500 Commercial Cleaning Company Business Names

Here, we will provide you with 500 cleaning business name ideas you can use. We are confident that by searching through these creative names, you will find the perfect one for your company.

One of the most significant hurdles to cross when starting a cleaning business is choosing a suitable name. By suitable, we mean a company name that resonates with your clients as well as one which conveys your message.

Naming a House Cleaning Business: What to Look Out For

To choose a great name for a cleaning company, certain characteristics must be reflected. These make such names more relatable and easily resonate with the clients.

To get creative, a good cleaning company name must be expandable and flexible.

7 Things to Avoid When Picking Your Cleaning Business Name

Today, there is a great deal of competition in the cleaning business. Therefore, you must set yourself apart from your competition.

Certainly, one way to do that is through doing a great job, while another is by offering superior customer service and support.

How to Pick the Very Best Name for Your Cleaning Business

Yet, how can you stand out from the others in your industry before potential customers have even used your services yet? The answer – by having a catchy company name!

Creating Catchy Company Names

When a couple is preparing to have a baby, they will typically spend a great deal of time coming up with the perfect name for their child.

Oftentimes, new business owners will do the same thing. This is because, in many ways, your business is like your new baby.

It will be a big part of your life – and it may be with you for many years to come – so the name that you choose should be something that you love.

For the most part, cleaning company names are usually not very exciting. In the past, names for cleaning businesses didn’t stray too far from the ordinary.

Therefore, if you can come up with a truly unique name, your company is likely to stand out above the rest – long before potential customers even use your services.

In coming up with catchy cleaning business names, you will first want to sit down and have a brainstorming session.

Here, be as creative and imaginative as you possibly can. In this initial phase, leave no stone unturned. Write every possibility down, as this is simply a good place to start.

In discovering the ideal name for your company, you are hoping to come up with something that has a positive sound that at the same time communicates your company’s mission, and is distinctive and concise.

The name should also be easy for customers to remember, easy to spell, and ideally easy to create a company logo around.

While many new business owners would like to name their business after their name, such as “Joe and Company,” this doesn’t necessarily let potential customers know what the business does, nor does it state how the company can help customers solve a need.

Should you truly wish to use your name, a better option may be to go with “Joe’s Carpet Cleaning.” This way, the name states what the company does and how the services fit a particular need that a potential customer might have.

That, however, still does not solve the issue of catchy. In that regard, you want to keep in mind that the name should be “sticky.”

This refers to the fact that the name should be unique and memorable, and something that will stick in a potential client’s mind.

Think about the last time you happened to see a memorable company name. What was the name of the business?

Was the company named Joe’s Diner, or rather was it named Hot Potato’s Fries? It was likely that the latter that stuck in your mind.

In keeping with the cleaning business theme, you may wish to go with something both catchy and relevant such as Dirt Busters.

This name is unique, while at the same time it also lets customers know what the company does.

Do’s and Don’t s When Naming Your Cleaning Business

When finalizing your list of cleaning business name ideas, there are a few important factors that you should keep in mind.

This will help you to further narrow down the group to the ultimate winning candidate. These include:

  • Be sure that the name you choose is short, easy to pronounce and spell
  • Do not use words that have a negative sound or connotation
  • Don’t be too generic (otherwise, potential customers won’t know what your company does)
  • Consider where the name will fall in terms of a directory listing (i.e., alphabetical listings)
  • It should reflect the value of your cleaning niche
  • Be sure that you can stand behind what the name represents
  • Avoid unnecessary abbreviation
  • Make sure that the name is not already taken by another business (legally available)
  • Be as creative and imaginative as you possibly can

Once you have decided upon your company’s name, let it sit for a day or so before moving forward. Remember, your company’s name is the first step towards creating a strong business identity – a brand that you intend will last for as long as your firm is in business.

Your company name is also something that you will be seeing a lot of each day – on your company’s signs, business cards, invoices, and stationary.

If you have a logo on the side of your car or truck, you will also be seeing a lot of it there, as well. So, be sure that this is something you can live with.

Then, if you still love the name after a day or two, you have likely found a winner.

This is a good sign, as this is the name that you will be linking all of your customers’ perceptions to, along with all of your company’s branding and image.

Clever Names for a Commercial Cleaning Service

  1. Spic and Span
  2. Pristine Cleaners
  3. Hygiene Monster
  4. Comfy Delight
  5. Grime Away
  6. Just in Time
  7. Rag Tag Cleaners
  8. Sparkle
  9. Hygiene Bliss
  10. Rainbow Cleaners
  11. Clean Sweep
  12. Dirt Rid Cleaners
  13. Thorough Shine
  14. Help Maids
  15. Perfection Cleaners
  16. Maid To The Rescue
  17. Lemon Fresh
  18. Spot-On Cleaners
  19. Paradise Cleaners
  20. Dust Busters
  21. BrightShine
  22. Surface Polishers
  23. Classic Sparkle
  24. Cleaning by Design
  25. Diamond Team
  26. Green Clean
  27. Grime Free Cleaners
  28. Diamond Queen
  29. Flawless Reflections
  30. Diamond Shine
  31. Always Clean
  32. Dust Eliminators
  33. SOAPranos Broom Service
  34. Home Sweet Home
  35. Twinkle Stars
  36. Clean Conscience
  37. Clean Shine
  38. Three Ladies and a Bucket
  39. Mega Cleaners
  40. The Cleaners Place
  41. Cleaning Delight
  42. Hygiene Innovators
  43. Tidy Lords
  44. All Cleaning Solutions
  45. Super Cleaners
  46. Clean Machines
  47. Hygiene Machines
  48. Dust Enemies
  49. Home Shine
  50. Tip Top
  51. All Seasons Cleaners
  52. All-Year-Round Cleaners
  53. All Solutions Cleaners
  54. Best Cleaning Solutions
  55. Tru Shine
  56. Best-Or-Nothing
  57. Home Owners Delight
  58. All Conditions Cleaners
  59. All-Things Cleaning
  60. Professional Sparkle
  61. Genius Touch
  62. Genius Grime Removal
  63. Unbeatable Cleaners
  64. Clean Clear
  65. Pleasing to Watch
  66. Home Delight
  67. Hygiene Delight
  68. Just Call
  69. Supreme Touch
  70. Soft Touch
  71. Mega Building Cleaners
  72. Touch of Prestige
  73. Clean Call
  74. Total Cleaning Solutions
  75. Trusted Hands
  76. Wherever Cleaners
  77. Absolute Class
  78. Dirt-B-Gone
  79. NoMoreDirt
  80. DirtAway
  81. CleaningTime
  82. Feather Ladies
  83. Maid in Bliss
  84. CleanCut
  85. Clear Commercial
  86. Klean Monster
  87. KleanKlub
  88. Drip-N-Dry Specialists
  89. Pristine Condition
  90. Clean Might
  91. We-Do-Windows
  92. Just in Time
  93. Anytime Cleaners
  94. KleanTrust
  95. Here4You Cleaners
  96. You-Call-We-Clean
  97. You-Have-It-Maid
  98. Swept Away
  99. Premier Cleaners
  100. Happy Home Cleaners

Cute Cleaning Business Names

  1. House Keep Up
  2. Patriot Cleaners
  3. Sparkly Guys
  4. Always Magic
  5. Ever-Clean
  6. Crystal Klean
  7. Crystal Klear
  8. No Stress Cleaners
  9. Perfect Job Cleaners
  10. Squeaky Home Cleaning
  11. Squeaky Cleaning Partners
  12. All Comfy Cleaners
  13. Hygiene Komplete
  14. Fairy Cleaners
  15. Top-Notch Cleaners
  16. Dash Clean
  17. Excellent Cheers
  18. The Difference is Clear
  19. Blue Clean
  20. Blue Ocean
  21. DustLust
  22. DustLost
  23. Total Delight
  25. SqueakClear Cleaners
  26. Dirt-Suck-Up
  27. Wall-To-Wall Cleaners
  28. Mop Professionals
  29. InsideOUT
  30. Touch of Genius
  31. Dazzle-Shine
  32. Dazzle Gurus
  33. Vantage Cleaners
  34. Ace Cleaners
  35. White Emerald
  36. Crest Clean
  37. Down and Dirty
  38. Any Mess
  39. Mess Terminators
  40. TerminateDirt
  41. Perfect Touch
  42. Simply Excellent
  43. When it Gets Tough
  44. Able Professionals
  45. EZ Cleaning
  46. DirtAway
  47. Tidy Maids
  48. Dirt Freedom
  49. Twinkle Time
  50. Pleasing Clean
  51. MopPro
  52. Shine Cleaners
  53. Sweet Sparkle
  54. BeeTeam Cleaners
  55. Just Bright
  56. Blue Touch
  57. Loving Care Hygiene
  58. Sunshine Crest
  59. Sweep Away
  60. Spot On Cleaners
  61. Maid Brite Services
  62. Floor-To-Ceiling
  63. Maids and More
  64. Custom Cleaning Service
  65. EcoCleaners
  66. SweeperPro
  67. Supreme Klean
  68. American Maid
  69. Nitty-Gritty Cleaners
  70. Green Wagon Cleaners
  71. DependablePro
  72. Executive Cleaners
  73. In And Out Cleaning Services
  74. GenieClean
  75. Best Friends Cleaning Services
  76. Blue Anchor
  77. Klean Get-Away
  78. Fairy Maids
  79. Fresh Scent Cleaners
  80. Comfy Mom
  81. At-Your-Service
  82. Scour Power Cleaners
  83. All-You-Ever-Wanted
  84. All Clean All Free
  85. 24 Hour Cleaners
  86. 24 Hour Maids
  87. 82nd Street Cleaning Service
  88. Touch of Genius
  89. Dirt and Grime Taskforce
  90. Grime Fight
  91. Neat and Tidy
  92. Grime Partners
  93. Partners in Grime
  94. Avoid Stress Cleaners
  95. Leave-It-To-Us Cleaners
  96. All You’ve Got Cleaning Service
  97. Magic Moppers
  98. Beck and Call Cleaners
  99. We Mean to Clean
  100. Home Maintenance Pros

The Best Cleaning Business Names

  1. Go Cleaners
  2. Alpha Dirt Enemy
  3. Grime-B-Gone
  4. Twinkle Shine Restoration Services
  5. Tidy Touch Cleaners
  6. Eco-Friendly Washers
  7. Executive Cleaners
  8. Empire Cleaning Service
  9. Filth Busters
  10. Filth Fighters
  11. Green Standard Cleaners
  12. Green Maid Home Cleaners
  13. Grime Eliminators Plus
  14. I-Shine Cleaners
  15. Shine Time Inside-Out Cleaners
  16. Spotless Klean Klub
  17. Clean Brigade
  18. Gleam Surface Cleaners
  19. Tru-Shine Maid
  20. Maid-To-The-Rescue
  21. Sunrise Power Washers
  22. Manny’s World Class Cleaners
  23. Unblemished Hygiene Providers
  24. 4 Maids and a Mop
  25. Nooks and Crannies Cleaners
  26. Custom Washers
  27. Ever Ready Cleaners
  28. Trust and Call
  29. Evidence Golden Cleaners
  30. Thorough Shine
  31. When the Need Arises
  32. Nature’s Gift Cleaners
  33. Don’t Stress It!
  34. Meticulous Power Washers
  35. Meticulous Cleaning Stars
  36. Sparklean
  37. Klean Kool and Brilliant
  38. Angels Power Washing Solutions
  39. The Kleaner Klan
  40. Stress-Free Cleaning
  41. Spotless Cleaning Crew
  42. Expel Dirt
  43. Expel Dust Cleaners
  44. Expel Grime
  45. Ambition Power Washers
  46. Home Hygiene Taskforce
  47. Midas Touch Cleaners
  48. Touch of Genius Power Washers
  49. Twinny Blue Cleaning Services
  50. Gloves-On Cleaning Service
  51. Total Cleaning Solutions
  52. Housekeeping Plus
  53. Cleaning Haven
  54. Hygiene Haven
  55. A-Z Cleaning
  56. Alpha Cleaners
  57. Peppy Cleaning Services
  58. Neighborhood Cleaning
  59. RidAllMess Cleaning Service
  60. All You Ever Wanted Cleaners
  61. Spotless Timely Cleaners
  62. Squeaky Home Services
  63. You Trust Cleaners
  64. Your Cleaning Needs Service
  65. Washed-Up Cleaners
  66. All New and Clean
  67. Home Restore Service
  68. Pleasing View Cleaners
  69. Spiffy Maid Service
  70. Maid to Perfection
  71. Sparkle Aplenty
  72. We Clean to Please Cleaners
  73. Hyde Professional Cleaners
  74. Squeak Queen Services
  75. Dirt Eliminators
  76. Freedom From Dirt Service
  77. Gleam and Shine
  78. Glisten Home Cleaners
  79. We do the Cleaning
  80. Just Watch Us Tackle Dirt
  81. Pane Pleasure
  82. Grime-Free Home
  83. Married to the Mop Service
  84. Gleam Buddies
  85. Gleam Fam Cleaners
  86. Scent of Freedom
  87. Maid in New Mexico (or wherever you’re located)
  88. Cleaning Wizards
  89. Perfection in Cleaning
  90. The Cleaning Gurus
  91. When Dirt Bites
  92. All Solutions Cleaners
  93. What the Dust?
  94. Your Cleaning Buddies
  95. Service You Trust Cleaners
  96. Standing Guard Against Dirt Cleaners
  97. Cleaning Amigos
  98. Clean Call Service
  99. Green Team
  100. Hygiene Match

Creative Names for Cleaning Services

  1. Clean Klub
  2. Clean Break
  3. Home Interiors and Everything Else
  4. Klean Freedom
  5. Kleen 4 You
  6. Happy Cleaning Service
  7. Dirt Hurt Cleaning
  8. Marvelous Moppers
  9. Neat and Discreet Cleaners
  10. Peachy Maids
  11. Pristine Cleaners
  12. Go-To Cleaning Service
  13. Deep Clean Team
  14. Dream Clean Team
  15. Well Done Cleaners
  16. Well Executed Cleaners
  17. Customer’s Delight Cleaners
  18. We Leave Competition in the Dust Cleaners
  19. Glass Act Cleaners
  20. Lust for Excellence
  21. Complete Cleaners
  22. Complete Pros
  23. Soft Touch Best Results Cleaning
  24. Maid in the Neighborhood
  25. When Dust Becomes a Problem
  26. Overwhelm Dirt Cleaners
  27. You Call We Execute Professional Cleaners
  28. The Trusted Name in Cleaning
  29. EZ Dust Kill Cleaning Service
  30. League of Our Cleaners
  31. When It Becomes Difficult Cleaners
  32. Ever Ready to Swoop In Cleaners
  33. Maid to Order
  34. Maid in Bliss
  35. Load Lifters
  36. Loving Care Cleaners
  37. Gleam Green Clean
  38. Heavenly House Cleaners
  39. Classic Cleaning
  40. Cleaning by Design
  41. April Fresh Cleaning Service
  42. Angels @ Home
  43. Always Sparkling
  44. Visual Hygiene
  45. Visual Sparkle
  46. Ultimate Cleaners Services
  47. World of Freshness Cleaning Services
  48. When You Least Expect Thorough Shine
  49. World of Bliss
  50. Delete Filth
  51. Cleaning Post
  52. New World Hygiene Services
  53. Eliminate Filth Inc.
  54. At Your Behest Cleaners
  55. Ventura Cleaning Services
  56. Omega Sparkle
  57. Beyond Clean
  58. Cleaning Tag Team
  59. Filth Collapse
  60. Dirt At Bay Cleaners
  61. Filth At Bay Maid Service
  62. Maximum Shine Cleaning Service
  63. The Custom Cleaners
  64. Mean to Dirt Cleaners
  65. Mean To Filth
  66. GleamShine Maid Service
  67. Why You Need Us Cleaners
  68. Fight Grime? Call Us!
  69. Hygiene Status
  70. Symbol of Shine
  71. Grime Tackle Cleaners
  72. Beck and Call Cleaners
  73. A Clean World!
  74. Combat Filth With a Call
  75. 123Clean!
  76. All Definitions of Hygiene
  77. The Definition Cleaners
  78. Defeat Dirt
  79. All Shades of Clean
  80. Homeowners Delight Cleaners
  81. Top of the Cleaning Chain
  82. Royal Cleaners
  83. Royal Treat Cleaners
  84. At Your Service Cleaners
  85. Express Commercial Cleaners
  86. Bundle Grime Out!
  87. The Filth Bouncers
  88. Home Hygiene Preservers
  89. At the Dial of a Button Cleaners
  90. Fast Response Grime Fighters
  91. Interior Exterior Hygiene Experts
  92. Janice Cleaning Service
  93. Sarah Stone Cleaning Service
  94. Fight to Keep Clean
  95. Bold Statement Cleaners
  96. Your Worries Our Concern Cleaners
  97. Tackle Filth on All Fronts Cleaners
  98. Best You Ever Had Cleaning Service
  99. The Customer’s Choice Cleaners
  100. Everything Dirt Call-Us Cleaning Service

Exciting Names For a Cleaning Company

  1. The Three Lions Cleaners
  2. Bold Dirt Eliminators
  3. Grime Terminators
  4. Terminate Dust
  5. Like It Never Was Cleaning Service
  6. Hit Dirt Hard Cleaners
  7. Take Back Control Cleaning Services
  8. You Tackle Illness We Tackle Dirt
  9. Filth Away Cleaners
  10. All Solutions Cleaners
  11. The Oil Spill Cleaners
  12. Aloft Cleaning Service
  13. Cut the Grime Buildup!
  14. We Take Your Dirt Away Cleaning Service
  15. All Dirt Be Gone Cleaners
  16. Professional Home Hygiene Experts
  17. Cloud 9 Cleaners
  18. Dirt Cancellation Pros
  19. Roll Back Filth Cleaning Service
  20. Trendsetters Cleaning
  21. Dirt Attack Cleaning Service
  22. Deal Completely With Dirt
  23. Always Alert to Give You Peace Cleaners
  24. Hit Dirt Like Never Before Cleaners
  25. All Home Solutions Cleaners
  26. Eagle Cleaning Service
  27. Edge Out Filth
  28. Pounce on Dirt
  29. Fidelity Cleaners
  30. Home Safe Cleaners
  31. How It’s Done Cleaners
  32. No Need to Worry Cleaners
  33. Boss Cleaners Inc.
  34. Unlock Hygiene Cleaners
  35. Clean Assure Cleaners
  36. Hygiene Assurance Cleaners
  37. Stun Dirt Residential and Commercial Cleaners
  38. Bolt Clean Service
  39. CrimeSite Cleaners
  40. Construct-We-Clean
  41. Bloom Home and Dry Cleaning Service
  42. Maid for Hire Cleaners
  43. Optimal Clean
  44. Above and Beyond Cleaning Service
  45. Blossom Cleaners
  46. Articulate Cleaners
  47. Cut the Chase Cleaning Service
  48. Your Everyday Cleaning Solutions
  49. Counter Dirt Cleaners
  50. Only a Call Away
  51. 24/7 Filth Eliminators
  52. Build Serenity Cleaners
  53. Hop-On Excellent Cleaners
  54. You Deserve the Best Cleaners
  55. Ample Excellence
  56. We Tackle Cleaning Service
  57. AAA Hygiene
  58. Triple Touch of Quality
  59. Here to Serve Cleaners
  60. Boom!
  61. De-Clutter Cleaning Service
  62. The 1st Choice
  63. Terrific Cleaners
  64. Mega Cleaners
  65. AWESOME! Cleaning Service
  66. Take Charge Cleaners
  67. Total Clean
  68. Filth Nemesis
  69. All Things Clean
  70. 100% Hygiene
  71. Dirt Immune Cleaners
  72. Hygiene Fortress
  73. Lightning Fast Cleaners
  74. Thorough and Total
  75. It Begins With a Call Cleaners
  76. On the Go Cleaners
  77. Monument Cleaners
  78. Consolidate Cleaning Service
  79. Howdy Cleaners
  80. Blow Clean
  81. Home Serenity
  82. Grime-B-Gone
  83. Grime Tackle
  84. Filth Tackle Cleaners
  85. DotCom Cleaners
  86. Dig-In Cleaners
  87. Beltway Cleaners
  88. Heartland Cleaners
  89. Rust Belt Cleaners
  90. Millennial Cleaners
  91. Any Day Any Time Cleaning
  92. When the Need Arises Cleaners
  93. Back Off Dirt!
  94. Thomas Cleaners
  95. Bug Off Dirt!
  96. Live in Freedom Cleaners
  97. Zero Dirt Worries
  98. We Go The Extra Mile Cleaners
  99. Window Care
  100. Floor Care

These are 500 exciting cleaner company names you can use.

Getting the right name depends on how creative you can be. You could either lift one from the list provided or use them to create a catchy name for your commercial cleaning service.