Before taking any decision, you’ll need to first consider the average carpet cleaning prices.

Carpets come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. This beautiful floor covering gets soiled over time. Sometimes, stains may result due to contact with red wine, ink, blood, mud, or gum among others.

To have both dirt and stains removed, you’ll need to call a professional carpet cleaning service.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Professional carpet cleaning comes at a cost to you.

This article will be discussing the cost details as well as factors impacting such costs. By the end of our discussion, you should know all that needs to be known about pricing for professional carpet cleaning.

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All Prices Are Estimates

Every cost detail included in this article is only an estimate. We’ve provided a range within which such prices fall.

The actual cost is determined by the professional carpet cleaning service you hire for the job.

So how much does it cost to get a carpet cleaned?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices

To have your carpet(s) cleaned by professional cleaning services, you’re likely to attract a fee in the region of $177.

This is the national average. A typical range falls from $121 to $233. Some carpet cleaning jobs may be charged for as low as $80 or as much as $350 or higher.

Although these prices represent the most basic carpet cleaning services, it’s much varied than you think. Professional carpet cleaning services offer all kinds of cleaning.

In other words, cleaning methods differ. There is steam cleaning as well as shampoo cleaning.

Other types of carpet cleaning include carbonation and as well as dry carpet cleaning. The type of cleaning adopted depends on customer needs as well as the condition of the carpets.

Let’s discuss each of these cleaning methods as well as their applicable rates or prices.

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices

Steam cleaning is one of the methods by which carpets are cleaned.

As suggested by the name, it involves the use of steam under pressure which contains cleaning chemicals. When infused into carpet fibers, dirt and debris are loosened.

The dirty water still on the carpet is sucked out using a suction machine. When performed on your carpet, steam cleaning will cost you around $10 0 to $500.

  • Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Prices

There are carpet shampoos that serve to loosen or break the bond formed between dirt and your carpet fibers.

This cleaning method introduces the foamy shampoo onto the carpet surface until it gets fully absorbed and begins to act on dirt. This method of cleaning costs around $80 to $400.

  • Carbonation Prices

Sometimes, carpet cleaning services may find it necessary to use this cleaning method. The process here involves the application of cleaning or carbonation chemicals. These lift or loosen dirt from carpet fibers.

The price for this type of cleaning falls within the $125 to $550 range.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning Prices

If you’re looking for a quick cleaning fix for a carpet, dry carpet cleaning may be the preferred option.

Professional carpet cleaners offer this service at a cost ranging from $75 to $350. This uses less water than other methods and only provides surface-level cleaning and nothing more.

A more thorough job will require the adoption of other cleaning methods as listed above.

You’ll need to discuss details and preferences with your cleaning technician. Recommendations are also provided by the experts on what cleaning method best serves your needs and budget.

Price Determinants For Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, many factors come into play. These include the carpet type, size, and the number of rooms, as well as specific cleaning needs.

Other price determinants include additional areas as well as surfaces.

i. Carpet Type

Although most carpets look the same, not all are actually the same. Some are much harder to clean than others. This characteristic alone determines the cost incurred for a cleaning job.

Some of the most common carpet types include cut & level loop, Berber carpets, and cotton & wool carpets.

  • Cut & Level Loop

The cleaning difficulty of carpets within this category is medium. These aren’t as easy as Berber carpets but also not as difficult as cotton and wool carpets.

Professionals normally charge cleaning fees of around $60 to $120 for such carpets.

  • Berber Carpets

These are among the easiest carpets to clean.

As expected, cleaning costs aren’t significant and start around $90. Dirt is easily taken care of and cleaning tasks are completed within a short time.

  • Cotton & Wool Carpets

Cotton & wool carpets are about the most difficult to clean.

Cleaning costs typically range from $100 to $150. If you need professional carpet cleaning services, you’ll do well to check the type of carpet you have. The level of difficulty will determine the price you pay for a cleaning job.

ii. Size & Number of Rooms

The size and number of rooms in a home normally impact cleaning costs. A home with fewer rooms will attract lesser cleaning costs than one with more rooms and bigger spaces.

Here, the area of the carpet to be cleaned is under focus.

There are homes where certain rooms are left without carpets. For such, only those with carpets are included in this calculation. Eventual carpet cleaning costs are determined by what’s obtainable on the ground.

An assessment results in a price quote for such jobs.

iii. Specific Cleaning Needs

Cleaning needs vary according to customers. What your needs are may be different from person A or B. Some customers may only need a stain removed from their carpets while others may require general cleaning services.

Whatever your cleaning needs are, a professional cleaner assesses these and calculates the cost based on the existing pricing structure.

iv. Additional areas or Extensions

Apart from rooms, there are usually additional extensions or areas covered by carpets.

These include staircases and hallways. If your home has such extensions, professional carpet cleaners will likely consider that when drawing up a price quote.

v. Additional Surfaces

Certain cleaning jobs may require that additional surfaces be cleaned. These may include countertops, bathrooms, fabric protectors, mattresses, and more. Such spaces will attract higher cleaning fees.

Here’s all the basic information on professional carpet cleaning prices. We’ve included other points such as price determinants among others.

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