This article will be shedding light on how to write a good cleaning business mission statement.

As an entrepreneur seeking to start a cleaning business, one of the things you must have is a mission statement. This clarifies your objectives by providing a description of what your business does and why you do it. Most important is the fact that it points you towards a goal that must be accomplished within a set time.

More often than not, new entrepreneurs have struggled with the idea of writing a mission statement for their cleaning business plan. We are here to help!

Read on to find important questions that must be answered.

Commercial Cleaning Business Mission Statement Outline

To put together an excellent mission statement for your cleaning business, it must have three parts or sections.

A key market or target audience, the service, and also, what makes your cleaning business unique.

Putting Your Mission Statement Together

To piece together a solid mission statement for your cleaning business, you’ll need to answer important questions. These questions chart a way towards arriving at the desired outcome.

Here, we’ll be asking and providing suitable answers to such questions.

  • Why Are You In Business?

Every serious cleaning business owner has good reasons why they got into this line of business. You want to clearly state the reasons why you’re in business and what such business holds for your customers, you as well as your family.

That strong desire or spark that pushed you to start this business is what will keep you going despite challenges.

  • Your Target Customers

When writing your cleaning business mission statement, you’ll need to identify who your customers are.

Without knowing your potential or target customers, there’s hardly anything tangible that can be done in creating services that cater to their needs.

By knowing who your customers are, you’re actively involved in finding more creative and efficient ways to offer your cleaning services which in turn fits their most pressing needs.

  • Your Image or Brand

One of the most important things for a new cleaning business to create is an image that sparks or creates confidence in clients.

As a cleaning business, you’ll not only be dealing with customers in need of your services but also cleaning product suppliers, and employees.

In any case, you want everyone you do business with to have a favorable perception of your cleaning operations.

The better the perception, the more likely you are to have a successful business.

  • What Are the Factors Determining Pricing And Quality?

Having decided on the nature of your products and services, you’ll need to identify factors that determine your pricing and quality of cleaning service.

There are different types of cleaning services. These include residential cleaning, industrial cleaning, cleaning of health facilities, and so on.

The type of cleaning service you offer will influence pricing. The more specialized the cleaning, the higher the charges are likely to be. Several things may come into play depending on your level of competence and also your scale of operations.

  • Level of Service You Intend to Offer

There are lots of cleaning companies that each provide varying degrees of services. One thing that is common to all is that they claim to offer exceptional services. While some of these claims are true, others aren’t.

Also, clients will need to be convinced that such services stand out.

Therefore, you’ll need to be definite in your messaging on what sets your cleaning services apart from the rest. Your uniqueness is likely to be your strongest selling point.

  • Roles to Be Played by You and Your Employees

This section of your mission statement focuses on the organization of roles within the cleaning business. There need to be set roles between yourself and your employees.

Also, the introduction of reward and compensation strategies helps in no small measure to motivate your workforce.

By promoting productivity, you’re setting your business for success in the short and long term. It is very necessary to clarify this part of your mission statement to allow for rapid growth.

  • Relationship With Suppliers

The strength of your relationship with your suppliers is crucial to your success as a cleaning business owner. It’s no secret that every business has suppliers that provide essential cleaning supplies.

Having a great relationship with supplies is likely to attract the best deals which in turn impact your turnover.

  • Identifying Your Edge

In your bid to build a solid and highly competitive cleaning business, you’ll need to identify your edge.

In other words, you’ll need to find what cleaning services you offer better, cheaper, and faster. These advantages will need to be projected to the fore in vigorously pursued.

Not only should you be on the lookout for where your strengths are, but also identify the weaknesses of your competitors. This enables you to build or improve upon such weaknesses for better services.

  • Leveraging on Technology

If a cleaning business must experience real growth, it should be able to leverage the latest technology in promoting and providing its services.

By clearly describing your strategies, you’ll be more focused on streamlining all your efforts towards achieving your set objectives as a business.

  • Clarifying the “Why” Behind Your Mission

Here, you’re focused on explaining the underlying values as well as philosophies behind your cleaning business operations. Having these worked out helps in charting a clear course for the growth and stability of your cleaning operations.

To have a well-written mission statement, it will be helpful to seek the input of others within your line of business. Also, make arrangements for set hours within each day to fine-tune and work on your mission statement.

It’s a process that shouldn’t be rushed, but should be given as much time to ensure a thorough job.

Brainstorming is very necessary to come up with a great mission statement. During this process, every idea should be considered including those you think aren’t too good.

In Conclusion;

How well your mission statement is written will influence how far or how successful your cleaning business turns out.

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