As you go through this article, you will find 60 unique cleaning business ideas you can choose from. You are going to find a niche or more that you are skilled in.

The cleaning industry is massive with lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs to key into.

Starting a cleaning company requires knowing what services you wish to provide. The niche areas for cleaning are almost inexhaustible and that is what we seek to provide you with.


1. Equipment Cleaning and Repair

Many times, electronic equipment gets clogged with dirt. These include both specialized and non-specialized equipment. Such may require cleaning or both cleaning and repair services. You can venture into this cleaning niche if you feel you possess the required skill sets.


2. Pool Cleaning

Swimming pools need care. A major part of this care involves cleaning. This business idea has witnessed a growing interest among entrepreneurs and continues to do.

3. Boat Cleaning

This cleaning business idea is great if you live around coastal regions or places with large water bodies. In other words, areas frequented by boat owners are a good choice.

You can start a cleaning service that takes care of their boats. An added advantage is that there is little competition in this niche.

Here is a list of the materials you’ll need for boat cleaning.

3. Apartment Cleaning

People are increasingly becoming busy. This may be due to work schedules and other reasons. The point is that such people hardly find time to tidy up. This is where you come in. You can start a cleaning service that takes care of their apartments.

4. Dry Cleaning

There are many ways to get into a dry cleaning business.

A few include buying into a cleaning franchise, buying an existing business, or like most entrepreneurs, starting one from scratch.

5. Hospital Cleaning

Hospital cleaning is a risky niche and should only be ventured into if you know what it entails. There are several hospitals within major cities that are likely to give you the nod if you have a compelling cleaning proposal.

6. Waste Disposal

Wherever humans live, waste is inevitably generated. You can solve this problem by providing efficient waste disposal services. You only need to provide quality solutions by finding ways to beat your competition.

7. Air Duct Cleaning

Some general cleaning businesses will bundle air duct cleaning into their services.

However, clients that have air duct issues prefer to patronize specialized duct cleaning businesses. You should consider this business niche if you have the know-how.

8. Oven Cleaning

Ovens used in residential kitchens and commercial facilities like bakeries require care. The latter is more viable due to size and the higher demand it has over the former.

Therefore offering quality oven cleaning is a great idea that can be profitable if you manage the business well.

Here are the average fees charged for cleaning ovens.

9. Road Cleaning

Road cleaning businesses are on the rise. This is due to the growing demand facilitated by the construction of new roads, all occasioned by population growth.

You can implement this idea by finding out what’s required and where to apply for such contracts.

10. Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents get clogged with dirt over time. This is why you should consider this cleaning business idea if you have the skills. Here are some price estimates charged for cleaning vents.

11. Vehicle Cleaning

Cars are necessities, as well as toys people love to have. Some types of vehicles are used for logistics among many other uses. You can start a vehicle cleaning service for your preferred vehicle category.

However, you must be in a location where there’s a huge demand for it.

12. Graffiti Cleaning

Graffiti can either add to an environment’s aesthetic value or deface it.

In the case of the latter, your ability to get rid of these would be fully appreciated. You should consider this cleaning idea if you live in a city with such problems.

13. School Janitorial Services

Educational institutions can use your expertise if you have janitorial interests and love such environments.

14. Foreclosure Home Cleaning Services

Home foreclosures are heart-wrenching ordeals for those involved. However, you can turn this into an advantage by providing cleaning services to foreclosed homes.

15. Airport Cleaning

Airports contract their cleaning needs to interested companies. You may stay close to one or not. In any case, this is a cleaning business idea you should think about if you love it.

16. Closet Cleaning

A lot of people can’t bear to go through the stress of cleaning their closets. For some, it may be due to procrastination. You can help out by providing this service for a fee.

17. Disaster Cleaning and Restoration Services

Disasters can result from a variety of events. These include hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

After such disasters, there are rebuilding and restoration attempts. You should think about this idea if you love to help clean and rebuild.

18. Blind Cleaning

Blinds will need to be cleaned after a while. Consider starting a blind cleaning service. This cleaning business idea will be profitable if done well.

19. Window Cleaning Services

Who doesn’t have a window at home? This can be exciting when you look at it from a business angle. There are so many windows to clean for a buck!

20. Specialized Equipment Cleaning

Not everyone is qualified to clean specialized equipment. Find a client that needs such service if you’ve got the skills.

21. Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms in public spaces receive a high number of visitors daily. Thus, public restroom cleaning can be a great idea to consider if you want to earn a decent income.

22. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is needed in a variety of situations. You should give this business idea a thought if you’d love to build an income stream.

23. Industrial Cleaning Services

Industries need periodic cleaning services. This is a specialized field that can fetch you great earning opportunities if you love the job and have the know-how.

24. Cleaning Equipment Sales

Both new and existing cleaning services purchase equipment. Hence, equipment purchase is a cleaning business idea you should think about.

25. Cemetery Headstone Cleaning Services

Have you ever given this a thought? People visit cemeteries to pay respects to those they lost. As time passes, nature interferes with the condition of such headstones. This will require cleaning and that’s where you come into the picture.

26. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

Most cleaning agents and supplies are chemicals. These are mostly harmful to the environment. You can start an Eco-friendly cleaning service to provide an alternative. This is sure to fetch you lots of clients.

27. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning encompasses a wide variety of cleaning jobs. Find where your interest lies and provide such a service. However, you must be skilled and have an interest in such an idea.

28. Building Project Cleaning Services

When construction work is completed, the next phase is to clean the structure in readiness for new occupants to move in. You should consider this cleaning idea if it excites you.

29. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is used on a variety of surfaces including carpets. This cleaning idea can make you tons of money if you know where to begin.

30. Parking Lot Cleaning

Major cities have lots of parking lots. The lots get dirty over time and will need to be cleaned up. Your cleaning business can bid for such lucrative cleaning contracts. Here is how much to clean a parking lot.

31. Snow Removal Cleaning Services

During the winter season, snowfalls can get very severe. You can start a snow removal service that helps clear up surroundings for clients in need.

32. Mattress Cleaning

Several things can happen to make clients need cleaning for their mattresses. Do you have the know-how and capacity to deliver? Then it may be time to exploit such an idea.

33. Bedding Cleaning Services

Bedding requires clean-up. However, this may be too much of a task for potential clients. As such, you could offer solutions for a fee.

34. Vessel Cleaning

Shipping vessels transport all types of cargo across the oceans. These ships will need to be cleaned up when they arrive at their ports of destination. Consider this cleaning idea and make tons of money.

35. Trashcan Cleaning

Trashcans can be unsightly and can give off a foul odor after some time. Some people may find cleaning such cans stressful. You can fill up this demand and earn a decent income.

36. Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Not everyone has the stomach to visit a crime scene, let alone clean it. Consider providing this service if you find it fulfilling.

37. Cleaning Supply Manufacturing

Every time, one cleaning agent or the other is rolled out of manufacturing plants for the market. If you have a great cleaning agent formula, you may want to start production too.

38. Lessons on the Best DIY Cleaning Techniques

Each day, a lot of people go online in search of information. One of these has to do with cleaning. You can help such people out with your cleaning techniques.

39. Wall Cleaning

Fungi, dirt, and all sorts of stains find their way to walls. This cleaning idea can be exploited to start a successful venture.

40. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Service

This combines both ceiling and wall cleaning. There are lots of clients who are ready to pay for this service. Find them and earn good money.

41. Book Sales on Cleaning Hacks

Information makes all the difference. You can write a book containing effective cleaning hacks. Such books have a ready market willing to mop them up.

42. PC and Laptop Cleaning

Laptops and Personal Computers require some form of cleaning and maintenance. Are you technically inclined? If yes, this is a cleaning business idea that can make you some cash.

43. Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys accumulate soot over time. Homeowners want a periodic cleaning of their chimneys. Having such clients open accounts with your cleaning service will fetch you a good income.

Here are the average chimney sweep prices.

44. Carpet Cleaning

Carpets get a lot of foot traffic. This results in the accumulation of dirt which cannot be cleaned without professional help. This situation can become a money-spinning venture if you have what it takes.

45. Pet Home Cleaning Service

Some pets mess up their dwellings. This includes your home when kept indoors. With this business idea, you can offer to clean pet homes for a fee.

46. Garden Cleaning

People who have a passion for gardening love to keep them very neat. By keying into this niche, your cleaning business would flourish with the right moves. Here are the standard prices for most services in this industry.

47. Driveway Cleaning

Almost every home has a driveway. Get to know if there’s a need for your service and provide it. You’ll be glad you did. Here is what driveway cleaning costs.

48. Gutter Cleaning

Drainage ways get blocked if left unattended. This is an idea to jump on if you can provide satisfactory solutions to get them cleaned out.

49. Roof Cleaning

As the years go by, once brilliant-looking roofs become discolored and laden with debris. Think of this idea as an opportunity to exploit by starting a roof-focused cleaning business.

50. Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning and conditioning is a great idea to consider. These pieces have dirt buildup over time and require an expert to provide deep cleaning. That expert could be you if you’re skillful enough.

51. Hotel Cleaning

Hotels need the services of cleaning companies to ensure their business operations run smoothly. Do you have what it takes? Try providing this service.

52. Kitchen Cleaning

There is a lot of cleaning to do when it comes to the kitchen area. You can offer this service to both industrial and small residential kitchens.

53. Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning is a common business idea, yet very lucrative if you execute your plans well. A good marketing strategy is essential for success.

54. Park Cleaning Service

People visit parks for various reasons. This recreational act leaves dirt in its wake. By starting a park cleaning service, you get rid of the problem for a fee.

55. Sports Facility Cleaning

Thousands of fans visit sports facilities weekly. The management of these facilities includes cleaning services. You can apply for a contract if you’ve got what it takes.

56. Beach Cleaning Service

Beaches are great fun and relaxation spots. A lot is spent on keeping them clean. Consider joining this competitive market by offering your services.

57. Chemical Plant Cleaning

A lot goes on in chemical plants or factories. Everyone involved including cleaners is expected to be professionals. So, this niche will require a more professional cleaning approach and industrial supplies.

58. Ocean Plastic Removal

Plastics find their way into major water bodies due to poor waste disposal systems. This is a global problem, as solutions are still being sought. One cleaning idea is to remove such plastics. It will take significant investments to become successful in this area.

59. Plastic Recycling

Do you know any exciting way to recycle plastics? How about building on existing recycling ideas? In any case, plastic recycling is a great idea for investment in the cleaning industry.

60. Oil Spillage Cleanup Service

Pollution caused by oil spillage is a major health and environmental concern.

Opportunities exist for entrepreneurs willing to take advantage of this challenge. However, this niche requires having the know-how on what’s needed.

There you are! These 60 cleaning business ideas are great ways to establish a productive venture. First, you need to ensure you are skilled enough to provide impressive solutions.

Having a solid plan is crucial to succeeding in these ventures.