This article will be discussing cast iron fireplace inserts with types, sizes, designs, and a lot more is covered.

Fireplace inserts are made of various materials ranging from steel and cast iron. Each of these materials has its benefits. Here, we’re interested in fireplace inserts made from cast iron.

One of the main advantages of cast iron materials is that heat is retained for longer.

This leads to a situation where retained heat is evenly radiated long after the fire has been turned off. Here, it’s evident that money is saved on fuel costs.

Benefits of Cast Iron Fireplace Inserts

If you’re wondering about the benefits derived from buying cast iron fireplace inserts, there are a number of them to consider. Asides from its heat retentive feature that leads to savings on fuel cost, cast iron fireplace inserts also offer several other benefits.

These benefits include durability, zero distortion, and an aesthetic appeal.

  • Durability

Because a fireplace insert is designed for heating, a tough material that will withstand such heat will be required for its construction. This is the exact benefit of a cast iron fireplace insert.

Most cast iron fireplace inserts are built to last. They can easily contain and effectively distribute the combustive heat within them.

  • Zero Distortion

Zero distortion simply refers to a situation where the integrity of the heating appliance isn’t affected. The door always shuts tightly. A tight closing door for a fireplace insert is essential to its efficiency.

This is one clear benefit you get from its operation.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

A variety of appealing designs are available for cast iron fireplace inserts. You get to choose a design that fits your home’s interior and existing fireplace.

Buyers are spoiled for choice when it comes to casting iron fireplace insert products to choose from.

Cast Iron Fireplace Insert Brands

When it comes to the top brands or manufacturers of cast iron fireplace inserts, there are quite a number of them. Each of these manufacturers has built a reputation spanning several decades.

Some of the top brands include Napoleon Inserts, Osburn Fireplace Inserts, and Monessen Inserts.

Other brands include Empire Fireplace Inserts, Majestic Fireplace Inserts, MF Fireplace Inserts, Simplifier Fireplace Inserts, and Buck Stove Fireplace Inserts.

There are also Ventis Fireplace Inserts, True North Fireplace Inserts, Remii Fireplace Inserts, and Outdoor Greatroom Company Fireplace Inserts.

There are more reputable brands such as Duluth Forge Fireplace Inserts, Sierra Flame Fireplace Inserts, Amantiii Fireplace Inserts, US Stove Inserts, Modern Flames Fireplace Inserts, and Real Fyre Fireplace Inserts.

You can choose from Kingsman Fireplace Inserts, Dimplex Fireplace Inserts or Drolet Fireplace inserts.

We can continue to list much other quality cast iron fireplace insert brands. However, we need to move to another point of discussion which is the type of cast iron fireplace inserts you’ll find.

Cast Iron Fireplace Insert Types

As stated earlier, there are lots of cast iron insert products to choose from. These are products from different manufacturers with a reputation for quality.

Let’s have a look at some of these products.

They include Cast Tec Anson Cast Iron Fire Insert, Carron Celtic Cast Iron Fire Insert, and Gallery Collection Large Crown Cast Iron Fire Insert.

Other products include Sutton Cast Iron Insert, Bolton Cast Iron Insert, Fitzwilliam Cast Iron Insert, and Gloucester Cast Iron Insert.

There are others like the Henley Cast Iron Insert, Jubilee Cast Iron Insert, Landsdowne Cast Iron Insert, and Crown Cast Iron Insert.

Tips for Buying the Right Cast Iron Fireplace Insert

With the above-mentioned options, it’s clear that picking a product won’t be an easy task. Every buyer has unique needs. As such, you’ll have to choose a product based on your specific needs.

So, what exactly are these needs you need to consider?

They include the fuel type, the right fit or size, as well as the venting system available. Another factor to look out for is whether the insert has customizable features.

Let’s further discuss each of these points.

  • Fuel Type

Like most fireplace inserts, cast iron inserts have varying fuel designs. In other words, there are variations as to the fuel type being used for each.

The main fuel options you’ll find include wood-burning inserts, gas inserts, electric-fired inserts, and those designed for use with pellet fuels.

Here, you’ll need to decide what best fits your needs.

Certain fuel types may be more convenient for you than others. So, choosing your cast iron fireplace insert based on the fuel type should be considered.

  • Right Fit or Size

Buying a cast iron fireplace insert (or any other type) means that you want to make modifications to your open fireplace. Here, not every insert size will sit perfectly.

You’ll have to take the dimensions of your open fireplace. This is meant to ensure you find the right appliance that will fit snugly.

  • Venting System Available

Identifying your venting options is a key consideration to make before choosing a product.

What’s your available venting like? Wood burning cast iron inserts will require more venting than those designed for pellet or gas combustion.

If you have an existing chimney system, then venting shouldn’t be much of a problem when buying wood-burning inserts.

However, buying wood-burning inserts when you have no venting system would mean significant remodeling, and construction of a venting system will be necessary.

  • Customizable Features

Customizable features should be considered when shopping for a cast iron fireplace insert.

First, what options are there, and what are your preferences? Marrying these two will go a long way in helping you pick the best product.

An added advantage will include discussing with your fireplace professional. This ends up giving you positive results.

Does Appearance Matter?

For most buyers, this is the primary attraction before anything else is considered. Thankfully, there are lots of elegant cast iron fireplace insert designs to choose from.

The aesthetic appeal, coupled with the considerations should enable you to find the right insert.

This is as far as we’ll go on our discussion on cast iron fireplace inserts. We’ve considered the different aspects of these products ranging from types, brands, and buying tips among others.

This should give you a fair idea of what it takes to get the right cast iron fireplace insert.

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