In this guide, you’ll see a list of colors that go with white. You can pick any of the schemes that match your interior style.

But before you make your choice, consider the undertones of your chosen pair. This will help you balance out the wavelengths of light in your space. Let’s get started.

Colors That Go With White

Recently, white has infiltrated the design world as a top painting trend and is tricky to try. However, having too much of it can leave your space feeling sterile, boring, bland, and blah.

Therefore, you need to pair white with suitable hues from your wheel. That way, you’ll create stunning depth and interest in your design.

Now, several options are open when selecting a suitable pair for white. But choosing one depends on the style and mood you want to create.

Nevertheless, you can pair colors to create a minimalist and cool palette. Similarly, you can pair white with bright hues for a fun and bold look.

White Color Combinations

Psychologically, white is seen as a symbol of cleanliness, purity, and peace. The color also brings clarity and calms the atmosphere.

Moreover, it can go well with any hue on the color wheel. However, some hues are seen as the best pairs. Below are a few of them.

  • Gold

If you want top-class interior design, consider pairing gold with white. The hue doesn’t only make a statement but also creates a luxurious and elegant feel.

If you have a wall painted white, some touches of gold will look fabulous. Likewise, if you have a wall painted in gold, white fixtures, curtains, and furniture will be excellent.

But if you want a low-key look, consider adding gold touches such as mirrors, throw cushions, and more. However, balance the space with plenty of white to create harmony.

  • Royal Blue

Pairing royal blue and white will give you nautical vibes. Plus a fun feel and whimsical look. Moreover, it will create a clean, elegant atmosphere with more relaxed and beachy vibes.

Blue often stands out more against a white background. But if you want your space to be light-filled and more spacious, introduce white furniture and curtains in lighter shades.

  • Beige

This is another excellent hue you can pair with white. It’ll introduce soft and neutral colors into your home. The pair will also create a tranquil living atmosphere.

But if you want to create depth, use different shades of white. The combination is suitable for the living room, hallway, and bathroom. That’s because they’ll create a clean and minimalist look.

  • Black

For lovers of classic monochromatic looks, consider pairing black with white.

Both hues make it bold and can give it all the elegance and glamour of interior design you desire. To properly utilize this combo, work with a 70/30 design.

In other words, choose one color to be your dominant, then follow up with pops and accents with the other hue. This will create an outstanding balance in your design.

  • Green

If you want a natural feel, combine green and white. The color will majestically ooze health, freshness, and well-being. In addition to that, it will inspire a feeling of homeliness and peace.

If you have a wall painted green, you can introduce white cushions, lighter green rugs, and accessories with a mix of these colors.

The combination is often suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

  • Orange

Orange is another unique hue that can work well with white.

It’ll give your space an unexpected personality. In addition to that, the mix will balance out your space and let the orange décor take center stage.

Pairing this color with white can also allow you to add another complementary color. So if your walls are white, bringing in an orange rug, blankets, and pillow will liven up your room and make it cozier.

  • Gray

Combining gray with white will make your interior décor or outfit look simple yet elegant. In a gray-inspired design, introducing a touch of white will bring your space back to life.

However, you’re not advised to dive too deep into your gray tones when pairing them with white. That’s because it’ll make your space lose its homey feel.

  • Red

Red will also go well with white, whether tomato, cherry, raspberry, or primary red. It can make a bold statement in your space. However, using it alongside white will break up the intensity.

That way, it will make your room or outfit look manageable. If you have white space, some pops and accents in red will be perfect.

  • Yellow

Consider pairing white with yellow if you want to express your bubbly personality. Yellow represents sunshine and fun and is excellent for summertime.

A little bit of it can brighten your space. Therefore, it’s advisable to use this hue in moderation. If not, the combination will repulse you and ruin your outfit or interior décor.

So if your wall is white, you can bring a one-seater couch in yellow. Or you can have some pillows in yellow to liven up the room.

  • Pink

For homeowners with little girls, you may pair white and pink in their room. It will make the atmosphere of the space more subtle.

For the bravest home designers, they may paint the whole wall vibrant pink and introduce some accessories in white.

For example, they can place a luxurious white rug and a few pillows in the same hue.

  • Lilac

Lilac and white will make your space look soft but feminine. Additionally, it creates a relaxing and summery feel. For the most lilac, choose a white that’s not too cold and bright.

This will make your room feel cozy and inviting. The main bedroom or guest room is the best place to use this combo.

  • Brown

You will appreciate your outlook or space when you pair white with brown. The hue has a natural touch that will make your room feel more lively and personal.

The white will make the space look clean and airy, while the wooden brown will brighten it with a natural tone.

Apart from the ones listed above, many colors can go well with white. They include light blue, pale blue, sky blue, teal, tan, silver, copper, and more.

However, before you add a hue to white, you’ll need to understand the emotions it will evoke. Combining some colors can make your space feel uninviting.

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