10 Commercial Cleaning Innovations and Technology

In this guide, you will find a list of top 10 commercial cleaning innovations and technology that will help your business meet customer expectations, save time, energy and resources.

Innovations and technology in commercial cleaning do not just revolve around developing new cleaning products.

It also has to do with new methods of reaching out and interacting with your clients, maximizing your team’s potentials, increasing productivity and standards, and also reducing costs.

If you aim to achieve greater things with your cleaning services, this is for you.

Whether you are searching for a solution to your cleaning problems or just need to increase the efficiency of your services, you will find the information in this guide very useful. Read on!

Commercial Cleaning Innovations in Technology

These are the top 10 innovations and technology in commercial cleaning.

  1. Communication Platforms And Tools For Interacting With Customers

Over the years, communication platforms and tools have sprung up to improve interaction with clients in the janitorial industry. Though some of these cost some amounts of money to use, the majority of them are free.

You can get easily get feedback from your customers through any of these platforms.

Some examples of such communication platforms are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp for Business, Twitter and Instagram. You would be missing a lot of opportunities to get new clients and also interact with your current ones if you are not on any of these social networking platforms.

You can begin by creating an account for your business on some if not all of them and then telling your clients they can reach out to you through those platforms.

  1. Reporting Tools

Reporting tools like Hubstaff is currently one of the best innovations so far in the janitorial industry. The software has contributed immensely to commercial cleaning, helping cleaning business owners and managers get a day to day reports from their teams without having to meet them every time.

Through such reports, you can easily know what is going on a particular client site, when more staff is needed over there and the amount of time your team spends there.

  1. Commercial Cleaning With Robots

Innovative commercial cleaning business is presently learning to use robots in carrying out most of their tasks.

While many have embraced this, a whole lot are yet to take advantage of the opportunities this method of cleaning has to offer.

The fact that robots are simply machines makes them worth considering in janitorial services. Unlike humans, they don’t need some time to rest. They don’t get sick or face many of the challenges that humans face. They can work for long hours as long as they have been programmed to do so.

Robots can be used to effectively clean floors and in several other places. They are among the best innovations and technology in commercial cleaning.

  1. Green Cleaning

Green cleaning has to do with the use of environmentally safe products, techniques, etc, in commercial cleaning. Though it is not completely new in the industry. It is one of the best innovations so far in the industry. It puts into perspective the health and safety of both the cleaner and the clients by encouraging the use of eco-friendly products in janitorial services.

Green cleaning is one of the best things happening in the industry presently. Embracing It will greatly help your cleaning business become a very successful one.

  1. Easy Payment Tools

It is no news majority of the clients you will encounter while offering commercial cleaning services, will prefer a very easy and fast method of payment to cash. Cash is fast becoming old school when it comes to making payments for products and services today.

Platforms and tools like Paypal, Payoneer, etc, make it very easy to accept and make payments. You can use them in your commercial cleaning business to receive payments from your customers and also pay individuals in your team.

Paypal and Payoneer are both easy to use, so you don’t have to spend too much time learning how they operate. The moment you create an account for your business on any of the platforms, you are good to go.

  1. Public Survey Tools

Public survey tools are definitely among the best innovations and technology in commercial cleaning. They allow you to get feedback, ratings, and reviews from members of the public. This gives you insights into areas where you are doing well and where you are not.

In the janitorial industry, you need to know what your clients think of your services, where you need to improve and where you are presently doing well. Public survey tools do exactly that and more for you. Using them, you can get feedback from people and have them sent to you either via SMS or email.

Two very powerful tools that help accomplish this for you include AUR2 and Swept software. You can easily receive feedback from the public using any of the two software.

  1. GPS Time Tracking

GPS time tracking is one of the top 10 commercial cleaning innovations and technology you should know about. The technology allows you to effectively monitor every individual on your team during work hours without being there physically.

It allows you to know the exact time your team got to a client location, how long they spent there and their work performance there.

With GPS time tracking, your employees no longer have to manually log the hours they put in your business per day. Everything just happens automatically, without any effort from them.

GPS time tracking involves the use of software and mobile applications specifically built for that purpose.

A common application you will find in this category is Hubstaff. The janitorial software does a whole lot of things from tracking your team to automating payments etc.

  1. Electrostatic Sprayers (Surface treatment systems)

Modern commercial cleaning equipment like electrostatic sprayers help in saving time, labor and money. Some electrostatic sprayers are so effective that they can cover up to 18,000 sq feet in one hour.

You can use them during cleaning to disinfect an area and get rid of any kind of germ present there.

A good example of an electrostatic sprayer that is very effective is the award-winning Clorox Total 360 System. The device comes with very powerful features that can help you do so much work in a very short period.

Also, the device is very easy to set up and operate.

  1. Cleaning Business Websites

I do say that one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, is the internet. In the cleaning industry, the internet has been very very useful. It has given us the ability to reach a wider audience without going outside our offices, interact and reach agreements with them.

By setting up a website for your cleaning business, you stand the chance of attracting more customers daily. Your company’s website can contain several pieces of information you know a potential client could be interested in.

Information like your contact details, location, history, charges or price, testimonials, and recommendations, etc.

For some cleaning services, clients can contact them directly from the website, make payments for services and do several other things.

In setting up the website for commercial cleaning services, you would have to make it very easy to access on mobile devices. This is because the majority of the persons that will visit your website will do that using their mobile phones.

One very powerful software that can help you do this easily in WordPress. You can practically use it to build and design your website the way you want. You can also use it to properly manage the site.

  1. Google Tools

Google tools like Google MyBusiness, Google Sheets, etc have helped several cleaning businesses achieve a lot of success within a very short time.

While Google MyBusiness helps expose your cleaning business to people searching for “cleaning services” on the search engine, Google Sheets help you get reports from your team.

By signing up for an account on Google, your employees can get access to all that Google has to offer to take your cleaning services to greater heights.

In Summary

The Janitorial industry has grown over the years and has continued to do so. With new technologies coming up every day, you must learn about them to improve your business and achieve more success for yourself.

In this article, we discussed the top 10 commercial cleaning innovations and technology. This innovative stuff is proof that there is a lot to gain from commercial cleaning.

We also have a guide here, discussing apps for cleaning startups.

Are you searching for ways to grow your commercial cleaning services? This article features several innovative tools that can be of great help to you. You can begin with anyone you feel will be easier for you to learn and use. With time, you can go to others.

I hope you find the information here useful.

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