What Colors Go With Apricot? – 6 Stunning Options

Now, what colors go with apricot? There are several of them.

Just read on; you’ll learn about other hues that match apricot. You can choose either of them, depending on how you want your home to look.

Until then, let’s have a brief introduction to the color apricot.

6 Stunning Colors That Go With Apricot

Are you seeking to tack a pop of vibrancy to your home decor? Then think about adopting the color apricot. Its flexible hue can be applied in various ways to achieve a cozy and relaxing space.

Add hues to it to have distinct tones and beautify your home.

Grasping the Hue Apricot

This is a color that’s yellowish-orange. It’s named after the skin of the apricot fruit. Apricot as a color was documented in several variations in 1912.

The documentation was done by an American ornithologist, Robert Ridgway, entitled “Color Standard and Color Nomenclature.”

Furthermore, apricot is linked with education and medicine in Chinese culture. This was after a sudden change in Egypt and was considered bad luck by the U.S. Marines. But the color apricot is cool, feminine, fresh, and spring-like.

When it’s used to describe interior colors, it includes everything from orange-pink to rusty terracotta. Recently, apricot has become a trendy color in modern interior design styles.

Types of Apricot Colors

Although apricot fruit has one color, artists could mix several tints and shades.

For that, there are over ten genres of apricot hues. Among them are old, pastel, apricot orange, apricot yellow, and electric apricot. Others are light, actual, and apricot buff.

Colors that Go Well With Apricot

When deciding on hues that go well with apricot, a few considerations must be made. The one that perfectly fits relies on the entire look you’re looking for. Plus, the other colors are present in your space.

Depending on the shade of apricot you have in mind, it can go well with the following colors: chocolate brown, turquoise, mint green, emerald green, and olive green.

Others are gray, cream, royal blue, tan, blush, taupe, coral, gold, peach, and more. Whichever colors you choose, they’ll bring coziness and character to your home.

In addition to that, they create a truly stunning look in your home. Let’s briefly review these complementary colors individually.

  • Turquoise

Generally, turquoise is a lively and vibrant hue. When used alongside an apricot, you’ll make a genuinely dreamy pairing. These colors contrast each other beautifully and will allow hues to shine.

Moreover, the presence of turquoise will help balance out the warmth in apricot and vise-versa. You can create a tropical and exotic style of décor with this pair.

  • Chocolate Brown

Do you want to create a luxurious yet natural feel?

Consider rich chocolate browns alongside your apricots. We mean the duskier version with an earthy and sultry shade. It’ll also create a vintage 1920s-style décor, perfect for modern electric interiors.

  • Olive Green

Olive green is another excellent color that can be paired with apricot. It has a natural tone that contrasts beautifully with the clay-like apricot orange.

Both colors are earthy shades and don’t feel bold or vibrant. They’ll offer you a soothing and reflective atmosphere. Moreover, they’ll present a satisfying contrast that adds depth and richness to a space.

But if you want an immersive experience, use this pair liberally. For instance, you can paint your walls olive green, but your sofas will be apricot.

Then other home accessories will be varying shades of both colors.

  • Emerald Green

Emerald green can also fit perfectly with rosy pink-orange and dusty desert-shade apricot. However, a playful pink-toned apricot with emerald green will be more fitting for feminine and glam styles.

A deep emerald green and dark wood-like walnut will be perfect for a more mature interior décor. You’ll get a mid-century look by pairing the two colors.

  • Mint Green

This color can also be a perfect combination with apricot. You can get a romantic vibe or a fun and playful vibe by pairing these colors.

For instance, if your wall is painted apricot, you can choose neutral furniture such as sofas, mint green plants or candles, and mint green cushions.

  • Gray

Consider pairing your apricot with gray for a pristine, warm shade. The cool tones of gray will balance out the brightness of the apricot.

Meanwhile, you’re to avoid pale shades of gray with apricot. That’s because it will give your space a new outlook. Instead of such pairs, look for deep and dark shades of gray like lead and iron gray.

If you don’t want your apricot to look feminine, pair it with gray to tone it down. Your space will examine as current and stylish.

Is Black a Suitable Match for Apricot?

You can blend this hue with black and get an excellent one. However, a few things must be considered before pairing the two colors. First, understand the level of contrast you aim to achieve.

To have high vibrancy, you must pair black with light apricot. But it’s best to pair dark apricot with black if there’s low vibrancy.

The second thing to think about is the background. If the underlying hue is more yellow, it will perfectly match black. But if the reverse is the case, it might not be an excellent pair.

Finally, consider the vibe you want to achieve in your space or outfit. Pairing black and apricot will undoubtedly give you an upscale and stylish look.

But if you want a casual look, you’ll stay clear of this pair.

How to Introduce the Apricot

Are you wondering if an apricot is formulated? Well, it is. An Apricot has a warm hue that’s light and flavescent. However, there are two variations of the color.

While one is light apricot, the other is mellow apricot. But both represent fascination, enthusiasm, bliss, success, stimulation, and more.

You’ll need to mix two colors to get the right mixture of this hue. That’s primary yellow and secondary orange. They’ll give you a bright apricot. Therefore, the apricot color falls under the tertiary class.

Apricot is an excellent color that can go with almost everything. However, certain hues are considered the best couple. These colors are rightly outlined above.

If you want a stunning look, pair the above hues with an apricot.

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