Condo Cleaning – Preparation, DIY Checklist & Hiring Experts

If you’re reading this right now, you need help with cleaning your condo. This article meets your exact cleaning needs by discussing the cleaning process and the many steps.

Whether you’re interested in regular cleanup or deep cleaning, you’ll find all you need.

How To Clean Condos Faster And Better

Cleaning can be a stressful activity when not done right. Not doing things right can mean several things. Here, we’re looking at the planning and execution stage of cleaning.

You’re likely to get the results you seek when performed right. Here, we discuss condo cleaning and what processes are involved.

The Planning, Cleaning, and Completion Phases of Condo Cleaning

Every worthwhile activity requires planning. Without this, your outcomes will be less than optimal. You get to decide what cleaning approaches to take and the areas covered through planning.

Also, the cleanup process can be split into several days to make the activity less stressful.

There’s also the need to prepare or ready your cleaning supplies. By knowing what’s needed and putting them in place, you can start the process without much of a problem.

Certain cleaning supplies, especially those for domestic use, are more ideal for the job than others.

The cleaning action itself involves a lot of procedures that focus on different areas of your home. Deep cleaning will require performing a more thorough cleanup than the usual routine.

Of course, there’s a completion phase where the cleaning action is rounded up.

Preparing Your Condo for Cleanup

If you’ve decided to call for professional cleanup, you’ll need to do the needful in terms of preparing for the procedure.

This may require several actions, including reducing some clutter, providing information on where to place certain items, and making a “don’t touch” pile.

What more? You may have to make provisions for easy access by putting off the security system. Lastly, you’ll have to sweep your home to safeguard your valuables quickly.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these points.

  • Reducing Clutter

Home cleanup is different from organizing it. Understanding this helps you put things in order before the cleanup guys arrive. A cluttered home will have to be put in order.

Among the possible things you’ll need to order are clothes on the floor and scattered items.

  • Providing Information on where to Place Certain Items

If you are not around during the cleanup process, you’ll do well to leave the information on where to place certain items to avoid misplacement.

In other words, cleaners will need to know what goes where as well as know items to be disposed of.

  • Make a “Don’t Touch” Pile.

There are times when you might have little time to put things in order. Under such circumstances, it will be best to create a “don’t touch” pile to let your cleaners know and avoid touching these items.

These can be placed in a room corner or wherever you wish to have them.

  • Make Provisions for Easy Access

Easy access is crucial when hiring a condo cleaning service. If your home has a security system, you may decide to have it disabled or provide detailed instructions on how to deactivate such a security system.

Also, you can inform the front desk about the condo cleaning procedure before the cleaning service arrives.

  • Do you Have Pets?

If you have pets, you’ll have to consider their safety and that of the cleaning crew.

Informing the cleaning service beforehand helps determine what appropriate actions to take to make everyone safe and less stressed.

What do you want?

When it comes to condo cleaning, you have to decide what cleaning option to choose. There are two main options; the DIY approach to cleaning and calling the pros.

Each option serves a purpose as condo dwellers may want to handle their cleanup due to reasons best known to them.

As people become busier, their dependence on professional cleaning services increases. Luckily, there are many such services ready to cater to client needs.

The good part is; that your condo gets a thorough clean within a reasonable budget. With that said, what are some of the top cleaning services to hire?

Top Cleaning Services to Call

While many reputable cleaning services are available, we’ve picked a few of these to provide you with options to choose from.

Part of the decisions you’ll have to make before hiring any cleaning company includes finding out their availability and coverage and knowing what other customers think.

Some of the top names include CleanNet USA, Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Anago Cleaning Systems, and Bonus Building Care.

Others include Steamatic, Coverall, Buildingstars, JAN-PRO, Bonus Building Care, and Jani-King cleaning services. These are only a few of several you can take advantage of.

You’ll have to find out what exact cleaning services these companies offer.

Also critical is the need to compare different cleaning services to understand who better to hire for your condo cleanup job.

DIY Condo Cleaning

For DIY enthusiasts, condo cleaning can be deeply satisfying when handled or performed by themselves.

However, getting the job right will require following specific procedures, including stripping your beds and collecting all laundry and linens for washing.

Next, your toilets, enclosures, showers, and sinks will need to be cleaned. Has an appropriate cleanser been sprayed within these areas?

Major appliances like the fridge need to be cleaned too. Cleaning may cover both the inside and outside. You should repeat the same process for your microwave and oven.

Other appliances on countertops need to be wiped clean as well. Your counters and cupboards also need a good wiping down. By now, you should complete your laundry.

Have them removed from the laundry machine to the dryer. With this done, proceed to dust all furniture and framed art.

A clean cloth will need to be used for such cleaning. Your windows aren’t left out of the cleaning process. Windows, glass doors, and mirrors should be washed using appropriate cleaning products.

Return to your toilet area and clean the sink, enclosures, and shower area.

Have your carpets vacuumed and dry laundry removed and folded. Lastly, have your floors mopped. Now you’re done with the cleanup.

Condo cleaning can be executed using any of the options above. You have to decide what your needs are and what cleaning actions to take.

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