you’re reading this, there’s a possibility that you’ve experienced some form of difficulty with Christmas tree purchases in the past.

We’re here to discuss all of that with details provided on costs, varieties, and where to buy, among other things. By the end, you should have comprehensive knowledge of how to proceed.

  • Why Live Christmas Trees?

If you love to have live Christmas trees but haven’t sat down to think about the benefits, some little help might be necessary to further solidify your preference for such trees.

First off, Christmas trees are totally (100%) recyclable. Another one replaces the old almost immediately.

Also, the period it takes (about 5 to 10 years) for such trees to reach ideal sizes is when such trees support wildlife habitat.

Like other trees, Christmas trees help remove carbon from the air while releasing oxygen, thus helping to fix pollution problems.

Of course, the apparent benefit is one we can’t skip: improving your landscape. These trees have an ornamental value, which makes a great addition to your landscape.

  • About Live Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees are living container-grown trees that allow buyers to have the real deal while also moving them quickly and growing them on their property.

Unlike the cut types, live trees tend to be heavier. However, if you and your family want to watch a tree go, you might give this a shot.

You’ll soon find out there are different varieties of live Christmas trees.

As a buyer, you need to know the growing zones and the height of the different varieties to tell whether or not you want to buy such trees.

So, are live Christmas trees right for you?

You’ll need to hang on as we go through the different aspects of buying and growing these trees, including the wide varieties you’ll find.

Whatever your needs are, you should be able to find a tree that fits your specific needs. Let’s get into details on essential buying tips for live Christmas trees.

Buying Live Christmas Trees

Before you ever decide on buying live Christmas trees, you’ll have to determine the options available to you regarding the different varieties, sizes, costs, and hardiness zones.

Also necessary is information on where to buy these trees. In this section, we discuss each of these points for more clarity.

  • The Different Christmas Tree Varieties to Choose from

Buyers of live Christmas trees have many options to choose from in terms of the species or varieties available.

These options include the balsam fir tree, Canaan fir tree, Frazer fir tree, grand fir tree, Douglas fir tree, and the noble fir tree.

Other options include the Concolor fir, Scotch pine tree, white pine tree, black spruce tree, Virginia pine tree, ad white spruce tree.

Buyers may also be interested in the Norway spruce, Leyland cypress tree, Arizona cypress tree, deodar cedar, and red cedar trees.

All Christmas trees mentioned can be broadly categorized into five groups: fir trees, pine, spruce, cypress, and cedar.

You might want to use these categories to choose what live Christmas tree variants to go for. This, coupled with other details like the hardiness zones, allows for better selection.

  • Figure Out the Cost

What’s the cost of a live Christmas tree? Many buyers will have to know the price before buying their trees.

However, it’s necessary to understand that a definite cost amount can’t be given without considering certain factors. Some cost-influencing factors include the size of your Christmas tree and its variety.

Also, the cost of a tree can be affected by where you’re buying from.

The number of trees you need is also essential. When it comes to size, you’ll find different trees at various levels of growth.

You get o choose the tree size you want. As expected, miniature Christmas trees cost less than larger ones.

We’ve discussed the different Christmas tree varieties you can choose from. Prices tend to differ by sort slightly. So, having identified your preferred type, you’ll have to determine how much it costs.

Where are you buying your trees from?

Wherever it is you want to buy your trees from, one thing you have to know is that prices are hardly the same. Sellers adopt different pricing structures to suit their needs.

As a buyer, you must compare the rates from one seller to another to get the best deal.

The number of live Christmas trees you need is also essential. This detail can determine how much discount you get from a seller.

Typically, large purchase volumes attract more discounts than fewer purchases.

  • Hardiness Zones

What hardiness zone do you live in? This little detail can impact how well your Christmas tree does. Here, we’re referring to the climatic conditions within your locations.

Different Christmas tree varieties have varying tolerance levels; hence tend to be more suitable to specific climatic conditions.

Where to Buy Live Christmas Trees

There are lots of options when it comes to buying a live Christmas tree.

The best way to shop for your trees is to explore as many options as possible. You also need to find out what customers think about a particular seller through reviews dropped by about the nursery.

Here are some popular vendors:

You can avoid a bad experience with customer reviews by only patronizing those deemed reputable by customers.

All the above tips must be applied when buying a Christmas tree. Your chances of success are greatly improved by taking these basic measures.

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