Tide Dry Cleaners Prices – Average Service Cost

Here is how much Tide dry cleaning service cost?

One of the trusted brands when it comes to dry cleaning services is Tide Cleaners.

This 24/7 cleaning services provider offers personalized washing, dry cleaning, repair, and alteration services.

Its operations are supported by technology with its intuitive and user-friendly app to keep your happenings and innovative services.

For a lot of people, pricing is a crucial aspect of dry cleaning services. People need to know what a particular laundry service will cost them.

That way, they’re able to plan better and make cost-saving decisions that benefit them. Tide Cleaners’ dry cleaning prices will be discussed in this article.

If you’re planning on patronizing them anytime soon, you’ll find the contents of this article very informative.

With Tide Cleaners, it only takes Three Steps

To begin to use its dry cleaning services, all you have to do is download its app, register, and place an order. You’ll need to take your items to its collection center where locker rooms are provided for you to place items in.

Lastly, all you have to do is wait for a notification of completion of the dry cleaning service. This is sent via text and email. But that’s not what we’re here for is it? Absolutely!

We needed to make a short introduction before discussing pricing.

Tide Dry Cleaners Pricing

Dry cleaning prices at Tide are quite varied depending on what it is you want to have cleaned. All sorts of fabric items ranging from ties, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, sweaters, and blouses, etc attract varying costs.

In other words, what you end up paying in laundry fees is determined by the volume of clothing brought.

These dry-cleaning costs fall within a range.

For a pair of pants, expect a dry cleaning fee within the $5.99 to $7.40 range. This is a bit different for a blouse as it costs around $5.55 to $7.40 while a dry-cleaned shirt goes for around $5.99 to $7.40.

Other cost details for dry cleaning services include a sweater which attracts an average fee of $5.99 to $7.40, with a laundered shirt going for between $2.95 and $4.00. The dry cleaning cost for a dress is between $8.99 and $13.80.

Tide Cleaners washing and folding costs go for around $1.99 to $3.00 per pound. Dry cleaning cost for a tie is about $4.50 to $6.90. You’ll normally pay around $2.00 to $4.00 per pound for basic laundry services.

Tide Cleaners Monthly Laundry Cost

There are options for clients seeking to go for its monthly dry cleaning plans. In terms of cost, a per-pound estimate pricing plan is adopted. Tide Cleaners base monthly laundry plan available to clients starts at $29.99 per month. This applies to laundry volumes of about 20 pounds a month.

Anything above the 20-pound mark will attract a higher fee. For example, 80 pounds of laundry a month translate to around $99.99. This is its higher plan and mostly aimed at customers with a high volume of laundry per month.

Certain Factors Affect Tide’s Dry Cleaning Prices

To have an idea of the exact pricing for your laundry, you’ll need to patronize its service to find out what applies.

This is because multiple factors come into play. This includes the proximity of a Tide Cleaners place to your location. This laundry service has outlets spread across several cities and states.

Transportation plays a key role in determining overall dry cleaning costs. This is because a distant Tide Cleaners location will attract more expenses in terms of taking you to, and from the laundry service.

This might not be convenient for you as you could end up spending more on transportation costs than necessary.

The opposite applies when the location is closest to you. When factoring in dry cleaning costs including transport, it’s very insignificant. Most customers will prefer the latter scenario.

  • Condition of Garment

The pricing details supplied above do not apply to all dry cleaning services offered by Tide. Stained garments will usually require special treatment to get rid of such stains.

Oil stains tend to be more difficult to deal with. A special rate may apply depending on the difficulty involved in getting rid of the stain.

  • Type of Garment

When it comes to dry cleaning, different types of garments are treated differently. For example, lace materials or wedding gowns are considered delicate and handled differently from other types.

The more delicate a garment is, the more you’re likely to pay to have it cleaned.

  • Your Location

Although Tide Cleaners is the same company, its pricing could vary from one location to the next. There are lots of Tide Cleaners locations. These include both local and international.

For each of these locations, a slight variation in pricing may apply.

One of the likely reasons for such difference (however little) in pricing between locations is the cost of living. Dry cleaning prices tend to be lower in areas with a low cost of living and higher for locations with higher living costs.

Services Offered

Asides from dry cleaning services, Tide Cleaners provides several other service categories.

They include wash & fold laundry, household items cleaning, alternation services, outwear, shoe cleaning and repair, as well as special services.

Under its alteration category, dry-cleaning related value-added services are offered.

These consist of sleeves shortening, taking in jackets, hemming of pants, outerwear, skirts, & dresses, zipper replacements, fixing of holes on fabric, and adjusting jacket or coat shoulders.

  • Special Service Offerings

Tide cleaners offer special services ranging from wedding dress cleaning & storage, special care fabric services, as well as its signature Tide Back-to-Black service.

These have their own special pricing structure different from those listed above. You’ll need to make inquiries to find out such details.

For its Tide Back-to-Black service, this dry cleaning service restores faded garments such as cotton fabrics back to life. These fabrics are restored to their original look.

A service category such as wedding dress cleaning & storage is also charged quite differently from those mentioned earlier.

This is what there is to know about Tide dry cleaning prices. This is a major dry cleaning brand spread across the United States and beyond. It offers a wide range of services as discussed above.

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