7 Common House Bugs In Californian Apartments

What are the most prevalent house bugs in Californian apartments?

Homeowners are often faced with all sorts of pest issues ranging from ants, bed bugs, wasps, spiders, flies, rats, mice, termites, mosquitoes, bees, roaches, and many more.

While some of these aren’t so difficult to get rid of, others tend to be more challenging. However, that isn’t the point.

Common House Bugs in California

Every homeowner will want to have these pests gotten rid of irrespective of whether their difficult or easy to remove. Certain locations may have their unique pest challenges, hence our focus on the state of California.

If you live in California and plan on moving anytime soon, this article will be of significant help in preparing response strategies.

California Household Bug Issues

Like in most regions, California has its fair share of household pest issues. Homeowners here deal with a lot of pests ranging from fleas, ants, roaches, and bed bugs.

Others include silverfish, termites, paper wasps, earwigs, rats, and millipedes. The house mouse is quite common in the bay area as well.

What Type of Challenges are Faced with these Pest Issues?

Each of these pests poses a unique type of challenge ranging from destruction of property, the spread of diseases, and creating significant discomfort as is common with parasitic pests.

For a better idea of the extent of problems posed by these pest problems let’s have a look at each.

  • Fleas

Fleas are among the common bugs found in Californian apartments. Pet owners mostly experience such problems due to the nature of flea infestation which targets mainly animals.

This isn’t to say fleas won’t feed on human hosts when the opportunity presents itself.

The fur on pets provides ample cover when feeding on blood. Whenever your pets move around your backyard or meet other pets within the neighborhood, these pests hop onto their bodies.

Humid and warm climates are the most ideal for fleas.

For evidence of their presence, you only need to look at your dog’s behavior. If your dog seems to be having a lot of discomforts evidenced by excessive scratching, it’s a sure sign that fleas are around.

Also, you’re likely to find them moving around upon closer inspection.

  • Ants

Ants are also common house bugs found in Californian apartments. However, one particular ant species tends to be found in most homes. The Argentine ant is most active throughout the year.

They get indoors in search of shelter and food.

The kitchen area is where you’re most likely to find this ant species. That is because they’re drawn to food particles and spills. Almost all forms of organic matter will be considered food.

Also, you’ll find these ants in humid areas of your home as they’re drawn to moisture.

  • Roaches

Roaches are among the most detested pests in homes for good reason. Not only are these bugs filthy, but they can also transmit diseases. These two are common in Californian apartments.

They’re mostly nocturnal creatures and are attracted to food and moisture.

Roaches are drawn to basically any food(s) eaten by humans. As such, all food scraps will have to be cleared up. Consider doing the dishes and cleaning up after each meal.

Without proper preventive action, roaches will easily cause adverse health conditions like dysentery as well as food poisoning among others.

  • Bed Bugs

One of the most difficult pest problems to deal with in Californian apartments is exterminating bed bugs. These pests target human blood and are drawn or attracted by carbon dioxide, and warmth.

These conditions enable them to home in on locations or areas where you sit or sleep for extended periods.

The bed area is where most of the action takes place. Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal and wait for when you’re asleep. During this time, you’re still.

With minimal movement, these bugs can feast on your blood.

Before moving into a new apartment in California, it’s important to have such an apartment thoroughly fumigated. This helps to kill any lingering bed bugs as well as their eggs.

Bed bugs are known to live for extended periods of time without feeding.

So, it’s necessary to adopt all precautionary measures to avoid them.

  • Termites

Termites are dreaded due to the sheer amount of damage they cause. These social insect pests are highly destructive and cause billions of dollars in damages.

A home built in termite-prone areas of California will get destroyed within a short period of time when adequate preventive steps aren’t taken.

One of the ways to keep them at bay is by removing all standing water around your apartment. A well-ventilated basement and attic lessen the volume of moisture.

Termites are known to be drawn to moisture and will readily infest areas with high moisture content.

You might want to be more carefully scattering scraps of wood around your yard or home. These provide incentives for termites to encroach on your property.

  • Rats

Rats are generally destructive and have the potential of spreading diseases through their urine and droppings.

These rodents will chew on electrical wiring insulation, furniture, books, and just about anything they consider potential nesting material.

House fires have resulted from short-circuiting of electrical wiring whose insulating covers have been chewed on.

Unkempt apartments and unhygienic conditions are among the major causes of rat presence in Californian apartments.

  • House Mice

The house mice are quite clever and among common bugs found in Californian apartments. These rodents are among the most destructive pests and also spread diseases through their urine and droppings.

Their constantly growing teeth need to be sharpened and filed. As such, it’s common to find gnaw marks on furniture.

What more? These rodents will chew on just about anything they consider chewable. This includes electrical wiring upholstered furniture, food, and nuts as well as paper products.

House mice thrive on cluttered surroundings as it provides them with ample hiding spots.

To deal with this problem, you’ll need to have your apartment fumigated by professionals and all possible entry points sealed up. This effectively excludes them from gaining entry.

These are some of the common house bugs in Californian apartments. Although they pose a significant danger to health and property, problems posed can be easily tackled by adopting reliable treatment techniques.

Pest management companies in California help tackle these challenges.

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