Do you wish to make some modifications to your old fireplace? You may want to consider propane gas fireplace inserts.

These types of modern inserts are known to offer lots of benefits to homeowners. Plus, they are easy to install.

If you’re seeking reasons to install this type of fireplace insert, there are several. Stick with us to find out.

LG Propane Gas Fireplace Inserts

If you’re a bit confused about what propane gas fireplace inserts are, these are simply inserts powered by propane gas. Now, there are several other fuels used by other inserts.

These include natural gas, EPA-certified wood, electric, coal, and pellets.

With propane gas as fuel, your fireplace insert provides efficient heating. These types of inserts are among the most popular due to their ease of use among other benefits.

About the benefits derived, let’s discuss more in the next section;

Benefits Derived from Propane Gas Inserts

Propane gas fireplace inserts are among the easiest to operate compared with others. There are multiple benefits attached to its use such as lower utility bills, improved aesthetic value, saving big on renovation costs, and fewer carbon emissions.

Other benefits include increased safety and more convenience. These are key factors that have placed propane gas inserts among the most popular home heating devices.

Let’s further discuss each of these benefits as follows;

  • Lower Utility Bills

In many homes, there are provisions for secondary heating due to inefficient heating from an old fireplace. Wood fireplaces in particular aren’t as efficient and require additional heating from other sources such as electricity.

However, with propane gas fireplace inserts, the need to have secondary heating using electricity and other fuel sources is eliminated. Propane gas fireplace inserts are designed to be more insulated which leads to greater efficiency.

This saves you additional costs on electricity bills.

  • Improved Aesthetic Value

Improved and innovative designs of propane gas fireplace inserts are continually being produced. These insert designs beautify your old fireplace.

As such, you don’t only end up with an efficient heating system but also improve or create a stylish look and feel for your old fireplace.

  • Saving Big on Renovation Costs

Renovation costs can take up a substantial part of the fireplace installation. This is especially true when installing or replacing fireplace inserts such which use other fuels apart from propane gas.

With propane gas fireplace inserts, your fireplace, however small (including those with low clearance) will be an easy fit.

Most propane gas fireplace inserts are designed to readily fit into any old fireplace without much hassle. This saves you a lot of renovation costs. You won’t need to have your fireplace widened just to fit a fireplace as seen with other types of inserts.

  • Fewer Carbon Emissions

The world is shifting towards the use of fuels with fewer carbon emissions as these have a less environmental impact.

Propane gas fireplace inserts are a perfect fit as it burns efficiently. This requires less fuel to burn in addition to burning cleaner than other fuels like coal.

  • Enhanced Safety

A propane gas fireplace solves a lot of problems. These range from downdrafts which happen to result in smoke back up, wood popping during combustion which throws sparks that could cause accidents, and several other risks.

With propane gas fireplace inserts, these problems are eliminated. The fire burns safely and also clean, thus saving you the stress of making a fire as well as the accidents that may result.

  • More Convenience

There’s so much convenience when it comes to the use of propane gas fireplace inserts. Unlike wood or pellet fireplace inserts, you won’t have to worry about the stressful kindling, wood gathering, and more.

You only need to light your fire within a few seconds to start heating.

  • Maintenance Free

One of the major benefits you get with propane gas fireplace inserts is the zero maintenance that comes with using them.

These inserts aren’t complicated and don’t require clearing ash like wood inserts. It has a pretty straightforward operation that saves upon cost.

What To Consider Before Buying A Propane Gas Fireplace Insert

Not all propane gas fireplace inserts will fit your needs. There are variances you need to check or consider to determine what will serve your purpose.

These include the size of your room, its style and aesthetics, energy efficiency, insulation, flooring and ceiling height, price, and warranty, and safety features.

  • Your Room Size

Unlike other fireplace inserts using other fuels, propane gas fireplace inserts are much more efficient in heating larger spaces.

With greater flexibility being offered, you can choose pretty much any propane gas insert type for your home.

  • Style & Aesthetics

Your old fireplace can be transformed to have an appealing look.

Propane gas fireplace inserts come in various designs. You’ll need to go through the different types to pick your most preferred fit. You might want to seek some assistance in terms of advice from a professional in this regard.

  • Energy Efficiency

Gas fireplace inserts generally come in vented and ventless variants.

As the name implies, a vented insert has an escape opening for heat to go up the chimney.

Ventless variants can easily be installed in a fireplace without the need to vent out the heat. In this case, all the heat remains indoors.

Your choice of an energy-efficient fireplace insert will depend on what your heating needs are.

  • Insulation, Flooring & Height

Even the most efficient gas fireplace insert won’t give the desired heating needs when there’s poor insulation. You’ll have to ensure that your home is properly insulated to eliminate the escape of heat.

Ceiling height may also have an impact on efficiency. Very high ceilings may affect the rate of heating as heat may rise. Flooring type is another consideration.

Certain floor types may prove unsuitable for propane gas fireplace inserts.

  • Price & Warranty

Price plays a vital role in determining the type of propane gas fireplace inserts bought.

You should be on the lookout for efficient propane gas inserts within your budget. Product warranty is also a factor to be considered.

Certain gas fireplace inserts have longer warranty periods than others. Go for such products.

  • Safety Features

Safety is of the utmost concern when it comes to using a propane gas fireplace. You should ensure your preferred product checks in with all safety guidelines.

GUIDE: Inspecting A Gas Fireplace

Propane gas fireplace inserts are among the most efficient when it comes to the type of fuel used. We’ve also included its many advantages and why you should consider them.

With these, you achieve better heating efficiency than most other insert fuels.

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